Weeping Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Double sided view of the situation at hand.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



Weeping, weeping, weeping.

He can hear it in his dreams.

In his thoughts.

A most unfortunate sound that once soothed him, now keeps him awake and terrified of things to come.

He hates the weeping more now than ever.

He can not figure out what is weeping anymore.

He can not stop the sound that echoes in his head, his house, his heart.

The last girl to weep was young. Perfect.

She cried, begged for mercy. None came.

He made sure she weeped.

It’s been two months since the girl.

Two months and every night the same weeping.

He can not go on like this.

The weeping is driving him crazy. To the point of insanity.

He must do something and do it quickly.

The weeping is getting louder.

His neighbors may hear it soon.


Screaming, yelling, crying.

She can hear it every waking moment.

Always pounding in her head.

A most satisfying sound that once frightened her, now puts her to sleep.

She loves the sounds of insanity, oh so.

She knows exactly how to drive him to these sounds.

She doesn’t want it to stop. She wants him to remember.

He was the perfect predator. Turned into a victim over night.

He screams, yells, and cries. No one can hear him except her.

She is making sure he goes insane.

It’s been two months since he entered her life.

Two months since she suffered. She returns it.

She could do this for the rest of her life.

She makes sure he nears the breaking point.

She drags out the process though.

She pulls the strings now. Time to go louder.

No one will ever hear his torment.

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