To Love Again

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Something I had to get off my chest; it's not good bottling it up.

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



How long will this bubble survive?
The comfort of having you here,
How can I hope for this to last?
When you truly see the me inside.

It's unreal how you love me,
Frozen inside, I cannot love,
Love is a word unknown to me.
Since the very last time.

I wish I could be good for you
Bitterness is all that's in me,
I can't bring myself to love again,
To love is to allow myself to be hurt.

Call me selfish, call me stupid,
The constant ache of my heart,
Finally been soothed over,
To love is to bring it back again.

Locked up my heart,
Thrown the key away,
Cliché words, cliché meanings,
All the same to me.

I wish I could love,
To give you what you want,
To drop the paranoia,
Live life the way it should be.

I wish,
Words that will never come true.

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