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Such a Lonely Day, and it's Mine....

Submitted: November 16, 2010

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Submitted: November 16, 2010



I get up so early,

Even before the sun,

Just to sit and stare

At thin air..

My thin air that chokes me.

I sit before you,

Just to hear you yell at me,

Saying how it's all my fault,

Though, it has nothing to do with me.

I'm focussed on other things,

A lot bigger than this.

So, I continue my journey towards nothing.

My feet clap on the pavement,

As I slouch over and walk down it, slowly.

People peer at me,

As if I should be going fast,

But, why?

I have no where to go...

No where important.

They don't either,

But they're always in such a hurry.

Not making sense,

It's what they're good at.

Outside of the cluttered building,

Is where I stand.

I stand so still.

People from inside, look out,

With their dull eyes,

Captivated on nothing.

I climb the many stairs,

Let out a long sigh,

And close my eyes,

Praying, hoping,

Just for a new day,

Something better than yesterday.

He comes to complain to me,

I listen.

She sits and cries to me,

I cry with her.

She completley ignores me,

I nod in agreement.

Again, the day is winding to an end.

Everyone looks the same...

They ARE the same,

Because they base themselves off of the person next to them.

They're just doing what they're good at.

But, there's this boy, you see,

He has issues,

He's so brilliant,

And he's not like everyone else.

Somehow, he became mine.

Only for a little while longer, though.

I beg, in my head,

'If you leave, I want to leave with you.'

But if I told him,

It'd hurt him SO bad...

I ignore that fact, and continue on...

Home, I walk.

People, still stare.

I sigh as I walk in the door,

And prepare to be yelled at again,

So I take a seat,

This could take awhile,

Knowing you.

Now, I'm going to my bed,

Where I can cry,

Just for awhile.

Then, I wake before the sun,

And repeat it all.

I get up so early,

Even before the sun.

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