The Comprehensive Meaning of Life (Part 2)

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Have you wondered why you are here? Ever wonder about death? Does the Bible speak of many universes? This writing is about looking at the world around us with a different perspective. You will find it blunt and descriptive. Reviews have called it very, very deep so don’t read unless you are willing to think. I am sure at least parts of this paper will roll around in your mind for a very long time. I would love to hear your comments.


The Old Testament was written 1000’s of years ago and was probably handed down by mouth for 1000’s of years before that. The stories were from events and places in time. The archeological findings seem to be proving that daily. The stories tell of people with Our Father in their hearts being blessed with wealth, power, and victory over their enemies. The people without Our Father would be struggling, stressed, and defeated. The stories tell of blessed people falling from grace and changing back into Our Father’s favors by living in a way that is with love and compassion of all souls.

Moses led Our Father’s people from slavery. Our Father told Moses what he had to do. Moses understood he could never conceive of how to accomplish such a feat, just used his faith, a very strong faith. Moses did as he was told using his faith in Our Father. Then when Moses had freed the people he went to the mountaintop and spoke with Our Father. Our Father was pleased, but Moses’ wanted rules to guide the people. Our Father was against this. Moses had freed the people by being a speaker for Our Father, thus Our Father freed the people through Moses faith. Now Our Father is telling Moses he does not need written rules, just have the people follow Our Father’s will. Our Father which knows all knows that the people are building a gold bull to worship. Our Father knows that the people need help to mold their minds into the ways of love and compassion of all souls. But Moses insists to the point that Our Father gives Moses the three stone tablets of commandments. Moses, pleased with himself, descends the mountain to find the people worshipping the golden bull. He is so angry he smashes one of the tablets. That’s why we have the 10 commandments. The broken tablet may have been: Thy will only eat steak and potatoes or Thy will always only pay half price or maybe Thy wife is always right. A religion is born based on those rules. Over the centuries that followed, the rules were scrutinized as a lawyer preparing for a case would today. And some with religious authority would use the rules of religion to gain power, forgetting love and compassion, for personal gain.

The New Testament is about 2000 years old. Its stories are mostly about Jesus. If you wanted to prove life after death then you would die then come back to life. Jesus was born to prove this fact. Roman and Egyptian records prove this man lived and also died on a cross, with two thieves. This man knew Our Father very, very well. The love and compassion for all souls confused even the disciples that followed Jesus closely. They listened to his words, but very seldom understood. The stories of Jesus’ life were not even written down until 30 to 40 years after his death. Paul was one of the first even though he did not become a follower until many years after the death of Jesus. Then the close followers of Jesus started to put to words what Jesus had said. They still weren’t completely clear on the teachings but since we have different versions from different followers we are able to compare and filter through to reach the word of Jesus. The love and compassion bleeds through. If you look closely to his teachings you will see that he is teaching the Ten Commandments, but from a deeper place, your mind. A commandment reads, “thy shall not commit adultery”, then Jesus said, “That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Jesus could see the lack of love and compassion from the religious community. Jesus could see the comfort on the faces of the people who listened to him. Jesus knew from this observation that the people of the religious community were being guided by their survival minds. The survival mind, through the centuries of Moses commandments, had learned to use the words of the commandments as tools. The survival mind learned the right words spoken at the right time and place about a person of the religious community could enhance its standing in the community. This is much like the wolf displaying dominance to gain greater respect in the pack. This is what put Jesus to death. The survival mind learned that a higher position in the religious community would bring more prestige and power. The survival mind loves power. The survival mind does not know the meaning of the words Jesus used because the survival mind does not know right and wrong. Jesus taught the commandments in the way of the mind, not the mouth. The survival mind could not use these messages. Using the conscience controlled upper level thinking mind to contemplate the messages had nothing to do with the survival of the organism. Jesus knew this, he knew for the people to understand the meaning of his message they would have to use their conscience controlled upper level thinking mind which would let Our Father into their heart. The survival mind could use “thy shall not commit adultery”, about someone, as a tool for personal gain. The survival mind hearing, “That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart” would not be able comprehend. Jesus in this way could separate and close the survival mind and open up the conscience controlled upper level thinking mind. What Jesus is saying is that what is in your mind is where actions begin. If we are living with love and compassion in our minds the actions of love and compassion can only follow.

The Old Testament teaches not to do any wrongs. The New Testament teaches not to think any wrongs. Now teaching should be not to see any wrongs. Our Father would have been pleased if Moses returning from the mountain top had said, “Our Father’s beautiful people”. If Moses had said, “Our Father’s people, who are so joyful and grateful for your freedom, rejoice. Our Father has no physical image humans can see to worship. So lay aside such things. Our Father is much greater. Your freedom proves that. Worship Our Father with your thoughts and actions. Keeping Our Father in your mind throughout the day knowing Our Father freed you and will take care of you. Live like you deserve the freedom handed to you.” But Moses got very angry instead and had the terrible bull destroyed. Then after all is said and done Moses has a fancy box built to carry the stones with writing on them. When we say “see no wrongs” this does not mean ignore trouble. If you see a crime or abuse it is your civic duty to take appropriate action. If a person does something they feel in them is wrong even though it is not a crime they must refrain from, and ask for forgiveness. Another person doing the same thing but does not feel in themselves that it is wrong does not have to ask forgiveness. No human doing what they feel is right should be judged. The only time you should judge right or wrong in another human is when their wrong will directly harm physically or mentally another human. The Earth has become a melting pot of cultures. You should not judge and see wrongs in others but feel love and compassion and see the good. Do not put your beliefs as better than others but put their spirit above your own. We are the most intelligent organism to ever inhabit this planet. Not unlike the people Moses freed, it is time we live in a way worthy of the life Our Father gave us. Have you ever heard, or heard someone speak of, a parent that said to their child if you ever smoke I’ll tan your hide. The parent may not exactly hate smoking and may even smoke, but the parent is telling the child this because the parent knows if the child does not smoke their quality of life will be better. Our Father thinks the same way. Our Father wants you to live with love and compassion for all souls, on Earth, so your quality of life after Earth will be better.

Our Father knows and has forgiven you for your lack of love and compassion but after you die and return to the kingdom of Our Father you will not be able to change what you did on Earth, this is forever written as your life. If you did not try to have love and compassion in your heart and mind, your guilt and embarrassment will not let you feel worthy to be able to be close to Our Father even though Our Father has forgiven you for that lack of love and compassion.

Your conscience chooses to be human freely because it knew it could make the world a better place. Your conscience knows once everyone had Our Father in their hearts the world’s problems would be meaningless. Your conscience did not know you would make it so hard. The survival brain is cunning, scheming, and manipulative without any concept of right or wrong. Have you ever seen a dog steal food from the dinner table, or saw a squirrel eat from a bird feeder, or a cat meow like a screaming child over and over and over until you feed it. The survival mind is cunning, scheming, and manipulative innocently without any concept of right or wrong, that is the natural way, and the only knowledge it has is that which is learned from its environment. A conscience controlled upper level thinking mind is ingenious, empowering and has love and compassion, knows right from wrong. A conscience controlled upper level thinking mind has access to The Creator’s vast knowledge of every thought that has ever been in the universe and what could be in an infinite number of universes. A weak upper level thinking mind, still knowing right from wrong, quietly lives life with their survival mind in control, having to endure the consequences of those actions. The conscience controlled upper level thinking mind can have power over the survival mind and can be helpful in ways you could never imagine, not the least an easier life, with practice. You need only use your veto power when the survival mind is not leading you in a positive direction.

Wrapped up in the planet and in survival, your goals have gotten diluted. Government has been around as long as religion. Over the 1000s of years politicians have adapted, refined, and polished governmental practices, but over those 1000s of year’s government has never been streamlined. The government’s web allows no one to escape. A good citizen works and pays taxes with the best citizen doing this until death. For example, imagine a couple who loved each other dearly. They both had great jobs in the big city. They had company cars and drivers and two of every latest and greatest of everything. They lived in a grand apartment that included all the latest features. They also entertained often. Their life was work that took about 12 to 14 hours a day. Then I sent them a copy of “The Comprehensive Meaning of Life”. They read it and thought about it for a few days then they received a notice, they had inherited a fair amount of money. They both decided to leave the city and begin to enjoy life and not just survive. They bought an old station wagon and found about 40 acres far from the city. It was beautiful country and the acres were full of large trees which were full of deer, turkey, and many animals, all with a stream of clear water which was full of fish that flowed through the middle of the property. They cleared an acre and a half from the front and built a well designed but modest home. It was built so they could use the fallen branches and sticks from the forest floor in a small fireplace that kept the home comfortably heated in the winter. It was also built is such a way to catch the cool breeze from the forest to cool the home in the summer. They placed a barn and a chicken coop to the back and left of the clearing. They then purchased a cow for milk and butter, and chickens for eggs and fryers, and a male and female pig for litters to use for pork. In the back to the right of the clearing they tilled the soil for a garden to furnish all of their needs. They dug a well for water. Then they purchased enough solar panels to supply electricity for the water well pump, lights for the home, the refrigerator and the freezer to store their food. They hunted, fished, and lived life. They were self sufficient working about 2 to 3 hours a day. They had plenty of time to contemplate and reflect. Then at the end of the first year they received a letter from the county tax office. The commissioner had appraised your beautiful and efficient property for much more than you spent and taxes were due. They had some inheritance left and paid the taxes. They also had enough to purchase another cow to sell the milk and butter at the market. They purchased another pair of pigs to sell the second litter at the market. They let the chickens hatch more chickens to sell eggs and fryers at the market. They purchased more solar panels and connected to the grid to sell power back to the power company. They cleared more land for a larger garden to have vegetables to sell at the market. They were working 8 to 10 hours a day but still enjoying some time to hunt, fish, contemplate and reflect. The end of their second year they had the tax money in hand. Then they received another letter, this time from the IRS. It said you are late paying income tax on the income you made by selling your wares at the market. The letter also spoke of late fees, processing fees, interest, social security tax, and self employment tax, all due now. The nice couple then went to the bank and mortgages the property to pay the taxes, buy more cows, and buy more pigs, and buys more solar panels, and to buy a tractor. They were now using the tractor to go to the market because the old station wagon no longer ran. They also used the tractor to clear most all the trees on the property for all the solar panels, a larger barn, and many acres of crops. They were working 14 to 16 hours a day with no forest to hunt; the stream was muddy from farming, and no time to reflect. With the forest gone the cold wind blows in the winter and the hot wind in the summer. The last I spoke to them they said something about a crisis with starting a fire in the stove and had to use my paper in an emergency, or something to that effect. You know, I don’t remember receiving a thank you note from them for sending them a copy of my paper. Reading this does not give a solution to the web of life that we are entangled. Maybe reading this will help enlighten with foreknowledge to what you are up against in trying to use your conscience controlled upper level thinking mind. The survival minds are always trying to take you from Our Father’s consciousness. Our Father understands. No one is without faults. Our Father understands and forgives. Understand because Our Father knows you will forever be in Our Father’s kingdom those things that were done with a lack of love and compassion will be a burden to you forever. So like the parent who said don’t smoke Our Father pushes you to love and compassion so your quality of afterlife will be better.

Jesus understood Our Father in ways humans still do not completely understand. Jesus in a prayer explains in simple terms what Our Father is and what this Central Consciousness does for us. Lays out what we can expect. Jesus was asked, point blank, how do we pray to Our Father? Jesus did not say pray this way sometimes. Jesus did not say ministers should pray differently. Jesus knew any other prayer would not reflect the power that Our Father has, or show the faith we should have. The prayer Jesus gave seems to imply that just the upper level thinking mind focusing on a power greater than it, is enough. I may think this because the prayer itself seems to be a proclamation of what Our Father is and what Our Father does for us, not what we are or could be or even what we will do for Our Father.

Matthew, chapter 6, verse 6-9, King James Bible: The first part of the prayer Jesus gave us describes Our Father. Thus the first word is “Our”, I is never found in the prayer. Not mine, not yours, not just the holy, but everyone. The prayer continues, “Our Father”, as in Einstein is the father of physics, George Washington is the father of the United States, Our Father is the father of living souls.

Next part of the prayer is “which art in heaven.” Not on but in, and as written in Genesis that which separates the planets and the stars. Next part is “hallowed be thy name”. Our Father does not care what name we use as long as we keep it holy. This only reflects on us to do otherwise for all that Our Father does for us. The Creator of everything should be respected.

Next part of the prayer “Thy Kingdom” denoting respect to Our Father and what Our Father is, which is also Power and Glory.

Next is “Come” inviting Our Father into our lives.

Next is “Thy Will Be Done”, which is stating the obvious.  This is in Earth, or in us, just like in heaven. The Creator is part of our lives and everything around us.

The next part of the prayer tells what Our Father does for us. The next part asks Our Father for our daily bread. Jesus went into the mountains to reflect and fast. Jesus was tempted with bread. Jesus responded “man does not live by bread alone.” So in the prayer when we ask for our daily bread Our Father knows what we need in our lives and gives us any and everything to fill those needs. Remember Moses’ people.

 Then we ask for forgiveness. “Forgive us for our debt, as we forgive our debtors”. Then the first thing after he gives his prayer he tries to explain that line. It says we should forgive everyone for everything. It says to forgive us, not forgive me or forgive you or to forgive good people or the religious, it says forgive us. Forgive us for our, forgive everyone for everyone’s lack of love and compassion as everyone forgives everyone’s lack of love and compassion. This play with words easily covers any excuse a human may try to use for not forgiving anyone for anything. It is easy to know if you have forgiven because if you are upset with someone you cannot have forgiven them or you would not be upset.

Then we ask to lead us not into temptation. We know in our heart that Our Father would never lead us into a situation that would test our temptations. Temptations are situations we get ourselves into. When we do get into a temptation, Our Father, with our determination to make things right, will lead us out of our situation. Our Father leads us but we must make the steps.

Then we ask, but deliver us from evil. Evils are situations that are thrust on us. Because they are weak and or sick-minded people and because people have free will, we encounter evil. Just like a package is delivered from point to point without any effort on the part of the package, Our Father will deliver you from evil.

This is what Our Father does for us. Our Father supports us, guides us, protects us, and understands when we are not perfect. Our Father has never failed these in my life and I have been told about experiences by many people, time and time again how the same is true for everyone. When we serve Our Father we are not any way like slaves but Our Father uses our life and time to incorporate Our Father’s will. Our Father’s will is not only done by the humans with love and compassion but Our Father’s will is also done by those who lack love and compassion.

The next part of the prayer tells us what Our Father is. “For thy art the Kingdom”, this is our home from which we came and to which we will go when our bodies will not serve us any longer. “For thy art the Power”, thus through Our Father’s power is the basis of all that we know, feel, and see. “For thy art the Glory”, that through Our Father all happiness comes. If every human understood when they do not live with love and compassion they are disrespecting themselves, forever, but also Our Father’s spirit which is in everyone.


This is a simple view of the prayer Jesus gave us:


Our Father which art all around us, hallowed be thy name.

Thy Kingdom, Power, and Glory, come, into our lives, thy will be done.


Give us, our needs.

Forgive us, as we forgive.

Lead us through our weaknesses.

Deliver us from evil.


For Our Father is the Kingdom.

For Our Father is the Power.

For Our Father is the Glory.




Some pick up a book and read the first page and then read the last page. If they find it interesting they will read the whole book. Our Father knows how we began and how we will end. Our Father is in us to find out how we got there. It would seem after thousands of years that humans are slow learners but Our Father has patience. With such patience this leads me to think at some point we become enlightened. After 4000+ years the teachings of not to do any wrongs has not been learned by some, but many grasp the concept. After 2000+ years the teaching of not to think any wrongs has not been learned by some, but many have. Now the many followers of Our Father should task to see good in those who test us. If these simple concepts are grasped we can expect a planet of joy and happiness.

Imagine you had the powers of a genie. You could have whatever you wanted. Anything you could imagine. You would start out with maybe money. New cars, homes and beautiful furnishings could be next. We look in a mirror and would stop time and never age. Time would become meaningless. If we wanted to go to another time, we would go. We know from physics that a mass can not travel to another time so we make ourselves a power with no mass. This power would hold our thoughts and everything that is us. We would look the way we wanted. To others we would look the way they knew us. Soon you would hunger. We would not hunger for nourishment but for the taste and the experiences such as eating; steaks, fish, wine and maybe fruit. Where would these things come from?

Let’s say you were imagining lying in your feather filled bed in your plush bedroom in your huge mansion and were about to blink in a luscious, yellow ripe pear. Just like the one from the back yard. A unique shaped fruit that grows great only with a mix of sun, moisture, soil, atmosphere and time.  This package with all its vitamins, minerals, and sweet tasting juices we call a pear is mass. We know everything is made of molecules so when we blink in a pear its structure from its smallest atoms would replicate a pear from the elements in the atmosphere. Plucking each element and placing them together to form a pear shaped yellow sweet fruit. The only thing missing from this pear would be time. The universe could not speed forward to add this ingredient to your pear, nor would you want to become older for this purpose. The pear could be constructed without this time ingredient but would it be the same? Maybe the artificial pear is the same as the one you grew in the backyard last summer. From the tree that has been growing on a few feet of soil attached to a spinning planet in the Milky Way Galaxy found in a typical universe within a space of what could be countless universes. What the heck we can have anything, so we want the one from the backyard with the time ingredient. How do we do this? We would then need a seed made on a planet with the right mix of conditions to grow a pear. Then plant the seed in a little soil on the right place on that planet.

Our Father is not a genie. Our Father is infinitely greater. But imagining the genie may put light on why we are here on this planet. For Our Father to experience the perfect pear Our Father wants to feel the texture of the skin of the pear, and eyes to see the color of perfect ripeness, then noses to smell the air around the tree, and the sparkling odor of the fruit with each bite. Oh yea mouths, and a way to digest what is put into the mouth and lungs to fuel the digestion and a heart to get the oxygen to the digestion. Then legs with feet to get to the tree and of course arms with hands to reach the fruit.

Our Father made a human using material at hand. A design that could be replicated automatically with each model and having the basic technology of survival and in which a spirit from the kingdom of Our Father would be placed. This same human could help experience anything to be experienced within the vast reach of itself through Our Father’s power. Our Father would be able to feel everything felt by the human for a complete experience. Our Father would guide the people to experiences that Our Father wishes, if the human wanted to serve Our Father. The human always has free will. The human made in the image of Our Father can only see that image when it looks into itself. Humans cannot create as Our Father can, but if humans need something Our Father can create it and people believe it was always there. The less you need and want the more Our Father gives. Our Father thinks of humans as Our Father’s children. Like any parent Our Father demands respect and Our Father’s will be done. Also like any parent Our Father wants to spoil us with gold streets and chocolate milk fountains but Our Father knows we must appreciate what we have before we will appreciate what we get.

 You have seen an angel when you see someone give to someone in need. Our Father asks the soul of The Giver to supply a need to the soul of The Receiver. The soul of The Giver is stronger than their survival mind, which never gives anything for free, and gives the need to The Receiver. The unique and joyful feeling The Giver has is from being a conduit between Our Father’s great powers being passed through The Giver to The Receiver. Like the angel Giver to the Receiver, Jesus was a conduit of Our Father. Jesus learned at a young age where the mute switch for his survival mind was located. Jesus never thought to eat, but he was fed. Jesus never thought about clothing, but he was given a robe. Jesus did not even worry about death. Jesus had isolated his survival mind. This meant his conscience controlled upper level thinking mind was in complete control at all times. This is why Jesus could not do any wrong. Our Father could use Jesus as a conduit to do Our Father’s will without any restrictions or hesitations. This made Jesus so powerful a mere touch of his hem from a believer, could cure a blood disease. I believe any living soul that believes as strongly as Jesus and lives as Jesus lived could also be a powerful conduit.

Science helps humans understand the universe around us. The scientific theories, though sometimes build on false theories, are to the most part credible and noteworthy. The scientific community does a good job in eliminating untruths with jealousy, competition, and further interest and research into that particular subject. Human civilization as a whole has evolved from a species of adolescents into a species of young adults. This brings responsibilities. We now think about the health of the planet, the other nations of the world, and what will we leave for the future. A species at the stage of development as young adults brings an attitude of questions on how things are done and why. A species that has developed into young adults might find religion possibly outdated due to religions’ blind ignorance of scientific truths. Religion should embrace science to help answer these differences. Religion must understand the knowledge of the scientific community has come from Our Father. This would mean the scientific community and the religious communities are closer to the endeavors of each in ways not yet explored and should be. Remember Our Father’s will is done by everyone, not just the religious.

I heard this story one time about a simple person. This person is a farmer. This farmer has a great deal of knowledge from the day to day experiences but not much in the way of a formal education. This farmer would spend early evenings looking upward to the skies and would identify the zodiac signs in the stars. The story begins with the farmer telling of very vivid dreams that happen in 6 consecutive nights. Each dream was different. Night came and the farmer fell fast asleep. The dream started and the farmer saw what appeared to be droplets of water all around suspended in a vast darkness of nothing. The droplets appeared to be water due to the farmers’ knowledge of liquids consisting of either being milk or water; these did not look like milk. Then the dream continued when a shadow move across one of the droplets. Then the farmer saw a bright light that covered all. As the farmer watched from afar the light began to break up. This left dark spots among the light. The evening passed and then the morning was the first day.

Night came and the farmer fell fast asleep. The dream started and the farmer saw that the light and dark parts of the water droplet had formed what looked like a border that separated this droplet from the other droplets that had not turned to light. The evening passed and then the morning was the second day.

Night came and the farmer fell fast asleep. The dream started and the farmer saw a round body of water which was Earth. The dream continued as the water gave way to ground, and then the ground became covered with plants and trees. The evening passed and then the morning was the third day.

Night came and the farmer fell fast asleep. The dream started and the farmer was standing on the ground of Earth and looked skyward and saw the sun and moon and stars. The evening passed and then the morning was the fourth day.

Night came and the farmer fell fast asleep. The dream started and the farmer was standing next to a body of water that was full of great whales and fish. The skies above were filled with fowl that flew. The evening passed and then the morning was the fifth day.

Night came and the farmer fell fast asleep. The dream started and the farmer was looking down at the Earth. The farmer saw creatures of all kind and then he saw man and woman. The evening passed and then the morning was the sixth day.

The farmer rested from all the work Our Father had made. In the beginning, God created the heaven and the Earth. Yes, I told the first chapter of Genesis. I believe Our Father must have showed the author of Genesis instead of trying to verbally explain. If Our Father had tried to explain it verbally it would be much harder for the farmer to pass the information on to the future. The farmer explained what was seen with a farmer’s understanding. Can you not remember the small details in a movie easier than what you heard in a science lecture?

If we look at Genesis with our 21 century minds, the words and views are confusing at the least. If we look in a way of understanding the author and the time and situation the words become clear. The author would not have been one of the multitudes of angels that surround Our Father but would probably be a living soul on Earth. The angel would have already known the beginning. A living soul would have asked from where we come. Our Father will answer all questions. The prophet would have been expected to pass this information to the generations to come. The prophet, who lived at a time many years from the beginning of the Big Bang, would not have witnessed this process but is shown what happened. In religious writings it is common for Our Father to pass information to the prophets or humans in vivid dreams. This is like the dreams that Joseph had, and the 3 wise men had, and possibly you. This allows the prophet or human to pass this information to the future using their words and knowledge. Most would not know of elements or gravity or the actual expanse of the universe. The prophets would explain these visions in terms they were familiar with.

If Our Father had tried to explain verbally it may have been like this: The farmer falls asleep. Then Our Father speaks: Farmer what you see is the Earth’s beginnings, void without form. The droplets are hydrogen, helium, and lithium gases held together by a strong gravity. Through future experiments with the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, physicists will determine that this early phase of the universe called Planck Epoch would behave more like a liquid than a gas. This droplet will become your universe. In the beginning, Our Father created heaven and Earth. Then Our Father spoke, let there be light, Our Father disturbs the elements and the Big Bang occurred. As the dream continued the farmer could see darkness between the bright light of the gases. Our Father called this day and night. The farmer awakens from the first night.

The farmer falls asleep. Then Our Father told the farmer this is at a time of about 2 billion years from the first light you saw. The pressure from the escaping and ever expanding gases forms a bearer for your universe away from the other universes or potential universes. This will be called Heaven. The farmer awakens from the second night.

The farmer falls asleep. Then Our Father told the farmer that what you will see started at a time of about 9 billion years from the first light you saw. You are looking at the Earth’s formation. As the dream continues the water recedes and land is exposed. This is Earth and the land will be called Pangaea. Then about 13 billion years from the first light you saw came plants and trees. The farmer awakens from the third night.

The farmer falls asleep. Then Our Father had the farmer view the Earth from afar. Our Father told the farmer the bright light of the sun ruled the day and the suns reflection on the moon will rule the night. This will give seasons and a way to count days and years. The stars in heaven are at various distances throughout your universe. The farmer awakens from the fourth night.

The farmer falls asleep. Then Our Father has the farmer view the Earth about 500 million years into the farmer’s past. The farmer sees the waters are full of great whales and fish. The skies above were filled with fowl that flew. The farmer awakens from the fifth night.

The farmer falls asleep. Then Our Father shows the farmer the beginnings of all creatures and man and woman. The farmer awakens from the sixth night.

We must not try to read religious writings as we would a modern book. We must try to understand the author, the situation, time, background and the purpose of the writings. The Bible which has been published more times than any other book, cherished by many, but understood by few. These writings can teach in ways of science as well as behavior. Like with Jonah who spoke of huge mountain ranges and great canyons under the sea, 1000s of years before sonar or submarines. This shows that all religious writings should be studied again with a different prospective.

Scientists and researchers have been studying Earth’s creatures for centuries. Their research has pondered why humans and creatures think so differently. Scientists ask if it may be due to tool making, language, or maybe the way humans teach what they know to their young. Scientists miss the obvious which is the living soul. Earth has some very intelligent animals. Dolphins and whales can be taught to do tasks on demand. A gorilla has been taught sign language and dogs can be taught to take care of the needs of the disabled. Animals in the wild can do amazing tasks without our instruction. An octopus can figure out complicated puzzles and apes have been seen sharpening sticks with their teeth to make spears. A lot of animals use tools and I am sure they must be able to communicate with each other. Neanderthals made stone tools and even made a glue to attach these tools to sticks. They surely had communication and were most likely much more intelligent than we give them credit, but still had no living soul. Animals can be happy, feel pain, mourn for their dead, and have fear. Animals have emotions that make them seen very human but because they do not have a conscience controlled upper level thinking mind they do not know good and evil, right and wrong. If you come home to find the waste can turned over and trash is spread through your home and you see the family dog cowering in the corner, shivering, you know who is to blame. Do you think the dog is sorry or guilty? Well of course not. The dog knows he will be punished and cannot do anything to stop what will happen, so it cowers in fear. You may scream and swat it with the newspaper but be sure tomorrow you will find the same has happened. At some point the dog may learn that the praise and love you give to come to a clean home is better than the few scraps of food it may find in the trash. The animals do not do tasks because it is right but for the reward. A survival mind cannot comprehend good and evil, right and wrong. The survival mind has a narrow perspective of now, which it calculates each moment to see if it can exploit something to its benefit. The thoughts of good and evil, right and wrong never factor. Animals without a conscience do not know good and evil, right and wrong. Animals cannot be taught good and evil, right and wrong. Animals are not able to learn good and evil, right and wrong. Animals cannot evolve to know good and evil, right and wrong. Good and evil, right and wrong is not part of nature, it is a gift from Our Father with a purpose. The living soul controlled upper level thinking mind instantly answers the question of right or wrong to any thought humans have.

Today’s world of humans just has to look around. It is easy to see that the religions with the most humans with a conscience common thread are thriving. But they are not thriving proportional to the different number of humans. Just a few more humans to the conscience common thread can make a dramatic difference. The world’s humans today are very close to peace and tranquility. We have the conscience common thread, but cannot do the right thing. The many different religions of the world try to make this impossibly hard. Each religion has its own rules, laws, guidelines, and procedures. Each will even go to war to protect these human made restrictions. If all the humans of the world that believed in a Central Consciousness, be it called what ever the human wanted, and stripped away all human made restrictions all humans could do the right thing. The religions would have no rules just do the right thing, think the right thing, and see the right thing. If religions actually wanted to do the will of the Central Consciousness, this would be done. Without this obstruction all humans that believed in a Central Consciousness would have a focus on a power greater than them with a conscience common thread and working on a task to do the right thing. As we have seen in history this simple action can give the upper level thinking mind power to do the unimaginable and the seemingly impossible.

You can ask yourself ‘is Our Father with me’ and as the answer rolls into your mind you must decide what you will do with this information. It is up to you, you have free will.


You need to first be positive. Our Father will empower you if your actions are with love and compassion.


You need to forgive yourself for all the wrongs you have done in your life because Our Father has already forgiven you. You will then feel worthy of Our Father’s presence. It is about learning from your mistakes.


You need to truly believe that Our Father will take care of all your needs. Know your responsibilities but don’t allow worry to control your actions, your needs will be meet.


You need to place all others above yourself. You must remember that Our Father is in everyone.


Pray the prayer Jesus gave. This is for you. Our Father already knows what is in your heart. This is to remind you who and what Our Father is and what Our Father does for you.


Wake up every morning and ask what can I do today that would please Our Father.


I want you to gain from these words knowledge that there is a complete and separate conscience in you that is not connected to this Earth. This conscience tends to be very helpful if you do the right thing. This conscience is part of a Central Conscience that knows all, can create anything and collects life experiences. Oh yea, sing along with the music you hear. Music is good for the soul, and the upper level thinking mind has to come up with the words, and the survival mind gets to make noises. This is bliss for the brain and if you dance at the same time your whole body is happy. Try this the next time you are down.

Submitted: July 30, 2013

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