Pirates of Disaster Part two

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Submitted: June 29, 2009

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Submitted: June 29, 2009



Trent grabbed a blanket off the make shift bed and put it beside it.

“you can sleep on that” he said and rolled so his back was to the other bed.

“that cant be very comfortable , you don’t have any blankets” I said and he turned and looked up at me.

“ well if I take another one then you wont have a blanket to cover yourself” he said

I rolled my eyes he couldn’t see it in the dark but he could see when I put my hands on my hips.

“get up” I said and he listened but didn't say anything, I re arranged the blankets so that it was big enough for two and then I laid down and I felt Trent lay beside me

My heart fluttered... why?

I shivered a bit, the night air was coming through the thin blanket.

I shivered again.

Trent sighed and then I felt his arm around my waist then he pulled me tight against him, I flinched a bit when my bare arm touched his bare arm.

“relax Angelica im not going to do anything” he said and I relaxed a bit and I felt him relax a bit.

“my mother didn't want me to become a pirate she wanted me to wed and have her grandchildren but I wanted adventure” he said right out of the blue

“I use to have a mother and father who cared about me but when I refused to marry man who was twice my age then kicked me out and I had to be on my own for three years and then I stole fruit from the wrong fruit stand and I just got out before they caught me im sorry I stored away on your ship” I whispered

He turned me around so that we were facing each other

“ don’t be, im sorry I bruised you” he said and touched my arm and a small shiver went through me.

“its okay” I whispered but even then my voice failed me

“ill make a sure you get to port before something else happens to you” he said and I felt his warm breath on my lips

“I – I think your crew would be upset” I stuttered

“they can learn to deal with it” he said but even as he whispered I could still hear that his voice had become husky and low.

He inched a tiny bit closer his nose barley touched mine

“I wish I could see your eyes” he said and touched my cheek then trailed his fingers down my neck every so slowly, I shuddered.

I couldn’t find my words and they stuck in my throat

“Trent” was all I got out and it came out as more of a whimper then a word

“Angelica” he breathed, I thought he was going to kiss me but he just got a bit closer and I could feel his eyes bore into mine.

Trent’s POV

My heart was going a mile a minute and I could feel her fragile body next to mine I could feel her breath on my lips, I could feel the slight shudders she had when I touched her, but why wasn't I forcing anything why wasn't I being who I always was, I wanted to kiss her I had to but I stopped myself, I wanted her to make the move I wanted to know if she felt the same.

I ran my fingers down her neck again but went down a little bit further and her breath caught and she shuddered again, it was almost like a game.

She took a deep breath probably to calm herself.

I was going to wait until she gave in to me I wasn't going to force her to give in.

Angelica’s POV

My heart was fluttering uncontrollably, and breathing was not helping because all I could smell was him.

His fingers were so soft yet so strong.

He wasn't kissing me and I couldn’t hold on much longer I was going to give in.

I snapped

I pressed my lips to his and he welcomed them and he kissed me back slowly almost like he didn't want to rush it.

His hand slid down and rested on my hip, then he flipped me over so he was over me, I couldn’t breath my lungs were expanding but I couldn’t breath right.

Then I realized it I was scarred

“Angelica calm down” he said and rested his forehead to mine

“im sorry” I said and I felt tears come to my eyes

“don’t be sorry I was going to fast” he said and I shook my head no

“no you weren’t its just” I stopped this was embarrassing

“what's wrong” he asked

“I haven’t done this before” I just said

“ill go slow” he said

He kissed me very slowly, his hand moved down from my hip to my thigh and every so slowly he lifted it and hooked my knee to his hip.

He was moving me so I wouldn’t have too.

“Angelica” he breathed against my lips then he started trailing kisses down my jaw then down my neck, my skin burst into flames.

“Trent” I breathed and I thought I heard him laugh a bit but then his lips came down to mine but this time faster and then I made a move to my surprise, I ran my hands down his spine.

He was the one who shuddered this time

“we have to stop” Trent said all of a sudden

“why” I asked my breathing hard

“I don’t want to make you go any further, and I wont be able to stop if we go farther” he explained

I put my hand on his cheek

“I didn't say stop” I sad and tilted my head up and kissed him and then he was lost again he kissed me hungrily and tasted my mouth.

No turning back now.

I woke up and my head was on Trent’s chest ... bare chest.

“you know most of the time im the one who seduces “ Trent said

“I didn't seduce you” I said and he laughed

“I remember a certain someone say and I quote I didn't say to stop” he said and I sighed

“that doesn’t count because you had already gotten me past no return” I said and blushed

“oh did I know? But I wasn't the one who suggested sleeping in the same bed no was I” he said and I sat up and looked at him.

“no you weren’t” I said and he touched my cheek.

“for someone who had never done that before I couldn’t keep up” he said and smiled

“im sorry to burst your laughing parade but I was the one who couldn’t keep up” I said and he laughed again

He sat up and turned and grabbed his shirt my mouth fell open.

“what?” he asked

I turned him again and blushed and he laughed

“I cant believe I did that” I said

“you were” he paused and kissed me gently “ some what distracted”

“are you okay” I asked

“yeah im fine im pretty sure a few scratches wont hold me back”

I laughed, and hid my face with my hands

“I cant believe I did that” I said again

“have ya looked at your thigh” he asked

I was confused I flipped the blanket off of my legs and then laughed a bit here was a bruise well a hand print more like it.

“well then were even” I said and covered myself again

“so?” Trent asked a stood up with his pants on

“so?” I asked him

“you just had the best sex in your life and it was with a pirate I was just wondering how you felt about that” he said and I rolled my eyes

“umm how am I suppose to feel”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me up and I tried covering myself the best I could it was no longer dark in the tent.

He pulled me close to him

“don’t hide, I think I am going to have to fire all my crew so that you can just walk around” he joked

“ ha in your dreams” I said and he raised an eyebrow

“yes in all my dreams and wildest fantasies”

“ugh men” I said and grabbed my pants and put them on, just then Bruce walked into the tent and I turned around and Trent walked in front of me

“sorry captain I didn't know... never mind- the ship is ready to set sail” he said and I turned back around with my shirt on.

“doll I have to say it isn’t very ladylike to sleep with a man you just met” Bruce said and Trent laughed

“who said im a lady I was told I was more pirate” I said and Bruce laughed

“welcome to the crew doll” he said and hugged me

“okay Bruce that’s enough , could you do me a favor and find out who Lenard’s followers were and bring them to me for questioning” Trent said and put his shirt on

“okay captain” Bruce said and then shook his head

“what?” Trent asked

“its just you told the crew that she was going to be a distraction and here you are distracted”

“Bruce im not distracted im...” he trailed off and then shook his head

“the ship is ready” Bruce said and then left

“are you ready to go find some treasure” Trent asked me and I nodded then I wrapped my arms around his neck

“so you not going to kick me off your ship” I asked and he smirked

“nope, now I have a question for you” he said and kiss my neck

“hmm what” I said

“did you look away when I got out of the water yesterday”

“I cant believe you just asked me that yes I did look away”

“your such a liar” he said and then kissed me again but this time didn't pull away and I didn't pull away.

We hit the floor and Trent kissed me harder exploring my mouth, he tasted so sweet it was intoxicating.

His hand was hard on my hip pulling it closer to him

“oh god Angelica” he said and kissed me again

“yeah sure your not distracted” Bruce said I opened my eyes just for a brief second and saw Bruce standing over us

“go away” Trent said in between kissing me

“you have to direct a crew now captain get up” Bruce said and I felt Trent pulled up

“im not going to allow the captain of the ship to become a wiped now get your ass up” Bruce said and i started laughing

“come on doll you too” Bruce said and I got up

We got onto the ship and the crew was looking at me funny but then it became clear as they all started laughing

“what exactly did you tell the crew to keep them to wait” Trent asked Bruce

“that you were busy” Bruce said

“ set sail for the nearest land, that’s were I will plot out where our next stop is going to be” Trent said and the crew started running around doing their ship duties

I helped Bruce pull the sail up and I washed the deck with Bruce and I did some painting that needed to be done, I grabbed Trent’s pirate hat he never wears and put it on. I hadn't seen Trent all day he was working on some map in the captains quarters.

“knock, knock” I said in the door way Trent looked up and smirked

“ captain” I said in the most seductive voice I could muster up

Trent's eyes darkened and I almost wanted to laugh

He came over to me and pulled me in and shut the door

“when you say captain its so much better” he said and he leaned in to kiss me but I dodged him

“im all dirty” I said

“mmm so much better” he said and leaned down to kiss me again but I dodged

“im covered in stuff from cleaning the ship” I said I was just having fun fooling around with him

“would you let me kiss you” he said and I smirked this time I moved away from the door and went and sat in his chair, I tilted the hat down so it shadowed my face then I looked up at him and he came over to me and took the hat off and leaned down and kissed me he put his hands on either side of the chair blocking me.

“I don’t think this is your chair” he said

“no it isn’t sorry captain” I stood up but Trent didn't move so I pretty much stood up and dragged my body up his

“damn I think you should sit there more often”

I kissed him and then I looked down and saw the maps

“were going to annaklipsy” (anna – kl – ipsy) I said and he looked down a the maps

“yeah there's a place there that’s said to be enchanted among other things”

“when will we get there” I asked

“later tonight it was closer then I thought so I told Bruce to let the crew know” he said and I nodded

“so is it really bad luck for a girl to be aboard your ship” I asked and he laughed

“so far I haven’t seen anything wrong with you being on here in fact iv gained so much more” he said and I smiled

Why was everything going so great things don’t go this good, do they?

we got off the ship when the moon was highest in the sky.

The drew decided that it was to dark to explore but Trent and I were ready to go, so we did.

We came to a rock face that looked like the stone was purple , but we walked on that is until Trent spun me around

“this is far enough I don’t think anyone can hear us or see us for that matter” he said and I looked at him confused

He made me sit and then he sat beside me and pulled me onto his lap.

“so is this you seducing me” I asked and he laughed

“nah not yet” he said and I looked up at him the moon shadowed his face and I felt the slow burn on my skin return

I twisted on his lap so that I was facing him and my legs were around his waist

“your eyes are sparkling” he whispered and touched my cheek

“seducing me now?” I asked and he smirked and I had the best sneaky idea ever.

“how bad do you want me to kiss you” I asked softly my lips brushed his slightly

He didn't answer me but his body was reacting ... if ya know what I mean

“ I leaned in like I was going to kiss him then got up and started running a bit

“you wan tit your gonna have to catch it” I yelled

Trent was running towards me and I ran faster and I ran but it was pointless Trent grabbed my hand swung me around and I was then on my back, my hands above my head, giggles bursting out of me.

“getting me all worked up wasn't very nice” he said and pushed his body closer to mine I was still laughing

“please captain don’t hurt me” I said in between laughs

“ you should be severely punished” he said making his face serious

“should I now” I said still giggling like a little girl

“yes you should” he said and his hands tightened a bit on my wrists above my head

“im sorry for working you all up captain” I said and batted my eyelashes but then I laughed again

“ you don’t sound sorry” he growled

“ he took his other hand and ticked my side and burst into a fit of giggles

“I am I am “ I squealed

“ no your not” he said

“okay im not” I said and he laughed for the first time

“ now for your punishment” he said and let me go and got up, the cool air hit my body

“that’s not very creative letting me go and getting up” I said and pouted

“ yes it was you want me to come back” he said and smirked

“ pweeez” I pouted

“that doesn’t work on me” he said

Fine he wants to play a game ill show him a game.

“ fine” I said

“fine?” he asked

“yup i wouldn’t want you to end up hurt again don’t want someone covered in scratches again” I said and yawned pretendly

With just the mention of us doing it again made him smirk and his eyes darken, oh god this was way to easy.

He was then back on me and I started laughing

“I love it when you laugh” he said and kissed my nose

“did you just kiss my nose?” I said and he grinned

“ I sure did” he said and kissed it again

“Trent” I said and he looked into my eyes


“sorry I got you all worked up” I said and kissed him gently

“don’t worry im fired up and ready to go again “ he said and then a sly grin came to his lips

“oh come on Trent we are in the middle of no where what if someone sees us” I said ad looked around

“like who the locals” he started trailing kisses down my neck “they would be lucky to see you” he muttered against my throat

“yeah im sure im just a beauty queen” I said and rolled their eyes

“ you are” he said and captured my mouth with his, and I was lost past forgotten.

Trent’s POV

Molding my lips to hers was perfect but the small whimper or you could say slight moan she lets out when I kiss her send me wild, its like nothing I had ever heard and it drove me closer to the edge.

But still in the back of my head I worried this island was known for things, things that might get Angelica into danger.

I pressed myself closer to her making her melt into me, I was going crazy I wanted her all the time I never wanted to apart and I craved her, I craved her skin against mine.

I sat up and flipped my shirt off and I shuddered as Angelica ran her hands down my chest to my stomach.

Angelica’s POV

I felt him shudder and then I wrapped my hand around the back of his neck to hold him to me.

This time was different he wasn't has slow and gentle but he wasn't rough by all means , he was just letting go a bit more

I felt his fingers brush my bare hip

“Angelica” he stopped

“mmm yeah” I said breathing hard

“ you are unbelievably easy to seduce” he said and di started laughing

“I am not” I lied

He kissed me again and then pulled away and he grabbed both my hands and then slowly put them above my head, he let go of them and then started kissing he went down from my cheek to my jaw, neck, collar bone, all the way to my stomach, he looked up at me and smiled, then started kissing down again.

I grabbed my pants from the grass and put them on Trent was laying proud as could be with his pant on already

So still think your not easy to seduce” he said and I rolled my eyes

“ nope I think im jus the right amount” I said and laughed a bit

“im pretty talented” he said and I hit his shoulder

“that’s what you think” I said and laid down next to him

“I know so and im pretty sure you were the one screaming my name I don’t think we went far enough from the crew” he said and laughed a bit

“ha ha very funny its not my fault you were” I stopped and I blushed ...alot

“I think your knees would have buckled if you were standing” he said and kissed the top of my head

“no im pretty sure i would have literally burst into flames ... wait I did that and then I would melt into a puddle” I said and he laughed harder

“really well maybe I should let my skill die a bit” he said and I shrugged

“ or maybe we should find out what your skills are” he said and I sat up and glared at him a bit then smiled

I got on his lap and straddled him

“like you don’t like this” I joked and swayed my hips and put my hands on his chest

“true very true” he said

He trailed his fingers down my bare arms

“Trent?” someone yelled

I turned my head to see a guy coming up the hill, he got up the hill faster then I could find my shirt I covered my self and then Trent handed my shirt to me.. he had been sitting on it.

“by god it is you- do0nt worry darling iv seen my share of twins” he said and winked at me, eww

“Kyle” Trent said but he didn't sound happy

“hey brother” Kyle said and then looked down at me im sure I would have fallen over if Trent was not still holding my hand

Brother? Brother really? They looked nothing alike

Trent was dark and amazingly sexy Kyle was blonde blue eyed and looked like a heart breaker.

“so what bring you two here” he said and then smirked

Now I see it the smirk is the exact same

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