Hell-Full Bond Chp. 3

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This is the story of how I, Helena Anacoth and my best friend (ex) Ember Josiah, ruined our relationship over something stupid. Our damn lives. So what im 60% demon on my mothers side and 40% angel on my dads, and who cares that she 60% angel from her mother and 40% demopn from her dad? Not Me!!! Or that we are exactly like sister with nothing in common? Not her!! Or that you can\\'t have more than one halfa in you restricted area? Not us!! How about this one who cares that to settle the srguement, because neither family wishes to move, the children must... FIGHT. TO. THE. FUDGE NUTTING. DEATH!?!?!?!?!?!? Ding Ding you have a winner!!! Both of us do!!!!!!! So let me tell you this we are nto having it!!!! I\\'d go more into the details but you\\'re just going to have to read to find out!!

Submitted: March 15, 2012

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Submitted: March 15, 2012



The great heavens, a place where only the pure (and those who do one big good deed before death)go. I surely thought that was where we were headed to fight but it turns out we were going to the roman coliseum. Cliché I know right? But it’s the tradition … says mom and dad. I’d mark in the beauty of it all if it weren’t for the fact me or my best friend shiver might die here.

Ember of course being the neat on time kind of person she is was here already. She was wearing a studded off the shoulder cut top, with a matching daisy shorts, multiple checkered and chained belts, a long pair of black and white striped socks up to her thigh and a puffy French hat that has a hole at the top for her scarlet (she did have strawberry blond hair but she wanted to have a more unique look to tell us apart) wavy hair high pony tail. Now add a golden halo, light grey angel wings, black ankle cut boots, a couple of holy looking medallions and a menacing silver sword the size of Timbuktu attached to her waist and you have an Angel ready to fight to the death.

“Hey Helena! You look gorgeous and if I might, add your scythe makes you look like the grim reaper, now all you need is a hood.” she said trying to make the mood light

I smiled at her, this girl never changes. “You look like a model that belongs in one of those movies about fallen angels.” She just laughed.

“Enough talking, we shall now commence the battle.  The rules are simple”:

“You may fly as high as you want as long as it is not outward.”

“No harming of citizens who come in as ‘tourists’”

“You are not allowed to use anything but the weapons you inherited and your hand to hand combat skills”

“And finally the last girl standing will gain the right to live in the community of her choice.”

“Now you may begin fighting!” said the voice. All of a sudden our family was in a row sitting down. Embers sword was unsheathed and she took a step toward me I took one toward her. Without warning we both took to the sky in a blur. If you were on the ground I’m sure all you’d hear is the clanging of our weapons, seeing only blurs of black and white.

Ember ducked a perfect scything but managed to get a nip at her wing. But she ended up round housing me in the gut. I fell from the sky and landed, hard. My scythe was now under her boot while her sword was gleaming in the setting sun glow. I stared in awe. She looks like a fallen angel. And as the suns final rays shine in her wind-blown hair I think she looks just what her name implies Ember. She’s supposed to be my best friend and is only a good foot away from me but why does it feel as though she’s miles away?

She always talked about how I was better than her in combat and weaponries, but when it comes to it she is best. I’ve been in my dazed state for a while and hadn’t notice she was talking.


Realizing she wouldn’t attack until I got up, I stood. Though what she did next surprised me. She threw our weapons aside. She then ripped off pieces of her top to rap around her hands like a kick boxer. I followed suit but using my cloth belt since my top was out of the question. We both circled each other for what seemed like ages, finally she and I charged forward. She punched me, I kneed her. I grabbed her hair and she grabbed mine. It was stupid really considering how we both were trying to run the opposite direction so we could pull off each other’s hair. And yes, I guess we were the type of girls who’d do that.

“That’s right Helly, hold you own. Don’t let that goodie-two-shoes beat you.” I heard my mom say. Damn she could be ruthless and embarrassing. Being that daughter who wanted to impress her mom I summoned my scythe in my free hand turned and chugged it at the girls head. I’ll tell you this, she was not expecting that. She let go of my hair, and fell to the floor. I used that to my advantage. I jumped on her with my scythe back in my hand and at her throat.

“See Helena you really are always the best. I really thought though that I might win” she sniffed and tears started falling from her face “I hope you enjoy life.”

“Finish her Helena. Do it now. Do it so you can finally be free.”

“Ember, oh my baby! It’s okay I’m sure you’ll be okay our lord is very forgiving he’ll welcome you in opened arms honey.” I heard Victoria the persuasive and understandingsay. Ember’s mom was like the Angelia Jolie of heaven. She closed her eyes and squeezed Sebastian the dream killer and haunter (her husband) arm... He was the Johnny Depp of hell.

I wanted to kill her, I mean like she was right under me. But as I look at her eyes and listen to the ranting around me I wonder why. She's still my bff. She didn’t betray me. So why? That’s when it hit me my scythe is an angel destroyer. It kills any remnants of an angel. And I’m part angel. Oh Lord, what I was about to do was going make my mother go berserk. I knew for sure that Embers eyes were going to pop out of her head some more if she keeps staring. I stood up and lifted my own scythe to my neck and was about to end it all when Ember stood up and summoned her sword.

“I can see what you’re trying to do. And if it weren’t for the fact that we were in a tight situation, I’d think you were crazy.” She smiled at me

“Are you going to lecture me?” I asked mortified at the thought that she read me so easily

She shrugged “No. Who cares? We promised to do everything together remember?”

“Yeah, I guess we did huh?” I smiled a pained smile

And like that we both ended it. At the same time in the same spot…

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