When You Were Dying

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A troop dying during a time they realize how beautiful that foreign country was, while also beginning to question war.

Submitted: September 04, 2009

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Submitted: September 04, 2009



I had always been running.
But that's the way it had to be. I was running, but eventually I won't be able to.
They were catching up, the Japanese.
Somewhere in the distance, they seemed so close.
What did I have left to defend myself,
when there was nothing left to defend?
This country of mine, in which I fought
Had took away the very thing I swore to protect.
Where did they go?
What did they do with it?
I lost.
My friends lost, too.
I never saw so many Marines--
All dead.
But weren't we dead from the start?
Faced in foreign soil,
What more could we do than to drown out
Their unfamiliar tongue of mercy and horror?
I lost my rifle.
But maybe that was because I had lost myself.
I wasn't supposed to be here.
But I was.
My legs were running, but I wasn't going anywhere.
My heart was pounding, but I wasn't alive.
My eyes were open, but I saw nothing.
I tried to speak, but there was nothing to say.
Pant, pant, pant.
They were here.
The blood never once failed to stop running
Down my face.
Down my arms.
Down my legs.
Through my uniform..
It was warm, but I was cold.
So cold.
I could feel my body surrendering.
I knew I was holding my hand out to them.
Whether I was or not.
I turned to look through the fence and barbed wire.
It was getting darker out.
Or my lids were closing.
I couldn't tell--it didn't matter.
I saw the building in the far distance.
So many of them...
Like the ones back at home.
It gave me faded comfort.
The lights from the little square windows,
showed the shapes of them.
They weren't so bright.
I could still see the stars.
The sky was beautiful,
despite the bombs.
I coughed, my legs collapsed,
My lungs didn't want me to breathe.
I was dying.
My  vision was the last to go.
Ever so slowly. I didn't want to lose sight.
But I was dying.
If I had enough energy, I couldv'e laughed.
Because after all this time, I hadn't noticed.
I hadn't noticed!
Japan was so beautiful when you were dying.

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