One Second

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What could you see if you were given only one more second to live?

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



Have you ever just stopped for one second and took a look at the things around you? Just once? I did. I have. I am. I have stopped and I am taking in the world around me. To the very minutest detail. Everything is quite beautiful when you stop and actually look at it. Whether you do this voluntarily or by force is up to you to an extent. I am currently looking at the world around me for one second by force. It isn’t so much that I didn’t want to stop and take in the world around me; it’s more of the fact that the reason I am is far from ideal.


I am with fiancé. We walk out of the restaurant where we had just finished an amazing dinner on our forth anniversary. The moment we step onto the sidewalk everything changes. I instantly can hear and see everything more clearly than I have ever before. I look around me. The shadows are deeper, the lights brighter. Everything is more vivid. The sounds are louder but clearer. I can tell exactly where every color and sound is coming from.


The people across the street, their faces with a boring non-caring look on. They have no idea what is happening to me. I don’t think my fiancé does either. I barely know what is happening to me. The roads are still wet from the rain earlier in the day. They reflect every light from every building on the street. Every cell phone, car light, street light; all of it is reflected in the water on the street. A parallel world to our own, where we provide the light for those in that world; they must sleep when we sleep and must wake when we do.


The lights are dappled with water droplets that are fighting gravity to stay on top of the rounded covers. One by one, each one slowly loses the on going battle and falls over the edge to land in the other world’s reflective light source on the street. I no longer care about how much money i have, where I am going to go when we decide to move, my job, my worries, kids, family, loved ones, or friends. Everything is out of my mind and I am at peace with everything for that one split second. Everything makes sense and yet at the same time everything is different and I have to remake sense of this new world and feeling. Nothing is quite like this and it is beautiful and startling at the same time.


Everything I see, I see again for the first time but with much more clarity that before. It is intense and I begin to think that I can’t hold all of this new information and these new sensations. Everything then goes blank. I can’t see what I was seeing. Color and sound of the world that I was in, disappears. Gone. In it’s place, I see the memories of my life. They are without color and sound. A black and white movie of my life being played back to me.


It starts when I was a little boy and goes through my entire life up until the we walked out of the restaurant. Every image of my entire life flashes by faster that i could even begin to explain, but I remember every image, every good memory, every bad memory, every embarrassing moment, and every proud moment. I feel the emotions I felt at each image. Though each image stays for only a micro second, I feel like I relived every image when it popped into my head at the same speed as I remember it.


I feel more alive and more free than ever before. Everything rushes back to me and my view is different than before. The people on the other side of the street are suddenly alive with motion and sound. I turn to look at my fiancé and ask her if she got the same feeling I did. She isn’t moving, but her eyes are brighter than ever. We are both lying on the edge of the parallel world of light and a horn is constantly blowing. The one-second that I stopped to take in the world for what it is and I was forced into it. That second was the most beautiful second of my life and also the last.

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