Picture to Burn - KlutzyBrittany's Song Challenge

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I wrote a short story for KlutzyBrittany's song challenge i picked -Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift.

Hope Ya Like it

Submitted: March 16, 2010

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Submitted: March 16, 2010



Let’s state the obvious I didn't get my perfect fantasy.

Let’s go back to the day where I realized he loved himself more then you could ever love me!

July 10th , it was a beautiful day birds singing blue skys and nothing in the world seemed wrong, until I wanted to drive the truck.

“Can I drive” I asked and wrapped my arms around his neck

“Sorry sweetheart not this time, I know you can drive and all but not with my truck, its my baby” he explained, oh I see how it is, but I took a deep breath and smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“Okay see then Niki I here to pick me up” I said and walked away, before he could answer, I walked to the far side of the park and got into the only car that actually made me feel safe and that was for one reason and one reason only my best friend was driving it.

Later that night...

“We should so spy on him!” Niki said and grabbed her coat along with a pair of binoculars that were in the box under my bed.

“Okay doky lets go” I said we hoped in the car and drove to Mr. hot stuffs house”

“Where is he” I asked and leaned almost out of the window to check the driveway again

“Oh my god there he is” Niki said and pointed and she grabbed the binoculars just as the truck drove up on to the driveway.

“Oh my god there's a girl” Niki said

“What no way” I said and grabbed the binoculars back from her and looked through them sure enoughthere was a girl and she was in the drivers seat.

“He never let me drive the truck” I said and gave the binoculars back to Niki

“What are you going to do” she asked

“Ging to get even” I said and I opened the car door, went to the trunk and grabbed the tire iron,and walked over to Mr. hot stuff and his new girly.

“Oh my god Taylor what are you doing here babe” he said when seeing me approach the girl looked at me in disgust and then looked at her new found boy toy.

“Well let me tell you what im doing here, I hate this stupid old pickup truck that
You never let me drive” I took a swing and nailed the right headlight and it shattered.

“You crazy bitch” the girl in the truck screamed at me., I gave her the ‘ shut the hell up look’

He looked at me in horror and I smirked

“You're a redneck heartbreak And your really bad at lying” I twirled the tire iron and swung and it hit the left headlight it shattered glass and plastic hitting the ground

I could faintly hear Niki laughing in the car on the side of the road

Just then another car pulled into the driveway and two guys got out , I reconized them they were his best friends , you know the ones who stuck to ‘Bros over hoes’ but always went to the hoes over the their bros.

“Taylor what thehell you can’t just come over and beat my truck up because we are over” he yelled at me

I raised my eyebrow at him

I can do what I want , There's nothing stopping me from going out with all of your best friends either” I said and went over to the nearest one and kissed him making a big show of it, I pulled away and went back to my position at the front of his prized truck”

“Taylor” he took a step towards me and I raised my weapon

“And if you say sorry to me or If you say you are missing me, you'd better keep it to yourself cause coming closer to me would be bad for your health” I warned and took a swing just missing him with the tire iron.

Niki burst into laughter again and the guys standing behind him were looking at me like I was crazy.

“You sure werent lyin when you said she was obsessive and crazy” one of them said my mouth fell open a bit but I composed myself quickly

“You can tell your friends im obsessive and crazy that’s fine but I have to say” I raised the tire iron and brought it down on the hood of his truck denting it badly “I hate this stupid old pickup truck that you never let me drive”i raised it again and hit the drivers window glass fell everywhere screaming came from the cab. “You're a redneck heartbreak who's really bad at lying i smashed the tail lights , no one did anything they just stood there half amazed half scared to death “In case you didn’t heard, I really reallyhate this stupid old pickup truck that you never let me drive, You're a redneck heartbreak who's really bad at lying” I went around his truck and smashed the passengers window and hit the sides making a couple of good dents and I scraped the one end of the tire iron down the side and caused a great big long scratch.

I looked over my work and wasn't quite satisfied I went to the drivers side opened the door and grabbed the picture off the sun visor, it was the one I took three months ago it was of him standing by his truck shirtless after I got him with the garden hose.

I pulled the small lighter out of my pocket and everyone seemed to back away frightened

I lit the corner of the picture and watched it burn a bit before dropping it to the ground.

“There's no time for tears, you're just another picture to burn” I said and turned and left.

I got back to the car and Niki was half way out the car window still laughing she cupped her hands around her mouth “And if you come around saying sorry, her daddy's gonna show you how sorry you'll be” she yelled trying to contain her giggles.

“Feel better?” she asked me

“Peachy, want to get ice cream before we head to my house?” I said and she started the car and we drove away into the night.

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