until you came

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A man starts to be a real man

Submitted: April 25, 2015

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Submitted: April 25, 2015



I'm used to be alone... Until the day I met you I never expect in my whole life that I'm gonna be like this..

My heart starts to beat My eyes know how to cry My arms try to reach My feelings starts to grow

I never been a human since I was born I dont get hurt... I never knew whats the most beautiful word I'm bound to live like this Until you came along...

I dont ask for anything I never look back I get what I want I dont need anything I'm a man of steel form in an ice A cold piece of life

Until you came along.. I started to breath I started to glance I started to hear And I started to know whats important

But since then... I became weak.. I started to back down I get overly reacted I begun to show more emotions ..I start to feel lonely

I never knew that this thing would make me feel like this Its ironic.. Its like I'm living in this abandon world of mine

Why did you appear? Its not me anymore .. I try to resist.. I try to hide.. I try to stop.. But I cant.. ....... \"If I dont love you... I will die\" This are the words I want to say to you.. I'll become a fully man Just for you. Thats the only thing I know.. Cause this important thing is what you call \"LOVE\"

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