Thinking it Was Done

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A poem I JUST now thought of! hah! Hope you like it! Comment please, I like any feedback!

Submitted: April 05, 2010

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Submitted: April 05, 2010



My heart broke

And exploded blood in chest

I tried to piece it back together,

As I cried on the floor,

Blood pouring

Tears blurring my vision,

Then, I looked up

To see the light

That was you

I stared and tried to wipe away the tears

You smiled with so much love

And sat down with me

You wiped away my tears

and your fingertips,

so warm and gentle,

Brushed my cheeks

And rid me of my despression

I kept staring,

Feeling like an innocent child

You picked up my heart,

With it's bits and pieces,

And tapped it, sewed it, and loved it.

I smiled at you

And gave you my thanks

And it surprised me when you said:

"You mind if I keep this?"

It all came rushing at me

And everything was perfect,

almost okay again

I let you have it,

I let you love it,

I let you love me,

And protect me from the evil spirirs that haunt my dreams

Thank you

Keep it forever,

Kepp me forever

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