burning desire

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Alone in the dark room,noone around at least no one familiar to me .

The clock is ticking tik tok tik tok tik tok tik tok tik tok 

Another night goes to waste , overthinking got me again as well as a strange feeling that I can't seem to shake off.. desire

Maybe it's due to the fact that I still haven't you know ,,done it" yet with anyone.I want to remember that first time ,first kiss,touch...

The uniting of the bodies and minds,souls meeting each other halfway turning into one

Perhaps I would take the initiative and pull his /her unbotton his/her shirt ,botton by botton..

Kiss his/her neck ,go down to the jawline ,whisper sensualy into his/her ear make him/her shiver , beg for more.

I don't want to sit down on the bed doing nothing, waiting for him to do everything for me,the person I love I want to please and make them feel good,make them forget the pain, enjoy in this moment..

If it's just lust then say so but i wouldn't do it with just anyone then it has no sense does it?

I will make him/her remember my body ,the overflowing cum ,sweat, embarrassment because becoming one and making love isn't about just one person being satisfied

Give them all you have that one special night that you planned to unite,that night that you worked hard for ,lost weight just because you wanted to be good enough..

Small or big the size doesn't matter 

Do you want to,,do it" just because everyone already done it and you are the only one who is a virgin?

You will throw away your purity just because of everyone?Think about it in your head,who is that special person, someone who you want to devote yourself to?

Don't be afraid to cross the line,we aren't kids no more, treat me how you want,I will accept all of you because I love you and I want my feelings to reach you 

Through my touch,caressing your cheek, gasping for air... moving hips ,screams coming from my drying mouth ,being in a daze ,can you feel the deepness of what I feel towards you?

I didn't understand this before,I never thought about it not even once.

But you got me cought up and falling for you ,it's not just my body, you captured my heart as well and now you belong there inside it and I can't get out of this trouble.


Submitted: July 22, 2019

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