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this is my coven story soooo ya lol not sure what to put in here lol

Submitted: December 05, 2008

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Submitted: December 05, 2008



I am sitting here wondering what it would be like to be different to be part of a different world.......

I have walked in the dark a hundred times and a hundred times I have gotten home fine and every time I wished something would have happened just so I could have some excitement in my life but the last couple of weeks when I am coming home from work I feel like someone is watching me, and I hear the trees move and I can hear the branches snap under some ones feet but I keep walking and nothing ever happens......

Walking at night was something I never liked it was dark and I can’t see, I can’t see what is hiding and what is watching me.

But I pushed on all the time because I was always told monsters don’t exist.....well weren’t they wrong.

I pulled my hood up and closer to my face there was a wicked wind and it blew straight threw me and it was freezing

I turned the corner to the short cut to my house and I ran right into someone, I said sorry but kept walking not paying much attention to them and not much attention to see if they said anything, I kept walking and the wind picked up and now was blowing right in my face.

The snow was already on the ground and it was already dirty from all the cars going down the alley

I turned the next corner to the park....the park was right across to my house the only thing was I had to cross it and it had no lights and part of it was heavily treed.

I walked across the small path and started to go through the trees ...there was no path but if I went straight I would come up on the road to my house and I would once again be safe inside my house and safe in my bedroom listening to music and back to wondering what it would be like to be different and be part of a different world.

I heard a branch snap and I start to walk a bit faster

I hear another snap

Another one

I turn around to see nothing so I slowly turn back to the direction I was headed but when I turn around there is a guy standing right there he is by far the most handsome and mysterious guy I had ever seen and he leaned against the tree that was right beside me and just stared at me I started to walk again not really wanting to just stand there but he held up his hand and shook his finger back and forth and I stopped walking

He pushed off the tree and came closer to me, he stood right in front of me and stared down at me

He was probably a good foot taller than me and he stared down at me with hypnotizing green eyes

The moon shone straight onto his face through the trees and I could see every angle and his green eyes that were still looking down at me

“What is your name” he asked and his voice made me want to melt it was so pure and so smooth and deep

“S-S-Sam” I because I was freezing and two I was truthfully scared of this guy

He smiled slightly

“What are you doing out so late and so far away from home” he said and leaned down closer to me

“I live just over there and I think I better be going my mom is going to be worried about where I am” I said

He smiled again and leaned his face closer to mine

“But I haven’t introduced myself properly” he lifted his hand and brushed his fingers along my right cheek

“I’m Jayden and I have to say you are most appealing” he said and his face got closer to mine and I felt his breath on my face but the weird thing was it was colder then the air around us and I didn't know what to do I ran

I ran as fast as I could trying my hardest not to trip over tree roots and stumble into a tree and then I thought I was free I came out of the trees ...but something wasn't right there wasn't a road there was just a small clearing and I couldn’t see any lights any where

I turned around and then back around and Jayden was right in front of me I backed up and fell down onto my butt I backed away more

“You can’t run” he said and came closer to me he grabbed my wrist with blinding speed and pulled me to my feet

“Let me go” I said and tried to pull my wrist free from his grasp but he just tightened it and I yelped in pain

His eyes went from green to a piercing purple

He pushed me up against a tree and I moved sideways and I felt myself falling and I hit the ground, Jayden was then on top of me and was still holding my wrist

He smiled again but fully this time and I gasped


I froze I didn't know what to do I didn't know how to fight him off and I knew I couldn’t out run him even if I did get away

He moved my hair to the side and brushed his fingers across my neck

The snow on the ground was cold it was melting and I could feel the water going through my hoodie and my pants and I was getting cold but I was frozen I didn't know what to do the wind was still blowing and it had blown my hood away from my face and my hair was flying every where

He lifted me up and moved my head to the side

I pushed against his chest and tried to kick but it was like hitting and pushing marble

I felt his cold breath on my neck and I felt his hand on my neck holding it and then I felt his lips press to my neck

I felt the pricks as his fangs grazed against my skin

And then pain ....excruciating pain as he bit down 

I balled my hands into fists and I tried to kick him but it was no use he was way stronger than me and I was growing weak

My kicks and my fight were fading and I knew I was too weak to even fight off a humming bird never mind a .......vampire

He lifted his mouth off my neck and I could feel my blood run down my neck and onto my shoulder and into the snow

He brought his head back down to my neck and I closed my eyes trying to prepare myself for when he bit down again

I felt his lips go back to where they were a second ago but he didn't bite down he started dragging his tongue over my skin ...back and forth and then he let me go

I opened my eyes and I could see him still sitting beside me and his eyes were back to green

“In the next two days you will be noticing some things that are changing and then on the third day I will be back” Jayden said and he got up and then helped me to my feet I was really dizzy but I was okay

He steadied me and then just looked at me

“I’m really sorry I scared you” he said and brushed his fingers across my cheek

He leaned his face closer to mine and pressed his lips to mine and then he walked away and I watched him disappear into the darkness

....this is all so weird first I get attacked and then he kisses me and says sorry....

I get back home after a long time of trying to find out where I was and by the time I actually got in the front door I could see the sun coming up

Went up to my room and just laid down I had a huge headache and I was still a bit dizzy so I just went to bed with my clothes still on and I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep

My eyes flew open and I sat up

I sat up way to fast because everything was spinning and then it stopped and I walked over to the mirror

I had to get ready for school once again when I got over to it I noticed that my normally frizzy black hair was now straight and sleek and was longer then it was

And my eyes ....they were green...the same shade as Jayden’s ...the exact same color

I didn't know what to think of it and last night was all sort of a blur

My hand slowly went to my neck and I moved my hair to the side and I looked but there was nothing not even a mark


I went to school and I sat in home room all by myself until more people came in and I was very aware of the eyes all of them were looking at me and all of them were in some sort of awe

The teacher came in and looked at me and then cleared his throat

“Students calm down I think we have a new student in the class” he said and everyone turned to look at me

“No I’m not new” I said quietly

The guy next to me ...also known as I’m a huge jackass and I will do anything to get in your pants ....leaned over to me

“Hey want to go for a ride after school”


“No I have work sorry”

..................................................... I got to the girls bathroom and checked all the stalls and then locked the door

I ran to the mirror and looked at my self

Everything was different my face was pale and there wasn't a flaw in it was perfect it was better than super model perfect and my eyes were still green but now were behind long lashes and my lips were different they were fuller and a brighter pink but that could have been because I was so amazingly pale and my hair was still the same but my bangs were different the framed my face instead of covering it and I had to say I didn't recognize myself

I left the bathroom and walked quickly outside trying not to notice the stares

I ran into the ally that leads to my house

I fell onto the ground as pain shot through my body I lifted up my shirt to looks at my ribs that felt like they were going to burst through my skin at any moment in time and I saw that it was moving and then the pain just stopped and I could get up again

I got into my house and started to cry

What was wrong I didn't know what to do and I was scared

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder

I looked up to see Jayden

“I’m sorry” he said

“What’s happening” I sobbed

“You are becoming immortal”


“Yes and you are changing faster than normal”

“Why did you do this to me?”  I cried

“You wanted to be different and to belong to a different world so I just helped you along with that”

I sat there and he sat down beside me and he held me as pain shot through me and as the final stage took over and that’s when I died and was re born


After that day nothing has been the same and nothing has been what I didn't want

I wanted this although it hurt like hell I couldn’t be happier with what I am


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