Hell-Full Bond Chp. 2

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This is the story of how I, Helena Anacoth and my best friend (ex) Ember Josiah, ruined our relationship over something stupid. Our damn lives. So what im 60% demon on my mothers side and 40% angel on my dads, and who cares that she 60% angel from her mother and 40% demopn from her dad? Not Me!!! Or that we are exactly like sister with nothing in common? Not her!! Or that you can\\'t have more than one halfa in you restricted area? Not us!! How about this one who cares that to settle the srguement, because neither family wishes to move, the children must... FIGHT. TO. THE. FUDGE NUTTING. DEATH!?!?!?!?!?!? Ding Ding you have a winner!!! Both of us do!!!!!!! So let me tell you this we are nto having it!!!! I\\'d go more into the details but you\\'re just going to have to read to find out!!

Submitted: March 14, 2012

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Submitted: March 14, 2012



~Ember's P.O.V.~

“Well I guess today really is the day, huh?” I said with little recognition to Helena

“Yeah it is, but how ‘bout this when we get back you can finish telling me about your wondrous date with Evan.” She said with a squeak. She didn’t look at me.

I sighed with a bit of giggle in it. “Cutesy is just not in you, huh?” we both laughed until we were quiet again. I knew she was trying to make things light. She honestly doesn’t have a clue on how to finally say goodbye. Helena also knew she’s much stronger then and that if anyone’s coming back … it’s going to be her.

“So see you tonight Helly.” And that was the last goodbye I thought I would be saying to her before tonight. As I got up to leave she didn’t lift her head, when I was half way from the entrance she didn’t lift her head, and when I was out of a humans ear shot I finally heard her mummer a minuscule  ‘later’. Wow, I guess she dreads this day more than I do I thought.


I tried not thinking about what was going on tonight, but ultimately i failed. I couldn't stop coming up with stupid questions.

How was Helena taking this?

Did she really want to do this?

If so, Would she be glad in getting rid of me?

Is she going to hesitate?

... Will I hesitate?

Would she mind if I won?

Would I mind if she won?

and etc. But through all these questions one came to me that stuck out the most. Could i kill her? In all honesty i doubt it. She's my sister, and best friend. Only a sick person would actually do it. But you're not really sisters. Whispered a voice deep down inside me.

Oh boy, this is going to be a long night. I finely reached my house so I opened the door to get ready.

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