Painfully Missing You

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I miss your smile the most.

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Your name is repeating,

Stinging like whips,

in my brain so numb.

I feel my breath shorten at the sound of it,

and I can't seem to find the courage to say,

'I Miss You.'

Remember when we were one?

It never grew into anything,

but it crashed like thunder,

so sudden,

yet so sweet.

I'm screaming in my head,

Fighting out a bloody battle between myself.

I wish you'd just appear to me,

Just like a dream,

Except it'd be real.

I know if I ever saw you again,

I'd cry until it hurt my eyes,

And I'd be happy again.

I miss you so much,

I just wanted you to know.

I love you more than ever,

I wish I would've told.

My heart is beating,

It longs for your hold.

Maybe, one day,

You'll return,

And I can be okay once more.

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