The Comprehensive Meaning of Life (Part I)

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This is a thought provoking paper on the world around us. It helps explain life, death, and the mind in which we use to survive. Sure to make you think.

The Comprehensive Meaning of Life



It took 1000’s of years for us to develop as a species to this point in time. We have the mental capacity to know how much we do not understand about the complexity of this unimaginable universe, which we have the privilege to be just one part.

The human mind is made up of tissue that interprets our surroundings. Sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Our brain makes these interpretations with a mathematical formula. It serves us well in our survival. We have learned there is one area that does all the upper level thinking. This is the neo lobe which is the wrinkled skin that covers our brain. It is wrinkled in order to increase the area for more upper level thinking. If you removed it from the brain it would be about the size of a table cloth and as thick as postage stamp. So as the area is finite, humans fill all this space around the age of 20. The type of upper level thinking found in humans is unique. We know right from wrong. This is not found in any other organism and as of now, not been found anywhere else in the universe.

This upper level thinking does not guide in survival but in life. Stop second guessing yourself and live easier. We are at a time in our existence that we can understand the difference between living and survival. Guiding our lives by survival has to be replaced. We need to let our conscience controlled upper level thinking mind be our guide instead.

Many years ago a cell called planet Earth home. A single cell bacteria. Single cell bacteria without a nuclei. There are 40 million single cell bacteria in a gram of dirt. There are more single cell bacteria in and on the human body than they are human cells. You can find single cell bacteria in thunder clouds, and in the atmosphere 25 miles up. It is believed that single cell bacteria are found even higher that have formed a cyst covering to protect them from the harsh environment of outer space. There is another single cell that called planet Earth home. It is called archaea (ar’ki a). Like the bacteria it has no nuclei. Archaea is found in the harshest environments. Archaea can be found in nuclear waste, volcanic hot water springs, acid pools and is also found in plankton. 50% of the oxygen you breathe comes from plankton. It is believed that the archaea entered the single cell bacteria. When the archaea entered the bacteria cell it formed a nucleus to hold DNA. This formed the cells that make up all the plants, animals, people and all living organisms. The DNA in the cells that make up people can hold as much information as 200 New York City phone books. If you stretched out the DNA it would be about as long as your arm. Some plants and amphibians have 40 to 70 times the information in their DNA than people. DNA holds the information to take a single cell and build every cell needed to make an organism. Cells communicate with each other. Science has found 4 ways so far. They communicate by touch. They communicate by swapping DNA, as in conception. They communicate by chemical and electrical, as in the brain and nervous system. They also communicate with hormones and pheromones. The cells pass information back and forth constantly to maintain the organism. Our cells can send pheromones to other cells in other people; this means our cells can receive pheromones from other people’s cells. Our cells may know more about the people in a crowded room than we do. It is easy to realize that a whole world of cells communicating in plants, animals and all organisms, with its own agenda of passing DNA, without any sway from our upper level thinking mind. Cells built a survival mind that takes care of breathing, hunger, fight, flight and anything that the organism needs to pass on DNA. It does not need our upper level thinking mind to meet its agenda. All the plants, animals and all organisms, without our type of minds prove that. Cells do not confide in us with the information it has about the people around us or even when cells take action in our own body. Cells do not pass our intelligentsia with DNA. Cells do not have a conception of right and wrong. The cells leave our upper level thinking mind isolated from the world around us. Do you feel the isolation as you read this? You are feeling our upper level thinking mind without the influence of the survival mind.

Early humans lived with predators, exposed to the climate, and with disease. But because we are here today they must have been a tough bunch. The humans learned that a group working together could bring down larger game, could gather fire wood faster, and use fewer people to guard the camp from predators. This is the same as with a wolf pack except they do not gather wood. This started to give the people more time other than just surviving. They began looking into the sky. They began to notice skyward things like shapes in the stars. Then they started to notice distinct patterns in the heavenly bodies. The survival mind does not see the relevance in these thoughts. Thoughts of the heavenly bodies, that cannot be touched or eaten, do not have anything to do with maintaining the organism or passing DNA. This was a waste of the survival minds’ resources. The cells evolved a DNA change to form a separate part of the brain. This is for the purpose of thoughts not contributing to maintaining the organism or passing DNA. This is the upper level thinking mind. As more humans were born with this change the observations of the heavenly bodies bore their influence on their lives. They then surmised a heavenly body could have power over their lives. They would believe the sun, moon or star pattern made the crops grow, would bring the game to the hunters, or even bring rain. The civilizations thrived and grew due to other humans seeing a rationale in these beliefs. They would gather and speak of the heavenly body as a deity. They would give respect and comfort with their upper level thinking minds to those people who believed and respected the deity as they. This would ensure the deity would make the believer’s lives better. They thought of a power greater than themselves and all humans. This revealed our conscience. Something gained by a group of humans focused on one belief. This common thread among the people through the conscience with one focus allowed the civilization to accomplish unimaginable and seemingly impossible tasks. The more consciousnesses with one focus would increase the power of the upper level thinking mind exponentially. The survival mind started to see this as an asset to the organism and began to allow influence by the conscience controlled upper level thinking mind. These civilizations with a central conscience began to grow independently throughout the world. The ancient cities like Lemuria, Rama, Osirian, Uiger, Mayans, Ethiopia, Babylonia, Sumaria just to list a few. As they grew they would begin to encounter other cultures with different beliefs. Because of these beliefs this would cause tension and even wars. Due to these conflicts the conscience common thread would level off or even decrease. This would cause the power of the upper level thinking mind to plateau or maybe even recede. Then civilizations such as Egypt and Rome started catering to many deities that would take care of a particular need for the human. This increased the conscience common thread because each human had a common knowledge of what purpose a deity had and what powers it had over them. This spiked a large increase in the power of the upper level thinking minds and allowed these civilizations to flourish. The conscience common thread started to level off and even decrease again due to the deities not performing on demand. The power of the upper level thinking mind also begins to plateau. Humans can find these spikes and plateaus throughout history.

Moses was one who knew that two conscience minds are better than one and many conscience minds could do the unimaginable. Through history many have understood this. Jesus, John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and even Ronald Reagan were just a few. Jesus spoke to the masses about God. John F Kennedy excited the masses with a quote from one of his speeches “we choose to go to the moon”. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke to the masses with a quote from one of his speeches “I have a dream”. Ronald Reagan tried to speak to the masses with a quote from one of his speeches, “Suddenly there was threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We’d forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this Earth together”.

Let us recap: the survival mind takes care of maintaining the organism and collects DNA; the upper level thinking mind thinks in the abstract, in things that cannot be touched, eaten, and sometimes not even seen; the conscience is revealed when more than one upper level thinking mind believing in a common thread. Each of the consciousnesses gives a meaning of right to the other upper level thinking minds. So this conscience is an outside influence on a human’s upper level thinking mind. The upper level thinking mind must have a belief greater than itself and must have a belief that it is the right thing. Moses’ common thread was a single powerful God. The right was the freedom for his people. Jesus’ common thread was God; with his right being God’s children should live forever. John F Kennedy’s thread was the challenge of space, with his right thing being for humanity. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a thread of equality, and the right thing being all people were humans. These examples show how a limited number of humans with a conscience common thread can have a global impact. Most all humans have heard of Jesus, seen man walk on the moon, and felt the struggle of Martin Luther King, Jr. The conscience common thread is also valid in a small scale. You can see this around you in your daily life. Take a loving couple with a child to come. They commit with a rational decision to put family above their individual selves. This is a belief in something greater than them, which is family. This reveals a conscience common thread. Their right is to do their best to provide the child’s needs. As long as they truly have this belief they will thrive and flourish. 

If we look again at the early humans, they were independently developing their civilizations over different environments of the world. Though independent and in different environments we still see common advances in the upper level thinking minds. This would seem to contradict Charles Darwin’s book “The Origin of Species”. His research showed that species that could physically change in order to adapt to their environment survived. This does seem to be true with creatures but the Human species remained the same. By using the conscience common thread this seemed to advance their upper level thinking minds in order to change their environments to meet their needs, as in wearing animal skins for warmth. I do not know of any other creature that wears another creature’s skin just to be able to endure a colder environment. This was happening in each civilization in the same ways. Worshipping a deity was the conscience common thread with the upper level thinking mind making a wheel, shaping stone, learning math, having ceremonies, rituals for the dead, and building structures upward to become closer to the deity. These civilizations were developing independently but similar at the same rate. Everyday we see litigation to resolve who had the idea first. This is in science, technology, all types of products, and even in the entertainment industry. Some of the litigants could be on the opposite side of the globe. How do we account for this? Does the universe have a manual that holds the precise steps that a human has to go through to become a 21st century person? If you took the early humans and placed them on any habitable planet would they follow this manual also? This could be possible. But another way to look at the similarities would be that our upper level thinking mind, which is thinking in the abstract, in conjunction with the out of body conscience common thread has revealed a single consciousness of collected conscience that can perpetuate the upper level thinking mind. This allows information to be passed from one conscience to another as needed. The different early civilizations did not have the same deities or conscience common threads. The conscience common threads of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. were also different. So for humans to advance in leaps in power for our upper level thinking minds the humans just have to have a belief in something that is greater than them. Let us look at this conscience even closer. You cannot touch, smell, see, or taste it. You can hear it, but not with your ears. It seems to be coming from outside of you. It is always trying to guide by telling you what you should or should not be doing. You can try to ignore it but it never seems to go away. It does not behave like an emotion. If you are happy you physically smile, maybe wrinkle your forehead and your eyes brighten. If you are very happy you will make a loud choppy noise that is understood in all languages but not of any language. If you are sad you will physically frown, pout, and if you are hurt you may make a loud continuous noise. If you are stressed or worried you will be anxious and this can even cause physical medical problems. Fear, anger and all emotions cause a physical reaction in the human. The conscience with all of its persistence cannot physically make the human do anything. This is free will.

This conscience controlled upper level thinking mind can do things we are sure other organisms cannot do. It can imagine, daydream, and say what if. When we are questioned this conscience controlled upper level thinking mind usually has the right answer instantly, until our survival mind begins to make us doubt the result. This conscience controlled upper level thinking mind tends to lean toward doing the right thing and bothers us when we do not. An evil person is said not to have a conscience. This conscience controlled upper level thinking mind has love and compassion. A type of thinking that seems unlike anything seen in science or nature. Not able to be tracked in time or space. Science believes we evolved this conscience but why would nature not use this ability. For science it is only a guess.

Religion seems to have theories. The theories must have a comforting, reassuring, and have a logical feel for so many humans to have some kind of a religion. Religious writing as one of the oldest forms of passing ideas about the human philosophy seemed more important than any other writings in history and has been preserved for many centuries. Our 21st century minds are studying a doctrine that was written in primitive times. Religion is a word early human used to explain the study into the conscience. The word has changed through history to having to get up early on Sunday, people you do not know at your front door with white shirts and ties, and the attacks on the World Trade Center. Our Father, God, or any other name are words early human used to put a human face on this power that was demonstrated in the upper level thinking mind when more than one human saw rationale in one belief. Religious writings are an early human’s interpretation of something that seemed very real but could not be seen or touched. Humans have become confused and these words that conjure up visions of Hell’s fire and damnation instead of curiosity, excitement and exploration. We should see this ability to advance our upper level thinking mind with a conscience common tread as a way to become more human. This conscience though not physically part of us is still part of us and a part of us that we should try to understand. The time line for the evidence of conscience controlled upper level thinking humans seems to fit religious theories. The religious view point also addresses the things the conscience controlled upper level thinking mind can do over the survival mind. The key difference between the survival mind and the conscience controlled upper level thinking mind is the ability to know right from wrong. Religious writing states the Central Consciousness was part of our universe before it was revealed to humans. Religious writings state this Central Consciousness was responsible for humans. We must understand when we read religious writings that we have developed 1000’s of years in science, math, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and the arts in our upper level thinking minds since the author revealed the story. We must try to help the author describe what is seen; understand the purpose of the writings, and the situation. With the authors being 1000’s of years away from our intelligentsia this makes the ideas and concepts they spoke of even more phenomenal.

Religion calls this conscience souls or angels. The souls resemble people, or better put, people resemble souls. The Creator is completely and always surrounded by a multitude of souls, even before making humans.


Genesis, chapter 1, verse 26, King James Bible “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”.


The souls live forever, do the Creators will and know good and evil, right and wrong.


Genesis, chapter 3, verse 22, King James Bible “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever:”


Humans have life the same as all organisms of the Earth, but humans have domination over the organisms of this Earth. This is because humans are not the same as other organisms; the human is a living soul.


Genesis, chapter 2, verse 7, King James Bible “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”


That means the human soul resembles the Central Consciousness, will live forever, know good and evil, right from wrong, and do Our Father’s will, all in a living, breathing, physical body. We must appreciate the life before us. Know that every person has the Creators soul and we must allow that conscience to exist above our own.

Humans have a survival mind made by the cells to maintain and insure the survival of the organism. Cells made the upper level thinking mind which means the survival mind can influence the upper level thinking mind. The conscience developed the upper level thinking mind which means the conscience can influence the upper level thinking mind. The conscience is connected to the Central Consciousness which is connected to all consciousnesses. The survival mind does not give significance to the conscience or even believes it exists.  The conscience does not give importance to the survival mind or what it does.

What part of our life could be permanent or live forever? Our DNA might be passed on to our offspring with generations of ancestors. Our strength, beauty and ability to survive are given back to the Earth. Our intelligentsias are morphed by the understanding that our Creator has. Our clothes, home, money and property will be given to our benefactors. What are left are our very unique life experiences. Our life experiences cannot be duplicated by any other person living, has lived, or will ever live.

Jesus lived with love and compassion for all. Jesus put all people above himself. The only person in the Bible to have their words printed in red. Jesus lived, to die and rise from death to prove the conscience is forever. Jesus had holes in his hands or wrist and holes in his feet from being hung to the cross. He had punctures in his forehead and scalp from the crown made of thorns. He also was pierced in the side by the guards spear point to help him die faster. After he died and was placed in a tomb, the women followers washed his body and anointed him with fragrant oils and then wrapped him in clean linen. At this point he was not breathing and his heart was not beating or the injuries would have still been bleeding. Three days, after the stiffness of the body had receded, he got up, moved the heavy boulder blocking the tombs opening and walked among the people. He came to friends who knew him and he spoke to them. This would mean the conscience of Jesus was intact without a beating heart. This conscience could control the lifeless body in such a way that allowed Jesus to walk and talk in a normal manner. This made one disciple question if the body was really dead. The disciple even placed his hand into the injury the guards spear had made in Jesus side. This proved to the disciple the body was dead. The body was decaying back to the Earth from which it came.

It is not hard to think in the way of miracles that the religions’ writings reflect when we look at the miracle the cells do when making and maintaining organisms and collecting DNA. Two cells can join together in harmony with a knowledge and desire to build a specific organism. The two cells become one and begin to make each and every cell to form an offspring. We may just call the religious writings miracles because we do not understand the process.  Our reluctance may be just a view of understanding that as cells making organisms and collecting DNA there is also a power is in the universe that knows all and collects life experiences. Twins can sometimes feel each others pain. A mother knows when her children need her. Science cannot answer if there is a central order to things even though they look for a formula that could explain all. Science knows that the working parts of the universe are nothing less than a work of art with many miracles to understand. Like energy that humans cannot create or destroy only transform, there is a conscience that humans cannot create or destroy, it only lives. Religions say there is a single consciousness that all conscience are tied to. This power is responsible for all things and even responsible for the creation that formed the cells to make a human in which Our Father could experience life. When we become aware, born again, have the sprit thrust upon us, we become enlightened to the presence that we always knew was around. This is Our Father’s consciousness. As babies we become aware that with our ears we hear our mothers. When we are babies we become aware that with our eyes we can see our mothers. We as babies become aware that with our hands we can grasp things. We cannot unlearn these things nor would we want this. The same is with Our Father’s consciousness which we can never unlearn. We would not try to use our feet to hear as we cannot use Our Father’s consciousness for wrong. As we enjoy grasping things and all that grasping beholds, we need to learn to enjoy life with Our Father’s consciousness, with all that it beholds.

Our survival mind views a situation and tries to determine what we can gain from this. Our Father’s consciousness views the same situation and will see how it can help. We must strive to separate the influence of the survival mind from our lives. We must have love and compassion for all souls. Remembering Our Father has forgiven our wrongs and thus we must forgive ourselves.

Our intelligentsia is a result of our consciousnesses isolation from the world around us. We want to be involved in the activity the cells perform and know. So Our Father through our conscience guides us to the answers to questions we seek. The most brilliant person on Earth could never comprehend what Our Father knows, as the human mind is not physically able. The intelligentsia of humans to Our Father would compare to a college professor studying a first grade reader. Fallen have great cultures and civilizations with the loss of intellectual conformity through history, but religion always strongly continues. This allowed us to know Our Father’s consciousness does not have demands on us to do more than experience life. Our Father does not test us. The planet does, and the cellular organisms do but Our Father does not get pleasure out of seeing us squirm. But Our Father knows all, thus, the planet or its organisms cannot give a test that Our Father cannot answer, if allowed. No situation that Our Father cannot lead us through, if allowed. No trouble that Our Father cannot deliver us from, if allowed. When I call The Creator, Our Father, I know this gives a false impression that The Creator is male. The Creator cannot be defined using a human as a definition.

Imagine Adam and Eve. A young couple with a survival mind not unlike other organisms that inhabit the planet. Then Our Father spoke. For Adam and Eve it would have been easy to distinguish between Our Father’s’ consciousness and their survival mind because they knew a time without it. Not like the survival mind found in all organisms Our Father’s consciousness can think in the abstract. Our Father’s consciousness can think of yesterday, today, and in the future. This consciousness can know between right and wrong. Adam and Eve teach this consciousness to their offspring as Our Father taught them. This is taught to each offspring through the generations. The difference with teaching to the offspring and Adam and Eve is the offspring has never known any time without Our Father’s consciousness. This makes it harder to tell when you are being influenced by your survival mind.

The Pope has rules, your church has rules, your city, county, state, has rules. Our Father does not want you to live by rules. Adam and Eve were taught the only way Our Father wants you to live. Adam and Eve were told not to eat from one tree. Our Father knew they would be as children and eat from it anyway. Adam and Eve then learned right from wrong. They did Our Father wrong. That is all Our Father wants you to know and live by. Our Father did not want Moses to have rules. Jesus lived as Our Father wanted. Jesus allowed a lady of question to wash his feet, touched lepers, trashed vendors in the temple square and Jesus said would you not help a sheep in a pit on the Sabbath. You do not need rules if you do the right thing, think the right thing, and see the right thing. This is all Our Father wants from us. Look at:


Genesis, chapter 1, verse 27 and 28, King James Bible [and it is written] “male and female created he them. Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the Earth.”


This text has two valuable points. First, Our Father never intended Adam and Eve to stay in the Garden of Eden. Our Father knew they would eat of the Tree of Knowledge and Eve would bear children to be fruitful and multiply not just Eden but Earth.


Genesis, chapter 3, verse 22, King James Bible “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil”


That was the lesson Our Father wanted Adam and Eve to learn. Second, Our Father does not mind starting over when it comes to humans. Our Father destroyed all living things on Earth except Noah and that which was found on the Ark. Our Father isolated Moses and his followers for 40 years from the population of Earth and all things not found in a desert. This proved Our Father could provide anything Moses and his people needed, even in a desert. Our Father destroyed Jericho, Sodom and Gomorra. In the text “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the Earth” we do not read ‘populate’ the Earth but ‘repopulate’ the Earth.


Genesis, chapter 1, verse 27 and verse 29, King James Bible; “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Verse 29; “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the Earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”


This could mean Genesis 1st chapter Our Father made man and woman hunters and gathers which were like the other creatures, then after a time later in Genesis 2nd chapter Our Father made the living souls, Adam and Eve, to till the Earth.


Genesis, chapter 2, verse 5, 6, 7 King James Bible; verse 5; “For the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the Earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.”

Verse 6; “But there went up a mist from the Earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.”

Verse 7; “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”


Adam and Eve were the beginning of the living souls to till the Earth which makes up our generations of humans. That could mean non-soul humans and living soul humans were on the Earth together. They could have interbred. We do have a small amount of Neanderthal DNA. Both non-souls and living souls were destroyed along with everything else except what was on Noah’s ark. Noah and his family were living souls, because they spoke with Our Father. They had a conscience common thread. This means only living soul humans inhabit the Earth now. If their were hunters and gatherer humans before Adam and Eve this could also be the reason human foot prints are found among the dinosaur’s foot prints, and answers how a steel hammer could be found in stone. Many objects have been found. In clumps of coal believed to be 100’s of million years old has been found to contain a gold chain, a human leg, a brass bell, and many other items. After all, Our Father created a world where organisms can evolve. (This is a statement issued by the Vatican in response to the book “On the Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin). This is just a thought and another thought could be extreme pressure bringing into question dating some materials. We know that humans have a machine that can bring to bear a diamond. This machine can create extreme pressure and make a diamond in hours not years. This tells us that more pressure then less time or less pressure then more time. We know at the bottom of the ocean there is very high pressure, so high that humans have not been able to explore but a small portion. Now let us imagine sea levels higher than the mountains in Turkey at the time of Noah. This would leave the plant and animal life destroyed and decaying at the bottom of this huge column of water. The tremendous pressure on the soils and decaying matter could explain the things found in coal and rock. More pressure then less time. I can speculate about these things because Our Father has not yet answered these questions. With the knowledge of Our Father’s past destructions we as humans should focus on trying not to be the secret Our Father does not tell the next Adam and Eve.

What is with the love and compassion for all? Why not take and do what you will without worrying about who is hurt. Because of our conscience, that is in us and lives forever, and is in us to experience life. Our Father’s’ consciousness becomes part of us and gives permanence to the life we live. Once our body ceases to serve us we become like our conscience. We experience all the wonders of heaven with our conscience, forever. What that means cannot be answered by a living human. Dead, we know we will not have any influence on the day to day activities of Earth. None of the experiences of life or the pleasures to which we have grown accustom. The short time we were living souls makes the experiences and pleasures we had even more treasured. This is with our conscience forever; why not make the best of it.

Looking into the near death experience we see what seems to be a progression of enlightenment. First we become enlightened to all the mysteries of the universe. The workings of life, Earth, and humans become crystal clear. Then we realize that our conscience was a soul before becoming a living soul. We have this overwhelming emotion like we are seeing an old close friend after a long absence. Then we understand that our soul wanted to become a living soul with great aspirations to make the world a better place. It did not matter to the soul if the body was male or female, black or white, impaired or deformed, or even if the body was in a condition that would lead to a premature death. The soul wanted to experience any life even if it was for a short time. Then we realize that many souls wanted this chance but this body was yours. Then we realize that we feel no ills or pain. We feel whole, vibrant, safe and secure. We are warmed by an overwhelming light. Then we realize that we have no worries or responsibilities, the world’s problems are not ours anymore. Then we realize why, this is death. Then our life passes before us. You may think this will take a while but humans are creatures of habit. You will not see yourself brushing your hair or teeth everyday of your life. You will see your unique life experiences. Then you will be asked to title your life. This could be “The Great Husband or Wife”, or “A Person of Their Word”, or even something like “An Asset to the Planet”. Your title will be whatever your life experiences reflected about you as a human. Then you are asked if you are ready to enter the kingdom of Our Father. Since we are examining the near death experience we are looking at persons who said no to this question. The persons returning to life had feelings of needing to complete some sort of task. They may have needed to right a wrong or maybe their family needed them more. At any rate the person may have chosen this knowing they were leaving tranquility and possibly may have to endure pain, surgeries, and a long rehabilitation. Now if the body cannot be saved the choice of yes or no is made for you. You will not be able to change your title and the book of life you lived will be written for an eternity. No one knows what is next if you say yes. If we speculate, we would think in death our life experiences could be reviewed with the sights, sounds, smells, touches, and emotions that accompanied them. Our soul, then connected to all souls through Our Father, would mean we could also experience the experiences of anyone that were affected or touched, directly or indirectly, with our experience. A singer writes a song and then performs it. In the singer’s death they would experience the performance and would experience the experiences of the multitude of persons hearing the song. Looking another way, a young person in a lapse of judgment causing a media sensation would experience this lack of judgment but also the experiences of the all the people’s emotions that became involved through the media. Reading the religious writings seems to be trying to prepare humans for this type of situation in our afterlife.

 We are just temporary growths on this planet that will be absorbed back into the planet after a short life. When the conscience from Our Father enters our life, all of our experiences will be forever. The conscience has no thoughts of death, greed, or any mortal desires. The conscience only wants to experience all that life has to offer in our short time. The conscience feels the special emotions and triumphs as we feel them. The conscience desires to experience the good from our life, and not depression and failures. The conscience will guide us to special emotions and triumphs using love and compassion for all. This growth on the planet and Our Father’s consciousness become a team. If we live with love and compassion for all and our conscience is doing the same the life we experience will be boundless with special emotions and triumphs. If we do not live with love and compassion for all, we are a team that is not working together. Our life will be one step forward and two steps back, causing stress, failure, disappointment and depression. As a team we will make each moment in life a memory to cherish for an eternity.

Submitted: August 04, 2013

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