Little Vampires

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Submitted: February 13, 2011

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Submitted: February 13, 2011



I'm a little vampire.

I'll bite your neck,

And you'll fall in love with me.

They say I'm so cold blooded,

They say I'm beautiful and I glitter in the light...

How can I be

If I suck so much?

I'm a little vampire.

I hide in a coffin when the sun rises

And marks the new day.

My best friend is a phantom,

She has a boyfriend who's a goul,

He has a cousin who met a geanie,

She married a man without a head,

He cheated on her with a floating skull,

She used to study with me after school...

Floating skull?

I think her name was Skulla...

Or something.

I'm a little vampire.

In my book,

Edward Cullen is a myth.

Bella Swan would've been food by now.

No love could stop a vampire's hunger.

I'm a little vampire.

You know my evil,

But you smile and still welcome me.

I'm a little vampire.

You're flying down with a ghost of a man.

She's a zombie,

And she's captured me.

I'm a little vampire.

I fell in love with you.

If you don't leave me soon, girl,

I'll turn you into one, too.

Share my sin?

You're a foolish person to want to be with me!

We're little vampires.

"Now we can be together forever,

you and me livin' side by side - In an evil way!"

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