Pirates of Disaster

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muhaha okay this is just a thinger i wrote becasue i was bored its prob boring but its a about pirates and a girl named angelica and a guy captian named trent read and enjoy

Submitted: June 29, 2009

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Submitted: June 29, 2009



Angelica’s POV

It was midnight the street light barley lit up the road, I snuck in the shadows towards the ship that was at port, once I got closer I realized it wasn't a respectable ship it was pirates, I had to make a decision, I could either get on the ship and hope to god that it went to port again soon, or stay here and die.

You see im a beggar im not rich im a no body and I stole fruit today and my face is everywhere now and I am a wanted woman and if they get me I will be hung until dead.

I stand in the shadows and look at the wood ramp onto the ship and take a deep breath and run up the ramp making no more then a whisper with my feet, I run towards the far side the only side that looks promising for hiding spots, I step down the creaky stairs to the bottom of the ship and I hide behind the barrels.

I hear voices and people walking above I hide further into the shadows of the barrels and pray no one will find me.

I fall asleep as a store away

Trent’s POV

I walk back to my ship with my crew, we had just been kicked out of the pup, part of my crew decided to start a fight and so we were kicked out, I look around my ship and then go to my quarters, I slump down on my chair and look over the maps on my desk, my crew and I have been together for a year already, the first day they were going to mutiny on me as I was half their age, my fathers last dying words were to make me captain.

“get us out of here” I yelled and I heard my crew run around and then I felt the ship start to turn and we were finally out to sea, the one place that I actually liked the one thing I love.

Angelica’s POV

I woke up and I ran my hands through my hair trying to fix it ,it was worse the a rats nest.

I froze as I heard someone coming down the stairs, it was just one person.

The walked in front of the barrels and stopped my heart stopped I covered my mouth, the punishment or being a store away was death on the fleets ships, on a pirates I had no idea what the punishment was.

I saw a young guy standing there he had brown hair that came to his jaw and sea green eyes, I froze as he grabbed an empty barrel, but my foot slipped and kicked one of the barrels and it moved, the guy stopped and looked at the barrel, I didn't move, but it was pointless, he reached behind the barrels and grabbed my arm and yanked me out of my hiding spot.

“a girl on my ship” he said almost disgusted

He held my shoulders so I couldn’t move, he reached up and took the piece of cloth away from my face.

“such a young girl on my ship” he repeated he studied my face

“im not that young im seventeen” I said and struggled in his hands

“oh I apologies but your young on a ship when all the men on here are twice your age”

“your not” I blurted out

He smirked

“your right im only eighteen” he said

“so young and you’re a captain” I mocked and he smirked again

“your funny” he said and then he flipped me over his shoulder and held onto my thighs as he walked up the stairs

“look what I found” he announced and I hit his back as hard as I could, I turned and saw the crew looking at me.

“a store away captain?” someone asked

“yes a store away on my ship who would have figured” he yelled to everyone and they laughed

“a girl aboard is bad luck captain” someone I couldn’t see said

I was adjusted on his shoulder and I took the opportunities to struggled but that was pointless he just bumped me up and then held onto my thighs again.

“its worse luck to throw someone over board” he replied and I saw some of the crew nod their heads

He started walking and I sent death glares to everyone.

“what should I do with her” he asked everyone right before he entered the captains quarters.

“give her to the crew” one yelled

“now now men I don’t want anyone distracted on my ship” he said and all I could see was a wood door.

“she looks to young to be on the ship” I heard an older man say

“apparently she's seventeen” he said and I turned a bit

“bite me” I said and he laughed

“you keep her captain im sure you can find things for her to do” someone said and I heard others laugh

“get that sail up higher I don’t want to be in the storm that coming” he said and everyone seemed to start moving around , he turned back around and opened the door and went inside, he dropped me onto the floor.

“for a beggar you weigh a lot” he said and my mouth fell open

How dare he im sorry to burst his little bubble but I was not heavy any which way you look at it.

Trent’s POV

In truth she wasn't heavy at all but I had to say it.

I have no idea what im going to do with her iv never had a girl on my ship never mind a store away one.

I looked at her face as she sat on the floor not moving from where I had put her, she looked back up at me, and I smirked, she was cute and maybe if she was cleaned up a bit you could actually see it, I looked down at her exposed arm the one that I had grabbed when she was hiding, there was a hand print that wrapped around it.

Angelica’s POV

His gaze shifted and I looked at my arm to see his hand print on my arm, great just what I needed a bruise.

“what's your name” he asked and sat on his chair

“wouldn’t you like to know” I said and crossed my legs and crossed my arms across my chest.

“you tell me or I change my mind and give you to the crew” he said and I stood up

“its Angelica” I said and I turned away from him.

“im Trent” he said and I shrugged

“could you let me off at the next port “ I asked

“ha good one we aren’t making port for at least three months”

“three months” I shrieked

“what did you not know that pirates” he paused and got up and came closer to me and I walked backwards until I was against the wall “that pirates hardly ever make port” he said right in front of me, I was seriously uncomfortable.

And he knew I was.

“what's wrong never got a guys attention before am I making you uncomfortable” he asked and I felt his cool breath on my cheek and jaw.

“n-no” damn I stuttered.

“are you sure” he asked and his hand some how ended up on my waist

“im sure now get off me” I yelled and pushed him off, he stumbled and fell backwards

I smirked this time and I glanced out the window, the sky was dark with clouds.

“captain” I voice said from outside the door

“yes” Trent asked

“the storm caught up with us” the guy said

“get the sails lowered and secured get the deck secured and then get everyone in the lower deck I don’t want anyone washing away” Trent said

“yes captain”

After a while the thunder started and the boat started to rock and lighting struck the water all around us, Trent had made me sit down so I didn't fall down, he was looking at some maps, water came in the door and I saw the rain out the window, maybe if I got to a long boat I could get away from him.

I bolted for the door and yanked it open the deck was covered in water waves slashed up and over the ship, and the thunder seemed to be a thousand times louder.

I ran to the far side of the ship just as a wave hit and I slipped and swallowed a bunch of water I hit the railing of the ship hard and knocked the breath out of me.

“angelica” I heard Trent yelling

Then he spotted me, just as another wave hit from the other side and I went flying and I hit the sail post hard, I cried out a bit , but then something hit me not from the direction that I thought.

Trent’s body covered mine water dripped from his hair and he was way top close but I couldn’t move I was in pain.

“you stupid girl” he yelled over the storm

“get off of me” I yelled back

“what did you think that you could get a long boat and leave” he yelled

“yes actually” I yelled back

“you stupid girl” he yelled again

His body was warm and solid against mine.

The storm died down and the crew came up and saw us, I suddenly felt very embarrassed .

“captain orders” someone asked

“check the ship for damage and fix it if there is any” he said angry.

“and he says we are going to be distracted” I heard the older guy say, I had to learn his name

He was still laying on top of me, his face way to close for comfort, yet why wasn't I moving?

Trent’s POV

I acted out of stupidity but I couldn’t just let her get washed away and forgotten, I wasn't moving and I wasn't sure why, I could feel her soft body under mine and I didn't want to move, her face was clean her hair wet, she no longer looked like a child, her dark blue eyes looked into my green ones, her eyes were like the depths of the ocean.

A tinge of pink hit her cheeks and I smirked, she was blushing.

Angelica’s POV

God damn im blushing like an idiot, and he sees it, ugh

He got up but it looked like it may have been forced.

I sat up and leaned again the sail pillar.

“damage report” Trent asked the crew

“the main deck has some holes and the starboard side took a big hit but we can have it fixed” a crew member said

“good get to it, make sure the lower deck isn’t leaking and then set sail for the queens cave” Trent said and then walked back over to me and grabbed my hand. My wet hand made clothes clung to me.

I sat on the floor of his room and didn't say anything.

“your clothes need fixing give them to Bruce and he can fix them for you” Trent said absently look at the maps again and marking things

“and what im suppose to walk around naked “ I said and he looked up at me and smirked

“its not my problem that you only have one set of clothes, but your not going to be walking around like that my crew need to be paying attention to the ship not you” he said, and I crossed my arms.

“where's Bruce” I asked

“Bruce” Trent yelled and there was a knock and then the door opened, it was the old guy he looked like he could fall apart any second.

“please fix her clothes up and then get them back quickly you are excused from ship duties until her clothes are done” Trent said

“okay captain” Bruce said and came over to me and made me stand I eyed me up.

“don’t worry doll im taking measurements I use to work in a clothing store when I was a young lad” he said and I nodded.

“captain does she have anything to wear while I have her clothes” he asked and Trent looked up from the maps again and smirked

“as part of her punishment she will stay in here until her clothes are done.” He said and then looked to the maps again.

“im sorry doll captains orders just leave the clothes out side the door” he said and then left.

“im not looking” Trent said absently

“yeah like I believe you” I said but there was no where to go to change so I turned around, him seeing my butt didn't bother me that much.

Trent’s POV

I said I wasn't going to look but come on im a guy a young guy I looked up from the maps and to my disappointment she was turned around, her shirt dropped to the floor and she shivered a bit as the cool air hit her bare skin, my mouth went dry, her make shift pants fell to the floor and I could feel my heart racing, damn.

Her skin was as white as the moon she looked like a goddess, I looked back at the maps and cleared my throat trying to focus.

I heard the door open a bit and then close I heard the couch make noise as she sat on it.

Angelica’s POV

I sat on the couch and grabbed the small blanket that was there and wrapped it around myself.

Trent looked up and smirked

“very useful of you” he said and I gave fake smile

I laid down and covered myself my legs were bare but the rest of me was covered.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I hadn't slept in forever, I was always to scared to.

Trent’s POV

I looked up my maps and over to the couch, she was sleeping, the blanket had fallen from her shoulders and her hair had fallen into her face, I knew I shouldn’t but I never listen to the other half of my brain, I got up and went over to her and gently barley touching her moved her hair out of her face, she look so peaceful when she slept, I shook my head and then left I went to the deck.

Angelica’s POV

I heard the door open I opened my eyes to see Bruce standing there he smiled and then gave me my clothes.

“I didn't make them as boring as the captain wanted them” he said and then smiled again and then left before i could say anything.

I grabbed the clothes and put them on, they were way better then the ones I made, the pants actually fit, the shirt actually fit too, my pants no longer were just flimsy fabric there was what looked like leather sewn together, they sat low on my hips and my shirt was loose in all the right places and it to had leather sewn into it also, hmm that guy made really good... pirate clothes.

I left the captains quarters to see Trent steering the ship, he didn't wear a pirate hat like all the others he didn't have a patch on his eye and he had no talking parrot.

“captain port side a fleet ship” someone yelled

“what do you say boys shall we introduce ourselves “ Trent yelled and everyone cheered , except me.

I saw the fleet ship and then that’s when Trent saw me, and shook his head

The ship pull up next to the fleets and the feet were all holding their gun and then Trent spoke

“how nice of you guys giving all your stuff to us” he said and the fleet seemed to be confused

“get them” Trent said and then the gun fire started and the fighting started, Trent swung from a rope and flew over to the other ship , he swung his sword at the general and then it was over just like that Trent had a hold of the general and the fleet dropped their swords.

I looked over the side of the ship at Trent, then the general saw me

“that girl is wanted arrest her” he said Trent looked at me with the oh really face

“no one move” Trent said and no one moved

“take what we need nothing else leave enough food and water for them to get back to port and then we will go” Trent said

After everything was loaded onto the ship Trent came to my side.

“so your more pirate then I thought not just a beggar” Trent said

“I stole fruit” I said

“what I was thinking was way better” he said and then he turned and placed his hands on the railing of the ship, he was blocking me I couldn’t go anywhere.

“please leave me alone” I said and turned away from him.

He pushed off the railing and then went and talked with someone for some reason I felt miserable. I went to the captains quarters and slammed the door behind me, I spent way to much in this room.

I went to the desk and started looking at the maps, there were marking all over them and numbers and paths,

“the queens cave” I whispered and touched that part of the map

“I don’t think your aloud looking at those” Trent said and I jumped and back away from the maps.

“sorry” I said and he shook his head

“you know I thought the drew was going to be more troublesome but it turns out you are” he said and then he came over to me and I backed up as far as I could before I hit the wall.

He put his hands on the wall on either side of me, just like he had a while ago

“go away” I said and turned my head again he made me uncomfortable

“you say that but” he paused and then he leaned closer and I felt his breath on my cheek and jaw, then he leaned even closer I felt his lips on my neck I shivered but I wasn't cold “but I can tell you want me to continue”

“n-no I don’t” I stuttered again

“yes you do” he said and pressed his body closer to mine.

“a gentle man would leave me alone”

“im a pirate” he said and then he turned my face and kissed me, soft and slow.

He pulled away and I turned my head again I didn't want to look at him, I didn't know how to feel I had never been in this situation I had never even kissed a guy until now well he kissed me but that’s beside the point, this is all way to new and i didn't know how to feel.

Three days later we finally got to queens cave, it was just well a cave behind a waterfall well a cave big enough to hide an entire pirate ship and have enough room to walk around and had separate caves kind of like rooms.

I walked past the crew who all waved and I waved back and then walked far enough that they couldn’t see me there was a small pool of water it was big enough to swim around and bath in, I took off my clothes and went into it and stood under the small water fall that was there to wash my hair.

Trent’s POV

I left my crew and went to the far side I needed to wash up, unlike some of my crew I actually liked being clean.

I froze

Angelica was there, I should turn around and leave but how could I the crew would know something is up if I came back, so I stood in the shadows of the cave and just waited, getting my sneak peek, I wasn't trying to look but my eyes kept wandering back up to where angelica was.

I smirked I could play with this, I got up and took off my shirt and pants and got into the water without a sound, I would just play the innocent I would just say I didn't know she was here.

She turned and her face went white with disbelief and then bright red, the red went into her neck and almost to her collar bone.

I smirked

Angelica’s POV

My mouth fell open how dare he.

At least the water was covering me he couldn’t see anything.

“get out” I yelled and he shook his head

“get out” I yelled

“you get out” he said

“I was here first”

He came closer to me

“how old are you five” he said

“no six actually” I said

“six really wow can you count to ten already” he said

“and I can say the entire alphabet “ I said and made a very overly excited face

“im very proud of you” he said and smirked again

“now get out of the water” I said and turned my back on him

“ill get out If you kiss me” he said and he touched my shoulder

“go to hell” I said and he laughed

“just think a single kiss will get me out of here” he said ... I was going to regret this.

“one little one” I said and I turned back around, oh god I was going to regret this

I touched my lips to his and then drew away.

“that wasn't a kiss that wasn't even a peck” he said

“my lips touched your that’s all your getting”

“fine a deals a deal” he said and then walked away from me but then turned “but you get to watch my ass walk out of here” he said and then laughed

“no I don’t I can close my eyes” I yelled after him

“but you wont” he yelled back

He was right he got out of the water and I didn't close my eyes I looked down and then back up and he had his pants on but still un done.

I finished washing myself and got out, after three years on my own I finally look presentable, I actually look like a human being.

I sat near a fire that was left burning, I warmed my hands, and then my mind started to wander and the flames danced in front of my face but I was warm and comfy I leaned against the cave wall, and I fell asleep.

I moved as I felt a cold rough hand on my stomach, then my eyes snapped open, to see one of the crew members hovering over me.

“get off” I yelled but he covered my mouth with his hand

“now now child” he said and I felt his knee dig into my side holding me to the ground.

One of his fingers slipped slightly into my mouth and I bit down as hard as I could.

“damn you, you wench” he yelled and slapped me across the face.

“Trent!” I screamed

Within a few seconds I saw a shadow and I recognized it right away.

“get off of her” Trent said between clenched teeth

“come on captain you can share” the guy said

“im not sharing something I don’t own” Trent said and then the weight was off of me.

There was the sound of a sword being drawn, I couldn’t see anything only slight shadows.

“you draw your sword on your captain” Trent said

“no I draw my sword to a child” the guy spat.

There was a slice through the air and then the sickening sound of sword meeting flesh then something rolled towards me, it was a head, I felt my stomach turn and I covered my mouth I couldn’t tell who's it was.

“I am no child” Trent said and I sighed

“you okay” he asked and helped me up and held me to him.

“captain what's going on” I heard a crew member say then I saw the torches then we were surrounded by the crew.

“ captain?” Bruce asked

“is there anyone else who wishes me to share her” he yelled, but no one answered everyone could see the body

“dose anyone else think of me as a child” he yelled but no one answered

“go back to sleep we set sail in the morning” Trent yelled and the crew walked away.

“your going to be in my tent for tonight I don’t think your safe" he whispered

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