I Pray You Set Me Free

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Its another poem.. Moridish.. :P

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008



I don't ask for pity, no I don't,
I only pray you hear me out,
Don't misjudge me by what the world says,
Because I love you unconditionally, forever always,
Eyelids aflutter, I see your face,
As it has always been etched in my mind,
You run through my dreams, tear me apart,
But if you can't be mine, then I pray you set me free.
I love you truly, we can't change that,
So if you don't love me back,
Don't dismiss me.. I just pray you set me free.
I wish to forget you, but you know I can't,
'Cause you're forever etched in my heart,
So don't leave me, don't rip me apart.
I feel like I'm at the mercy of a ferocious dog,
As you long to tear me to a million pieces
Tear my conscience, bathe in my tears
Cut open old wounds with your searing words,
I can't bear this, no I can't,
So I pray you set me free.
You don't hear me, no you don't,
As you bask in the sunshine of sweet joy,
The joy that I gave up when I met you,
You robbed me of it all.
Sleepless are the nights when I think of you,
Disassemble your every phrase,
Maybe to find a hidden love,
But nothing comes forth and I'm forced
To believe that you've nothing to do with me.
I need you to release me, you know that,
But unknown to me is the perverse pleasure
You attain from keeping me prisoner.
If you were human, if you ever cared,
I'd hope you set me free.
My love for you is like a drug,
That sends me on an ecstatic high
Far into the deep blue sky,
But as I gaze and look down at you,
The pain that sears me then
Makes the thrust of a dagger seem like a feather,
So I say, if you can't accept me, my love,
I pray you set me free.

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