You just wait and see

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Just don't call mean idiot

Submitted: October 20, 2013

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Submitted: October 20, 2013



People... I hate them most times

When your walls fall down... it's their time to shine

I don't trust

Because mostly... shiny metal dreams have become rust

They ask how are you

I find it hard to be true.

I stop and think of what to say...

To make it look like my life doesn't feel like it's slipping away

So I look happy and bright

Even when everything is not all right

I look around

Then I stare at the ground

I know one day they'll come

from my deepest, darkest parts, to and from

My inner demons will catch up

and make me land face up.

They'll put on a show

with all my fears, thet put on the show

The show that through the years,

will only end in tears

But... I have found

that what goes around comes around.

and that those

who shame me for my face, my friends, my clothes.

will one day find

that my secrets are behind

me,and there will be a long paved road

that has the weights of my former load

strewn about here and there.

as I run free, through the crisp clean air.

Yes one day... One day I'll be free

One day it is meant to be

I'll be free

of the pain of rejection, of feeling unloved, of being afraid...

You just wait and see

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