Only I can see what lies behind.

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It's about a girl who thought she was over a man she loved and who didn't love her back. It's about her realization that she loves him yet.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008



I thought I was over you… gleefully so,
But looking at you after what seems like years,
I realized, my love, that it shall never be so.
I don’t know what it is about you,
That makes me want to live,
Forget my past, my pains and fears
And gallantly sail the night through.
I don’t want to dance beneath the milky twilight
I don’t want you to come galloping on a white horse,
Nor do I wish for you to put a blooming orchid in my hair,
All I wish is to hear the three magical words
Which shall keep my heart aflutter forever.
Even if you don’t hold my hand
As we walk down the boulevard,
Just your smile, your brush, your feel
Shall keep me alive forever.
Maybe I hope too much, maybe I love too much,
But you cannot blame me for it,
Your heart has mesmerized me forever more
Especially since only I can see it.
You might seem tough, arrogant and egoistic,
But behind that façade lies a gentle soul
That looks for a love, a balm to heal.
I shall wait for you, endlessly even,
Until you come along,
Not as my knight in shining armour,
But as a soothing balm
Which shall soothe the wounds and hurts
Of a childhood long forgotten.

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