Hell-Full Bond Chp.4

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This is the story of how I, Helena Anacoth and my best friend (ex) Ember Josiah, ruined our relationship over something stupid. Our damn lives. So what im 60% demon on my mothers side and 40% angel on my dads, and who cares that she 60% angel from her mother and 40% demopn from her dad? Not Me!!! Or that we are exactly like sister with nothing in common? Not her!! Or that you can\\\\\\'t have more than one halfa in you restricted area? Not us!! How about this one who cares that to settle the srguement, because neither family wishes to move, the children must... FIGHT. TO. THE. FUDGE NUTTING. DEATH!?!?!?!?!?!? Ding Ding you have a winner!!! Both of us do!!!!!!! So let me tell you this we are nto having it!!!! I\\\\\\'d go more into the details but you\\\\\\'re just going to have to read to find out!!

Submitted: March 15, 2012

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Submitted: March 15, 2012



~Ember's P.O.V.~

I had to admit I expected heaven to be well, cloudy and white and people flying at the top of my head and holy music in the background. What I did not expect it, was it to be just likes my room. With all my Anna Tsuchiya and Johnny Depp posters. My white and black poke a dot wall paper. My dell laptop on my dresser with the speakers. My closet so neat and categorized Helena thought it was a clothes library. Or my white, black, and red carpet underneath my flat screen at the front of my bed.

Ok so like what’s going on. Because I’m pretty sure I died I thought. I got up and walked out to the window where I didn’t expect to see my drive way looking the exact same as I had left it when we headed for the coliseum. I picked up my cellphone on my desk and found out only two days have passed since my supposed death. Honestly I didn’t feel too good. My neck hurt like b-

*cough, cough, hack, cough,*

“Mother fu-” I was cut off a again

*Hack, cough, cough, hack, hack, cough*

“Why is it every time I try to curse I’m cut off by a choking feeling!!” I screamed irritably out loud.

My Father burst through the room door at great neck speed with his scythe held high ready to kill if needed. When he realized there was nothing in the room except his confused daughter looking semi-hysterical while crouching and gripping her neck, he lowered his scythe and looked at peace again.

“Honey, please you just woke up. You shouldn’t be trying to move around so much.” He explained

I’m at a total loss for words. Did he not just see me hacking on air?

“Now come down stairs we’ll explain the situation to you later."

I look at him one more annoyed time, and finally gave in.

"Fine, I'll come along obediently, but I'm starved so you better make me a feast fit for a Starved angel."

My dad just laughed as he headed down the stairs. I wonder if Helly is doing oka-.

"Holy crap! Dad!" i yelled from the top of the stairs "Is helena alive too?" i asked. Please say yes dear god please say yes.

"Well about Helena." he started


I could not believe this. Because we didn't technicalyy finish off one of the two us, we have to wait till we're 18 to fight again. Oh HE-. Uh-uh I learnt my lesson. Oh HECK NO!!I will not stand for this. We desevered to live peacfully.

"Why is you and mom, plus helena's parents can live peacefully?"

"That becasue we're in couples." retorted my mom

"... Huh?" i came my intelligent reply.

"If you are in a couple, and with the opposite race that is, you are spared from any fighting. Its like saying we want peace for our lives."

"Oh and God and Satancant mess with you guys because its your choice onto whom you want to be with?" i guessed. She nodded her head

"Correct! Things could have been different if one of youwere a male thought." my mother sighed

"I see... Thanks mom, dad." i got up and went back up to my room.

Great!Now it's been postponed and we still have to fight in the end. I wonder how Helena is goin to take this.

Ifelt a devils presenc nearby. I know that presence.Ismiled. But it doesn't hold anyangel in it. I lost all enthusiam once again. Helena...

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