Sick in the Head.

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Well, I'm taking a little bit more of a break from writing my short poem stories and now I'm just going to write something short here.
^_^ This poem makes no sense AT ALL! But if it doesnt send a chill down your spine or making you think like, "Huh?" I'll have to improve my writign!

Submitted: August 03, 2010

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Submitted: August 03, 2010



Dear Recipient,

You are invited to the Monstruo Ball.

We'd love if you could attend!

Please R.S.V.P at....

~ ~ ~

Dress me up in laces and pearls,

Spread the color red on my lips

Just to look pretty.

Stitch a seam across the eye

And me hide from the images at

The Monstruo Ball.

There are beautiful people at the ball.

They don't like it when you stare.

They WILL kill you.

Their pale skin

With the caressed purple hands and toes.

They really do capture the eye.

They're so beautiful...

They're scary.

They'll make you want to scream and run for the hills...


I wasn't supposed to say that, But I can't see anything.

Unzip my skin

And make me like one of the beautiful people.

All I want is to be one of them.

Taking a picture of you

Taking a picture of me.

Feel the lights of cameras pop in your face.

I'm making no sense.

They've got to me.

Am I beautiful yet?

Is my personality still different from theirs?

Can I, please, be one of them now?

I just want my dead skin and purple fingers.

I don't want feeling anymore.

They save your skin

And make their own suits out of it.

Oh, it's fun!

The Monstruo Ball!

Join us one and all

Become beautiful like the others.

Don't lose sight of what you once were...

Then, you'll forget yourself once and forever.

Wrap me up in silk and jewels,

Spread their blood across my lips.

Now, everybody!


Together now!

Ah, look it how smooth you dance!

Gowns soaring across the floor.

I wish you could see how beautiful they were..

How beautiful you are.

Wait, what?

You're pulling the stiches out of my eyes!

Let me see that mirror.

What-....What am I?

~ ~ ~

Dear Recipient!

You're invited to the Monstruo Ball!

Please, do come!

It will be fun!

You'll be a whole new you by the time you're done!

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