Vampire Carnival (NikiFM Challenge)

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NikiFM Challenge
Alix and Brett been best friends since they were seven and nothing has stopped them before of having the time of their lives so when the Twon Carnival comes they are at it and ready for some fun, what comes out of it no one knows hahaha lol

Submitted: August 06, 2009

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Submitted: August 06, 2009



“Alix you know you want to go you have been talking about it since it came to town” my friend Brett said and I groaned I was sleeping and he so rudely woke me up

“im coming im coming” I said and threw a pillow at him

“ow Alix that hurt your going to make me cry” he said

“deal with it” I said and got to my feet

“you know if you weren’t my best friend I would say damn girl your hot in the morning” he joked and I started laughing

“yeah I bet im the real figment of beauty” I said and he laughed

We had been friends ever since he moved next door, we were seven then and he was a big bully but I saw who he really was and he grew up and I grew up but we were still best friends and had the time of our lives all the time no matter what.

And it wasn't about to change the town carnival was back and I was ready for it, the late night and the pop and rides and corn dogs and all the fun what more could you want?

Brett handed me some clothes, and I stopped

“hey you went into my underwear” I whined

“deal with it” he said and I groaned

“I think that’s evading privacy” I said and twirled my finger to make him turn around so I could quickly change

“you slept late” he said turned around

“well I was up late I went to the cemetery

“again? Alix people are going to wonder if you’re the living dead” he teased

“yeah well I like it there its ... peaceful” I said and put my shirt over my head

“peaceful really a place full of dead people and its peaceful” he said and I laughed

“at least their not mean to me” I joked

“mean eh” he said and I felt warm arms around me

“Brett let me go im half naked and you’re a dude” I screamed

“everything okay up there” my father yelled up to me

“yeah everything is fine Brett is assaulting me in my own home” I said back and mi heard my dad laugh

“your only daughter tells you she is getting attacked and you laugh some father you are” I said and Brett laughed hard

He sat on the floor at my feet

“you know I have never seen you wear those before” he said and I tried to get  the fire that spread across my cheeks to stop

“they are new” I said and tried pulling down my shirt but it wasn't long enough

“any guy would be in heaven” he said and I rolled my eyes

“really Brett could you just turned around so I can get dressed your making me feel weird” I confessed

“weird eh its just my many charms” he said and passed me my pants but didn't turn around and I groaned

“I think your pushing sexual harassment” I teased him

“no im not touching you but by all means I can” he said and started laughing

“puh-lease you couldn’t take it serious and I would be laughing im ticklish remember” I said and he laughed

“you really need to get over the fear of guys checking you out because they do it all the time you just choose not to see it and you need to get over the fact that your body is amazing” he said and I blushed again

“your one to say your body is amazing” I said and fluttered my eyelashes

He laughed

“yeah I know im all stud muffin here”

I burst into laughter and fell onto my bed

“your wounding my male pride” he said

“yeah right you don’t have any male pride” I said and he laughed

I put on my shoes and grabbed my sweater

“ready to go” I asked him and he got to his feet and we went down stairs

“okay don’t be out to late” my dad said and I laughed

“yeah right you know ill be out later” I said and he shook his head

“Brett take care of my little girl there are to many monsters out there for her to realize” my dad said to Brett

“don’t worry I will I wont let her out of my sight” Brett said

“thanks” my dad said  and then we left and I got into Brett’s car

“ what's that smell” I asked and he looked at me confused, oh im so tricky

“it smells like...” I reached behind me and grabbed a bra that was there

“fresh skank” I said and I laughed

“that not funny Alix Lisa is a very nice girl” Brett said

“yeah she sure is and why aren’t you brining her to the carnival” I asked

“because she dumped me yesterday right after she forgot that” he said and I laughed

“like I said fresh skank” I said and he rolled his eyes and started to drive

We got to the carnival there was hardly any parking but we managed to talk the parkade guy to let us park on the side of the road

“so is it better then last year” Brett said and leaned into me

“yup” I said and I hugged him

“come on lets go to the dance floor” Brett said

“no way I cant dance you know that” I screamed as he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder

“put me down mister or your going to be in big trouble” I screamed

He slapped my butt

“you did not just spank me you pig” I tried sounding angry but I failed

“now dance with me” he said and put me down I was standing alone on the dance floor then Brett pulled himself up onto it and I backed away from him

“im not dancing” I said and crossed my arms over my chest

“oh yes you are” he said and I grabbed my arm and we started to dance, this was weird he was acting more like my boyfriend then my best friend and I wasn't use to that

“Brett” I asked and he looked down at me with a weird expression, like he to was wondering why he was being weird and touchy

“yeah” he said

“nothing” I said and then I tested the waters I put my hand on his shoulder and the song slowed his arms wrapped around me and we swayed back and forth, I never noticed how great he smelled until now my face was in the nape of his neck and I could feel the rise and fall of his chest against mine

I looked to my left to see two guys talking but it was strange they were wearing suits and had an ear piece in

“Brett what's going on” I asked and pointed to the two guys

He looked and shrugged

“no idea” he said and his hands slipped ever so slightly to my hips , no longer on my waist.

“you want to go to the hall of mirrors” I asked and he nodded

“beat you there” I said and ran out of his arms and he laughed I jumped off the dance floor and ran towards the hall of mirrors

My hand was caught an I screamed and then Brett dragged me into the hall of mirrors.

We wound up hitting a dead end and it was a small dead end, and I was freaking out a bit I didn't like small spaces

“come on lets get out of here” I said and he grabbed my hand

“we have to wait the mirrors are going to shift in a minute and I don’t want you in here alone, he came closer to me.

“Brett I cant breath it’s a small space” I said and he shook his head

“Alix breath your okay want me to take your mind off of it” he asked and I nodded

He pressed his body against mine and his nose trailed across my cheek and then his lips were just about touching mine

“Brett im not a re bound” I said and he sighed

“ruin the moment much” he said but didn't move

“sorry its just we are best friends” I said

“no you think we are best friends but iv been trying to make you jealous for the past two years why do you think iv been bringing my girl friends around you, why do you think I always look at you”

“I look at you to you cant help but look you have eyes” I said an dhe sighed

“im pouring my heart out here Alix”

“sorry” I said and his hands took my wrists ever so slowly

“why do you think I say stuff about your body” he said and pulled my hands up and over my head

“since we were seven I have always liked you but in the past couple of years when you came to me crying when that douche bag Craig dumped you on your fifteenth birthday, I noticed that your hair was softer, your lips were perfect, your body was slender and soft and I I loved the feeling of your soft little body against my hard one, it is impossible to stay away from you I cant get enough of you, im always making up excuses to touch you, and now that im turning eighteen in a couple of months iv noticed a few things, and I know what your going to say god Brett you’re a weird” he said and then made his voice all high pitched

“I promise I wont” I said and his breath fell against my cheek

“iv noticed that we aren’t little kids anymore and Alix I love-“ he was cut off by a blood curdling scream that came from outside

Then another one

And another one

And another one

“what was that” I said and he looked at me

“I don’t know come on lets get out and see” he said

“wait what if-“ I was cut off when glass started raining down as the mirrors were broken all around us

Bret covered me with him self and I held onto him

“everyone run they are coming” a young girl said and started running

Brett and I stood up and got out of the hall of mirrors, and looked around, everyone was running

“what's going on” Brett asked a guy who was running

“vampires” he got out and then ran

Then I saw them and I backed up pulling Brett with me they were coming fast

My cell rang

‘DAD’ it read

“Alix on the new on ever channel says something is happening at the carnival are you alright” my dad sounded panicked

“dad hide in the house don’t do anything you aren’t going to believe me but vampires are here” Brett grabbed my phone and covered my mouth, and pulled me into one of the tents

“if we run like everyone else we are going to get caught” he said and my heart was racing I was so scared

“so much for your twilight” Brett said

“we are about to die and your brining up a book?” I asked

“well it has to do with vampires” he said but then I saw a little girl she was about two her hair was in pig tails and she was crying and holding onto a teddy bear she must have gotten the side of her dress was covered in blood, oh god!

“Alix!!” Brett yelled at me I ran to the little girl and froze as I was soon surrounded

“nice decoy” I heard one say

“it works every time and look what we caught this time” another one said, as far as I could tell they were all guys, all a bit older then me but not much.

I looked to the corner to see Brett I shook my head and I saw he was mad

One of them flashed in front of me he hand blood all down his chin and throat

“damn we caught a hot one tonight” he said and grabbed my jaw roughly his hands were covered in blood, I looked down at the little girl but couldn’t see her anywhere, and then my stomach lurched as I looked at one of the guys who was holding her, bile rose in my throat as I saw the little girls lifeless body

“you killed her” I screamed at him I was angry and not thinking

“she was just little you monster” I yelled at him

“feisty” the guy holding my jaw said and the others laughed

Ill show you feisty

I kicked my knee up and it connected with ... well it made him fall to the ground in agony.

I bolted but what was I thinking THEY ARE VAMPIRES I was hit hard and thrown to the ground and then guy I kneed was over me and a loud growl came from his mouth

“your lucky I don’t want kids” he said and licked the length of my neck

“where is he” he asked

“who?” I spat at him

“the guy who was touching you his scent is all over you” the vampire said

“he left early” I lied

“liar liar pants on fire” he said and yet it wasn't funny

He pulled me to my feet and put an arm around my waist to hold me still

“watch this it is going to be a blast” he whispered to me

“go to hell” I said back to him

He ignored me

“come out and I wont hurt her right here in front of you” he said and his hand went up from my waist and up and up and I wanted to vomit when it passed my chest then his hand rested on my neck, my back was pressed against his back hard and I could feel the power radiate from him.

“one” he said and squeezed

Don’t do it Brett damn it don’t

“two” he said and his other hand came around and pressed against my lower stomach pushing me against him harder

“you’re a lucky guy her body is perfect” the vampire yelled

Ugh I knew what was going to happen Brett had a serious problem with jealousy and this was not going to help, if he was just about to tell me he loved me , oh my god he loves me awe, snap out of it Alix your about to die.

I knew Brett was watching I could feel his eyes looking at me

“damn” the vampire yelled and lifted my shirt so it was showing my whole stomach

“I don’t know about you but im going to have fun tonight” he yelled

“what happned to three” I said trying to stall him

“oh its coming” he said to me

“if your going to kill me get it over with because this is rather boring” I said and he laughed

“hear that guys this is boring for the girl” he said and laughed

“it is boring and your edging towards sexual assault” I said and he laughed again

“edging towards it eh well wait until later when I have you alone you will be begging” he said and I made vomiting noise and kept doing it

“I would rather die by getting spoons shoved in my eyes” I said and he laughed again

“looks like lover boy isn’t coming out it’s a shame really it would have been a killer fight- wouldn’t it” he yelled the last part

?say what how would it be a big fight human and vampire hmm doesn’t make a big fight to me???

“his scent is all over you yet not as much as it should be if you were that close” he whispered

“now watch as the fireworks start to go and the lover boy comes out to play” he said and flipped me around, I felt like a rag doll, he pressed his mouth to mine and it was ice cold I tried pushing him off and once again HE WAS A VAMPIRE so not much point, but pushed harder against him as I felt his tongue push forcefully into my mouth, eww I wanted to vomit this was not right at all.

Then I felt something weird I felt weaker and I started feeling cold my legs and arms seemed to freeze and my heart seemed to be fighting to beat

“Get away form her” Brett roared

I felt the of the vampires on my lips as he slowly pulled away

“look what I found looks like the prince has a play thing” he said and I was confused


“I order you to stand down and go back to where you came from, and leave her alone” Brett yelled

“sorry I don’t take orders from you” the vampire said and I was still cold and it was spreading over me and it hurt

“your girly here isn’t going to last much longer her life is fading” he said

“give her to me” Brett said and his eyes locked on mine

“no I think not” the vampire said who was holding me

Brett was in front of us in a flash and a huge loud growl ripped from his chest

“let her go” Brett said fuming mad

“but she taste divine” he said

“Austin let her go right now” Brett said

“but brother you got to have your fun with her” Austin said

WAIT hold up BROTHER!?!?!?!?!

“I haven’t touched her we are friends” Brett said and that hurt way more then it should have and he looked down at me

“oh but her heart is breaking from that so it must be more and yet you haven’t claimed her as your own” Austin said and my heart was hurting it felt like ice was going through it

“damn it Austin just help her before she dies” Brett sounded desperate

“I will only do it cause I want her to watch you die” he said and he bent down and kissed me again ewwww vomit it felt all wrong

I saw the hurt in Brett’s eyes

I wonder what he saw in mine

I felt better and then I was dropped to the ground and Austin pushed me and I slide across the pavement, which made me cry, another vampire came and picked me up and held my arms I was once again standing with a vampire behind me holding me I wouldn’t go anywhere

“now before we start this you tell her” Austin said

“no” Brett said and that hurt too

“uh oh did you feel that did you feel the hurt that caused her” Austin said

“she will live this is between me and you” Brett said and now I was angry hello I was here it had something to do with me and he was bloody well going to tell me

“let me go” I said and Austin nodded

I went over to Brett and he backed away like he was almost scared of me

“tell me Brett if that’s even your real name, what are you some kind of vampire prince and you ran away from you home when you were a little kid and what you live all alone in your house since I have never seen your parent which think is a bit weird, since I was only seven when I met you and everything you said to me in the hall of mirrors was a lie wasn't it you just lied to me because we are just friends you don’t love me like you said and by god I don’t even think we are friends anymore after all this time after I have told you every thing every secret every little thing and you cant even tell me your biggest one it must be hard for you not to just drink me dry and kill my father” I screamed at him

“its not like that” Brett said

“no it isn’t but its close” Austin said

“he was shipped away he didn't run away our parents didn't want him he was a human lover” Austin said

“everything I said to you was true Alix every word” he said

“how can I believe you” I asked and tears started to fall

His eyes became sad and he shook his head

“you just have to” Brett said

“awe very touching now can we fight and get this over with” Austin said and Brett nodded

I was pulled back and held Austin was the first to strike Brett blocked it

And for the first time in my life I saw fangs and they were Brett’s he sank them into Austin's arm

Austin roared in anger and pushed Brett backwards and Brett jumped high and landed on Austin

“after all these years im still stronger then you” Brett said and he looked at me

“you may be but you wont kill me if it hurts her” Austin said and I was suddenly being pulled my feet didn't move I was being dragged upwards my feet moved on the pavement.

Austin grabbed me and Brett froze it happened all to fast

“you didn't get taught all the tricks brother” Austin said and he ran his finger down my neck and it scratched it and I felt blood it stung and the blood dripped and Austin pushed me towards Brett who caught me in his arms

“fight that” Austin said and then I watched as the vampires started to disappear and then they were gone all of them I tried pulling away from Brett but his hands squeezed my arms hard


“Brett” I asked

His eyes were set on my neck and I felt a drop drip down my neck and disappear beneath my shirt collar

“Brett come on” I said more panicked now that I had been when Austin was holding me

“blood” he whispered and one of his hands moved up my arm and to my neck and then so quickly I didn't even see it his fingers brushed across my neck and then his fingers went to his mouth and  he tasted my blood.


“Brett come on your not evil” I said and he shook his head

“your blood” he said it was like he was in a trance I watched as huge fangs came out of his mouth the grew to their full size and he ran his tongue over them

Im scared really scared

“Brett please don’t” I cried

I watched as he leaned his face in and then his hand loosened and his mouth didn't touch my neck it hit my lips and he kissed me instead, I felt his fangs and I didn't care that one pricked my lip I kissed him hard, and wrapped my arms around him.

For so long I knew something was a bit different about him but I never knew what and now I did he was a creature of the night a vampire, a prince to boot but he was s till Brett

He was well a bit rough.

He pushed me up against the nearest game booth on the side of it and he slammed my hands above my head

“ow” I said

“sorry” he said and he pressed his lips to mine again and his body was so close to mine, oh kay im literally on fire.

“im sorry I had to scare you Austin was still watching I had to look like I was struggling im so sorry” he said an I didn't even care in that moment

My hands tangled into his hair and I pulled him closer, this was weird, yet not at all

Lightening went across the sky and then the thunder started and then the rain started and I was soaked in a minute

“come on lets get you back home before your dad has a heart attack” he said

“he can wait a minute” I said and pulled him back to me and he kissed down my neck and I felt him mouth linger on where Austin had cut me and fear shot through me for a second but then it vanished quickly

“Alix iv been with you for how long iv seen you bleed before and now once a month-” I stopped him right there

“you’re a pig you know that right” I said and he laughed

“that’s why you love me” he said and then I stopped laughing, as his eyes met mine and he starred into my eyes

“Alix I love you” he said and kissed me hard

“ow” I said against his lips

“sorry again if your father asks why your covered in bruises just say you fell” he said an I laughed

“ill just say you beat me” I said and he laughed this time he pushed me harder against the game booths wall and his one hand gripped my waist so hard I knew there was going to be a hand print, but what did you expect he was a vampire after all and he had a lot of feeling that he had kept to himself.

“Brett?” I asked


“I love you” I whispered and he smirked

“I already knew that” he kissed me gentler and then he took my hand and we walked back to the car

So much death at the carnival yet I felt higher then a kite right now and I was so happy.

I got home and my father was crying he was so happy, nothing was ever the same after that night the world knew about vampires but how long do you think that lasted we live in a small town and people always chop us town folks to be crazy anyways so the vampires went back to being a myth, well for everyone else.


I stop typing and look at my story of how I found out Brett was a vampire, it turns out they aren’t much different from humans except they need blood, I heard Emily crying from her bedroom and I got up from my computer and went over to my brand new baby girl, the first of her kind, half vampire, half human, her daddy is very happy.

I pick her up and hold her she is already strong she grips me and I hold her back.

Brett decided to age with me, vampires apparently can decide to freeze at the age they wan tot be at but Brett wants to be with me and not look like my son after a while.

Im no longer seventeen and finding love for the first time I am twenty six and married and in love with my husband.

“what are you doing” Brett said and wrapped my arms around my waist

“just thinking” I said and turned around and hugged him with my one arm and held Emily with my other and kissed him

“how was work” I asked

“boring as normal” he said

I laughed

“well well well look at the happy family” we turned to see Austin who hadn't aged a bit.








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