Winter's Secrets

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Winter's sweet caress.

Submitted: June 03, 2011

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Submitted: June 03, 2011



Your eyes sparkle with a beautiful delight.

You lift up my pumpkin head and kiss me good night.

He slept in a bed 3 blocks from my front porch.

Come outside,

The winter air,

Thin with regret,

is only blowing slowly.

I'm sorry for those times,

You waited in the rain,

The snow,

The hail,

Just to see my smiling face.

I didn't even hear you come inside,

Or light the midnight fire.

Swept all the red from my cheeks,

But, Oh God,

That love in your eyes,

When I look for myself,

I can't see the same.

You saw something I didn't, did I?

That blizard night,

I'll never forget,

That fear that struck your gorgeous eyes.

October's got those blue eyes,

That yellow heart of gold.

Come outside,

Into the caress of leafs,

Blowing around us safely.

We could make a fort out of blankets and warm air,

And sit on the front lawn,

Just to see the stars appear.

Put back the red in my cheeks,

My smile on my face,

But you knew something I didn't, did I?

You saw something I didn't, did I?

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