Reported Missing

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I really can't tell u much or i'll give away the whole plot. i know it seems quite boring at the beginning but it gets better! Please read it through to the end! :D

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



The TV turned on. It was,
"the 8 o'clock news with Jill White and Joanna Tomas."
One of the reporters, Joanna Thomas, announced the story everyone was currently talking about.
"16 year old Tyler Jones has been reported missing. He was last seen arriving at school yesterday morning at approximately 8am."
A picture of Tyler Jones was shown.
"Look!" Poppy nudged her friend Isabel and pointed at the screen, "Isn't that Tyler from our school?"
"His family are deeply worried and would like to find him as soon as possible, if anyone has information regarding this missing boy, then please call-"
Isabel switched the TV off.
"Didn't he pick on us in year7?" she asked
"Yep" Joe replied, "Ugh, I hated him!"
"Everyone hated him." Isabel said, "Maybe it's not such a bad thing he's missing."
The six teenagers nodded their agreement.
"Yeah." Joe said, "It's getting late. Let's go to bed now. Early morning tomorrow!"
"Yay." Alex cheered sarcastically.

The next morning, they packed their fishing gear and made their way down to the lake.
Alex crossed his arms and looked bored, "Hurry up guys! I'm getting old here!"
"You're already old." Joe joked.
"Your mom is old." Alex retorted.
"Stop it you two!" Isabel snapped, "This is supposed to be fun!"
Alex repeated her words, emphasising "supposed"
Martha put on her annoying, nerdy voice, "Did you know that 6Aam is the most effective time of day to go fishing?"
As usual, she was ignored.
"Why are we even here? Fishing is dumb." Poppy complained.
Alex smirked, "Don't you just love ripping their guts out afterwards?"
"I'd love to do that to Tyler Jones." Joe said.
"No need." Martha smiled, "He's already missing."
They laughed.
Joe threw the fishing line out.
"And now we wait." Martha said, sitting down.
The others followed.

They waited for what seemed like an eternity.
"This is taking forever!" Seb said, annoyed, "I'm sick of fishing. Fishing is stupid."
He stood up.
"I've caught something!" Jo called.
Seb ignored him. Instead, he carried on his rant, "It's so dirty and horrible and disgusting-"
Joe let out a yelp as he splashed into the water. Some of it ended up on Seb.
"Yuck!" He exclaimed.
Poppy, who wasn't paying much attention to what was going on, turned around, "What is it now…Oh! How exactly did you manage to fall in, Joe?"
"There's something in the water!" Joe's reply didn't really answer the question.
Alex sniggered, "Yeah, They're called fish."
Joe felt around under the water,
"No…" he said, "It feels like….a box"
Isabel gave him an unamused look, "If you're trying to scare us, Joe, then it's really not working."
"I'm being serious!" Joe said as he struggled with the box and finally pulled it out.
They stared at box as it emerged from the water and was placed onto the bank.
"So, what are we gonna do with it? Maybe we should put it back..." Poppy said uncertainly.
Joe disagreed with her, "Hey! There might be treasure in it! We should take it home."
Alex, being Alex, replied as he usually did, "That's not suspicious at all, a random box that we found at the bottom of a lake."
"You guys are idiots." Martha said, crossing her arms.
But despite everything, they still decided to drag it home with them.

"The suspense is killing me…" Alex commented.
"Really Alex! Ok, so how are we going to open it?" Poppy asked.
Martha put a hand on Poppy's shoulder, "Poppy, there's a scientific solution to everything.I'm sure we can find a solution to this dilemma."
Alex coughed, "Crow bar."
"A Crow bar! You're a genius Alex!" Martha complimented, "It would work if you exerted a large amount of force on the box."
Alex made the box fly open.
They screamed.

"Is that what I think it is?" Isabel whispered slowly.
"I think so!" Alex said brightly, with so much sarcasm it could almost be tasted.
Poppy completely freaked out, "This not a joke, Alex! It…it can't be!"
Joe managed to stay calm, "It's just a person. Let me see if it's alive." He said.
"That's been in a box for god knows how long at the bottom of a lake… it's not gonna be alive." Alex said.
"What have you done! You've put your fingerprints on it!" Martha yelled at Joe.
": I don't mean to alarm anyone... but doesn't this body bear a resemblance to someone...?" Seb asked.
They paused for a moment.
"That's Tyler Jones!" Isabel exclaimed.
"Tyler Jones?" Joe asked, "He's supposed to be missing!"
"Well we've just found him. And he's not missing" Martha gulped, "He's dead."
"We need to tell someone about this." Isabel declared.
"Who? We can't tell the police, we all have a reason to kill him, and Joe got his fingerprints on the body." Alex said.
"That means the police will think it's… us!" Poppy realized.
"But we need to tell the police, we'll just explain what happened." Martha said as if it was the simplest thing in the world.
"No, I had nothing to do with this; I'm telling my mum- she'll get me out of it." Isabel turned to leave.
Seb grabbed her arm, "No, you have to stay. Don't tell anyone."
Isabel struggled for a while but then gave up.
"We need to find a way of getting rid of that…of him…" Poppy grimaced.
"Well… the best way to dispose of a body is to burn it to get rid of all evidence." Said Alex, still calm.
"I say we put it back where we found it and act as if nothing-" Seb started.
"I say we bury it in the garden." Interrupted Joe.
They all stared at him.
"Just no." Alex said bluntly, then he turned to Martha, "Hey, Martha I thought you had a scientific solution to everything, where is it now?"
Martha stayed silent.
Seb blamed everything on Joe and they started fighting. They all started shouting and arguing.
Martha was the only one with some sense left, "STOP! Look at us! We're not like this. We should tell the police… and we'll just tell them the truth."
"Why does no one listen to me?" Alex stormed off.

"We're sorry! So sorry, very, very sorry!" Poppy whimpered.
The officers looked confused.
"Quiet, Poppy." Martha scolded.
Poppy started crying.
"I wanted to tell before, but they wouldn't listen to me! I'm an innocent bystander!" Isabel tried to convince them.
"Calm down. Just tell us what happened." One of the officers said.
"My idiotic friends found a box at the bottom of a lake and we decided to take it home, but when we opened it there was a body inside, the body of Tyler Jones." Seb explained.
"You kids are in serious trouble. Show us this box."
Martha and Isabel dragged it forwards.
"Hey, it seems lighter than before." Isabel whispered to Martha.
The officers opened the box, then they straightened.
"There's nothing in here, it's empty."

Silently, Alex lit a match and threw it on to the corpse. With the fire reflected in his eyes, he watched Tyler Jones go up in flames.

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