Teacher/Student Affair

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Imagine falling for your teacher? Normal, right? But just imagine if your teacher fell for you. Oscar Young, a freshly graduated English college student gets his dream job teaching at a high school 'Anderson High School of Science', but his dream soon becomes a reality when he finally comes to the terms with his heart. He loves his student, Hilary Clarke; The school's trouble maker. Together they try to keep their forbidden relationship a secret, but when everyone wants to claw the hottest teacher in school it's hard for them to build up the amount of trust and honesty needed for their relationship to survive. But with Daniels career at stake and Hilary's education on the line, are they prepared to go through hiding in closets and under stairwells and sneaking around in public to get the happy ending they've both always dreamed of?

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Submitted: May 29, 2016

I slam my hand down on the beeping alarm clock, trying to stop the irritating noise it was making. However, that doesn't work so I pick i... Read Chapter

"I've decided to become a stripper."

Submitted: May 29, 2016

I slam my locker shut and turn around to face my other best friend Nick, a bored expression, not surprised to see him crouching down low,... Read Chapter

"Speak again and I'll punch you in the boob."

Submitted: May 29, 2016

I soon get bored of the all questions and accompanied giggling and decide to lay my head on the desk, to nap a little. "Miss Clarke, ... Read Chapter