Una historia sin nombre. (Story without a name)

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(Some of this is in Spanish. It WILL be explained later, I assure you.)

Submitted: August 13, 2010

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Submitted: August 13, 2010



I enter a room

With tile floors that are checkered,

And walls that are black.

I sit on the floor and look around.

I try to move my arms,

But I can't.

They're strapped to me.

I struggle to stand,

but I make it up.

I look around and feel like the walss are leaning towards me.

They groan and tell me their stories.

It scares me.

Everything they have seen...

Either painted in black or blood,

Has been terrible.

I walk, catiously,

And fall into the wall.

They space has shrunk down.

The ceiling seems closer to me.

I lean, harder, into the wall.

It seems to hold me, with open arms.

I look to the corner of the room.

There's a rocking chair,

It creeks as the woman

Rocks her baby to sleep.

I walk over to her, slowly.

She looks at me and starts to cry.

She says,

"el bebé está muerto."

I stare at her.

She repeats it over and over.

Her voice becomes distorted,

Her skin starts to melt off of her bone.

The baby's does the same.

I gasp and try to run.

I fall backwards and crack my head on the floor.

I look up and see that the rocking chair....

Are the only remains.

The walls sit me up

With their invisible hands.

I catch my breath and feel something wet on my head.

I see red on the black walls.

I close my eyes and put my head back on the wall.

A loud thump sounds infront of me.

The walls creek.

I open my eyes and see a boy.

His skin is blue and he has strings attached to his arms and legs.

He lays, motionless, on the floor.

I look around him..

The space has become smaller around us.

The blue boy jumps up.

My eyes bring their attention to him.

His strings are up in the air, touching the ceiling.

The blue boy starts to dance around.

His face is dull, though.

There's no smile to be found.

He's sad looking.

I feel concern in my heart and stand up.

He stops dancing and looks at me.

As I get closer to him, I can see his many flaws.

His paint is chipping, his hat has holes in it.

I want to touch him,

But I can't,

So, I kiss his wooden forehead.

His face turns into a smile,

His blue paint falls off of him and turns into skin.

I smile and feel eveyrthing is okay.

THen, a frown forms,

He's mad.

He snaps the strings off of him and looks at me.

The boy starts to charge at me,

Rage in his soul.

Fear takes over my body and I stay in place.

He stops infront of me

And turns to dust.

The room creeks and the walls are very close to me.

My white "robes" fall off of me.

I stretch my arms and smile at the walls.

I touch the back of my head.

 I look at my fingers and my red blood turns black.

I gasp and turn in a full circle.

It's a downward spiral from here.

The walls start to bleed.

A noose hangs from the ceiling and a chair is directly under it.

The walls bleed out words:

"Usted sabe qué hacer"

I smile, twistedly, as the walls keep moving in forward.

I walk towards the rope and step on the chair.

I stand on one foot,

Place my head in the hole,

And kick the chair away.

My breath is short,

I can feel my exsistence fading.

I see the blue boy and the woman, standing together.

The walls disappear and turn into four people.

They all smile at me as the world behind them turns into flowered feilds.

"el bebé está muerto."

The woman smiled.

The baby is dead.

"Pero ella sabía qué hacer."

The four men said, in unison.

But she knew what to do.

"I, Truley, su amor."

The boy whispered.

I, truley, love her.

He ran up to me,

and helped me down.

He grabbed my hand and all of us walked out into the fields.

"Somos tu familia ahora."

We are you family now.

Por siempre y siempre y siempre!

Forever and ever and ever.

"Sólo si me prometes."

I squeeze his hand.

Only if you promise.

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