the story of Yazland chapter one

Status: Finished

the story of Yazland chapter one

Status: Finished

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the story of Yazland  chapter one the story of Yazland chapter one

Book by: Yamazy900

Genre: Action and Adventure


Book by: Yamazy900


Genre: Action and Adventure



the end of chapter 1


the end of chapter 1

Author Chapter Note

the end of chapter 1

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2013






The story of yazland








Yazland  is a wonder full kingdom

But a wonder full kingdom comes with danger

Danger like false kings and evil dragons

This story is about a true king with a false


The false Queen name was “Darkia”

And the king name was “barikan”

Barikan was a brave king but darkia was an evil Queen she loved gold and her puss

And the king loves honor and glory

Barikan the king was sooo honorable

But the minster was a hate full goon

 He actually slept with the king wife

And had baby the king didn’t know about the child after 20 years

The king barikan died and the crown prince

The Queen was soooo happy that her husband died she laughed when she heard about the king death

Darkia had another son from barikan his name was “clorakik” he was a brave man but he was


Yes he loves big dicks and pointy nipples

Clorakik feared red dragons

The red dragon is the most evil scary dragon

When clorakik became king of yazland the elder dragon heard about the gay king of yazland he feared the ungodly dragons

The ungodly dragons is evil and don’t believe of gods  they always come after the new crown prince become king

And most of the ungodly dragons are

Red dragons

When  clorakik had few drinks with the hate full goon the minster

He saw the elder dragon he was big as the castle when he looked out of the window the dragon spoke to him he told him to be ready the ungodly dragons are coming













When the gay king saw the elder dragon and told him to be ready for the ungodly dragons the king

Freaked out

But the enemies of the kingdom of yazland

Are waiting for the ungodly dragons to attack yazland

The enemies were:

Elfland and Orcisma and Palgirada


The elf’s had many wars with yazland and they lose all the wars because they used magic and yazland used the magic blocker


The magic blocker isn’t a spell actually it is a big shield

The yazish ues it against elf’s 


But the Orcs are sooo strong stronger than yazish men


But they don’t use there smarts they just attack charge the front gate of the capital city walls they always use hammers to break the gate so the yazish men use hot oil to burn them then they flee


The last enemy  Palgiradain  known as the wolf men


They are smart fast brilliant


No one can beat them but the yazish men know that the wolfs fears silver so they use silver weapons to kill them


When the ungodly dragons got out from the forbidden mountain


The gay king is panicking he doesn’t know what to do


He sent a message to his old ally Dawn kingdom


To help him against the ungodly dragons 

And yazland enemies the kingdom of Dawn replied


 “we will not interfere on your battles with dragons but we will defend your land from elfs and orcs and wolf men”

 the gay king was happy they the land from elfs and orcs and wolf men  but when the gay king looked out of the window he saw an ungodly red dragon he had a heart attack and died

the gay king died

  Darkia was sooo sad that her son died

Now the youngest child 17 years old will rule



His name was Farkie he is smart and handsome


Was a heart breaker and now he is the heat breaking king

But the ungodly dragons are close to the kingdom and dawnish men are patrolling the land of yazland



The ungodly dragons attacked yazosh the capital of yazland

Then the elf and orcs and palgiradains attacked the north the dawnish army fought back the orcs and elfs an the palgiradains 


The heart breaking king been killed by an elfish spy


And the Queen darkia fled from the capital but the ungodly dragons killed her the the kingdom of dawn retreated from yazland


Elfs and orcs and palgiradains attacked all the yazish cities but the generals and the warriors stood strong

And fought till the end

But when this brave warrior came to battle dragons his was jorekanin he killed all the ungodly dragons with one spell called dragon death then the yazish army fought the elfs and the orcs and the palgiradains




Then jorekanin

Became king of yazland


The end of chapter 1



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