Pirates of Disaster Part three

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Submitted: June 29, 2009

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Submitted: June 29, 2009



Now I see it the smirk is the exact same

“we were talking” Trent said

“about each others anatomy, I think the entire island heard you two” he said and I blushed crimson

“ unlike you I do things right” Trent said and I looked up at him almost shocked

“in more ways then one bro” he said and then came over to me he took my hand and kissed it

“it’s a pleasure to meet you” he said

“yeah sure” I squeaked

“so where did you get her” Kyle asked

“she was a store away on my ship” he said my ship with more emphasis then needed

“really well I think your punishments are a bit lax”

“well that’s to bad because your not part of my crew” Trent said and glared

“ouch that hurt” Kyle said and held his hand over his heart

“get out of my face” Trent sneered and then that’s when things went to the bad side

Iv never seen someone move so fast Kyle’s moves were like a hurricane, they hit Trent over and over.

I ran over to where they were fighting and grabbed Kyle’s arm but he pushed me away and I hit the ground.

“stop it” I screamed

I threw a rock at them

“stop it” I screamed again

But they were past listening Trent got a good punch to kyles face but then Trent was on the ground and Kyle was on top of him slamming his fist down again and again and again and again and again and then he stopped Trent wasn't moving, tears were falling down my cheeks

I went over to the two of them

“get off him” I cried and Kyle rolled  got off Trent

I didn't know if I should scream or cry harder Trent was bleeding bad his face was covered, his nose was poring out blood.

“what did you do” I screamed at Kyle who was looking at his hands

“look –“ I cut him off

I jumped at him and I know I was doing it out of anger and it was useless but I was so pissed off, Trent was going to be okay but still Kyle went way to far.

Kyle grabbed my hands and pined them to the ground and was on top of me

“this where you like it, where he's in control” Kyle said and tightened his grip on my wrists

“get off of me you bastard” I screamed

“mm yeah hun scream for me” he said , I brought my leg up and kneed him right where it would hurt he rolled off me in pain

I spit at him and then I went over to Trent he was barley awake, I slipped a arm around him and helped him to his feet, Kyle was still on the ground in pain.

I got Trent as far as I could before he collapsed on the ground and I couldn’t get him back up, and I was lost, I had no idea where I was

“come on get up” I said and he groaned in pain

“I know “ I said and tears fell again

Maybe he wasn't as okay as I thought he was

“go” he said and groaned again and turned onto his back

“no not without you” I said and he shook his head

“you have to get to the ship and crew and then come back for me” he said and winced

“no come on we can go together” I said and cried harder

He didn't answer he had passed out again.

I grabbed the huge leaves off the trees and covered us with them, it was getting colder and we had no blankets and I had no idea how to make a fire, I curled up against Trent and laid my hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing then I drifted off to sleep.

“Angelica” I heard Trent say I opened my eyes to see Trent awake he looked way better his face was washed and his nose no longer bleeding but his face was bruised badly

I got up and went to him and wrapped my arms around him and cried

“im sorry” I said and he pulled me away from him

“why are you sorry” he asked

“because I didn't do anything” I said and he just shook his head

“come on I have no idea where we are” he said and we got up and started walking I held his hand not sure if he was able to walk right

We passed a log that looked like a face then I finally heard the crew, I wanted to kiss the ground and dance but I kept walking.

“captain what in bloody hell happened to you I didn't think doll here could do that to you scratch maybe but that no way” Bruce said and Trent laughed but then stopped

“we have a problem” he said to Bruce

“Kyle?” Bruce said and Trent nodded

“that boy is to strong for his well being” Bruce said and looked at me and his mouth fell open

“doll what happened” he asked and I looked to where he was talking my wrists were bruised badly

“nothing” I lied

“it’s a mighty shame your brother is here you guys were having such a good time we could hear doll here laughing” Bruce said but I knew if he heard me laughing then most likely they all heard other things.


Days passed and the crew became annoyed they kept budding Trent asking if they were going to get paid with the treasure he promised but the more Trent looked for Kyle the more he stayed in the captains quarters and the more he pushed me away, he didn't want me anymore.

I was sitting on the a cliff wondering how much it would hurt if I fell when I heard a sound in the trees my heart stopped and my breathing caught, then a bunny hoped out of the forest, I laughed to myself, then Bruce came out and I screamed

“sorry doll I didn't mean to scare you” he said

“its okay” I said holding my chest

“I just wanted to talk to you, I know you must feel kind of left out but the captain is trying to find away to once and for all get rid of his brother, you see Kyle looks sweet and the blonde hair is a nice touch but he is cold it goes donw to his core nothing can change him, he’s two years older then Trent yet he wasn't the one who got to be captain and that really pisses him off, and when Kyle decided to kill his wife and daughter Trent banished him and put him into exile he didn't know that he was going to survive and coming back to this island was a mistake but he had to make sure, Kyle will always have that cold edge to him but im asking you this would you go and find Kyle and make him understand he wont listen to anyone else the crew would be killed I would be killed and Trent would be dead before he blinked, but if you could just get him to think about it he would take his time” Bruce explained and I had started crying I wasn't exactly sure why.

“he killed his wife and kid why wouldn’t he kill me” I asked

“because your Trent’s he would kill you unless Trent was watching”

“ill do it” I said and Bruce looked shocked


I knocked on the captains quarters and walked in Trent was laying on the floor

“get up your captain and you need to get up and act like one” I said and pulled on his arm to get up but he just shook his head

“stop being a big baby get up” I said and he looked at me

“ your mad at me” he said and I put my hands on my hips

“no im not” I said it was mostly true

“ugh” he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the floor “im sorry” he said and kissed my forehead

“Trent im going to go for a bit ill be back but I need... time to think” I lied he would stop me if I told him the truth

“think in here” he said

“ I cant I wont go far but I have to” I said and started to get up

“wait, he sat up with me and pulled my face to his and kissed me

“im sorry iv been pushing you away” he said against my lips, this was making it so much harder to leave.

“its okay your stressed I get it” I said and kissed him again

He kissed me harder

“mm I have to go” I said standing up I gave him one last look then left and shut the door behind me and got off the ship


The forest was thick and I had to make sure I didn't fall, I reached the hill that I first met Kyle and I walked in the direction that he had come form.

I found a well used path and followed it but then it just ended at nothing ugh great

I sat down trying to get my Barings when I heard a low chuckle, I turned around slowly to see Kyle

“all alone are we” he said and I scooted farther away from him

“im here” I stood up “ to ask you to leave Trent alone and stop tormenting him and just disappear” I said strong

“ are you well im not going anywhere” he said and was then right in front of me

“in fact I owe you some pain” he said and slapped me across the face I fell to the ground and stayed there I was not getting back up

“you knee me again and you will be sorry” he in my ear then he grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet.

“let me go” I screamed and he laughed and just pushed my forward so I walked

“come on my new pet I have something for you” he said and pushed me forward again.

Trent’s POV

“where did she go!” I yelled at Bruce who just blurted out that Angelica was going to go talk to Kyle

“she wanted to go” Bruce said

“you went behind my back and asked her to” I yelled again my anger was rising and if I didn't do something soon I was going to loose control.

“im sorry” he said almost begged

“get out of my face” I said and Bruce left I grabbed my sword and left my ship.

“if I don’t come back Bruce is captain” I yelled and I saw Bruce look at me

I ran into the forest I was going to find her, no matter what.

I followed her path through the forest she wasn't hard to track I passed the hill and then froze there were two paths one that was well used and another one, someone who couldn’t track who never see it, then I heard it.

Angelica screamed and cried out, he had her already.

I ran down the path that wasn't used and kept running I got to a small hut and I heard Angelica crying, I looked through the grass that was being used as walls and I saw her, she was laying on what looked to be a make shift bed and she was crying her hair stuck to her cheek from tears, then I saw Kyle over her with his belt he brought it down again on her bare back and she cried again

“please stop” she begged

“cry louder then darling I don’t think he can hear you” Kyle said and brought his belt down again. I had to do something but what, Kyle’s knife was laying beside the bed.

“please just leave Trent alone he just-“ she was cut off by the belt and she curled up tighter against herself but just then she looked up and our eyes met, the belt came down again and she just shook her head at me slowly.

Kyle was then on her and I couldn’t watch it any longer he was kissing her she was pushing at him but it wasn't helping, then he looked up and smiled at me, his hand ran down her waist and I got to my feet and went to the entrance to his hut.

“excuse us brother we are a bit busy” Kyle said and grabbed her thigh tightly and pulled it against him.

I just stood there ... why?

“leave” Angelica screamed

“im not leaving you” I said and stepped closer to them, Kyle’s hand grabbed his knife and he dragged it across the dirt floor towards Angelica.

“I wouldn’t if I were you” he said and started kissing along her neck

“just leave Trent he will kill you” she said and turned her face and tears fell more so.

“mmm brother you know how to pick them she taste so sweet” Kyle said and licked her cheek, she flinched away from him.

“get off of her” I said more calmly then I wanted

Kyle put the knife to her throat and then his hands roamed

“no im pretty sure I like it here”

Rage boiled in me and I took a step towards them and Kyle press the blade against her neck and she whimpered two drips of blood ran down her neck.

My hand twitched towards my sword

Kyle turned and looked at me and laughed

“okay enough fun” he said and got to his feet and pulled Angelica up also

“leave her out of this” I said and grabbed my sword

“I think not, I win I get her you win you get her” Kyle said and I noticed Angelica’s hand she was holding the knife I don’t know how she grabbed it but she had it, Kyle pushed her and she almost fell to the ground but she wiped around and the blade disappeared into Kyle’s chest.

I hadn't even done anything I was still just standing there Angelica fell to the ground with Kyle and Kyle laughed and then it stopped and he died it was like nothing I had ever seen it was so fast and I hadn't touched him.

Angelica was crying and I went over to her.

Angelica’s POV

I felt Trent’s arms wrap around me and pick me up , I cried into his shirt and he carried me, I have no idea where we are going but I wanted away from Kyle I just killed him his blood was on my hands and arms and I wanted to leave, I felt Trent sit down and then pull my face up so he could look at me but I pulled away and cried into his shirt again.

“shh shh Angelica its okay “ he said and lifted my face again he reached behind him and came back his hand was wet and he wiped away my tears and then he rubbed my cheeks then smiled a bit but I couldn’t smile back.

He took my hands and turned around put them into the small pool of water and I watched as the blood washed off my hands and mixed with the water.

“are you okay” Trent asked softly and I shook my head yes

“im sorry I didn't come sooner” Trent said and rested his forehead against mine

“its okay” I said and he looked into my eyes.

“no its not” he turned me so that my back was to him and he slowly lifted my shirt up

“he wasn't hitting you hard enough to make you bleed” he said and he hugged me

“im sorry”

It was weird I felt awful for killing someone but I felt realized that i had saved Trent.

So my feelings were mixed but the one thing that wasn't changing was my love for Trent I haven’t known him very long but im in love with him.

Trent kissed me gently even though I could tell he wanted to do more he held himself back and just kissed me gently.

“iv never know someone like you , and I never want to feel like I have lost you ever again” he cupped my cheek “will you marry me” he asked

I smiled and shook my head yes and tears of joy fell from my eyes.

“yes” I said and he kissed me really kissed me this time.

His kiss was filled with love

“come on lets go” Trent said and led me back to the ship.

It was the silliest wedding I had ever seen but I didn't care.

We had string for wedding rings and we were just in our regular clothes.


I turned down the make shift aisle and saw Trent he had that look on his face his eyes were dark and he was only looking at me  

Bruce was our priest and I wanted to laugh but didn't

“Trent Michaels do you take Angelica Greenford to be your wife, to love and to hold as long as you both shall live” Bruce said

“I do” Trent said clear

“Angelica Greenford do you take Trent Michaels to be your husband to love and to hold for as long as you both shall live” Bruce said to me

“I do” I said and Trent smirked  a tiny bit

“I know pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss your bride” Bruce said and I heard the crew start banging urging Trent on and I laughed a bit

Trent’s mouth caught mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck never wanting to leave this spot.

The crew cheered and then like in all the book we sailed off into the sunset looking for other adventures that may come our way.









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