Memory in China

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A short story about my memory in China

Submitted: May 27, 2011

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Submitted: May 27, 2011



Time is flying, after I take a three hour nap in a Sunday evening, I was lying on my bed then I receive a call from my mom that says I order the plane ticket for you to going back to china this summer with your aunt and cousins. I laugh and hang up the phone. And I felt depressed after the phone call. I lying on the bed and remembering the memory in China.I still remember in the first two year I always wish I could go back to china, even in the dream. I drop my tears after I woke up.

When I was in China, I was an optimistic person. I walk to school with my friend and eat breakfast in the street. Tons of food on the breakfast street which is cheap and yummy. Dumpling, noodle, pork bun….etc. I still remember the old women who is the owner of the breakfast store always giving me food for free. And a playground I always went there with my best friend, we chill and we promise that we are best friend forever, tons of memory and place that I remember in china has totally gone.. The day I step up in the plane, I thought I was just having a vacation and I will be back in few months. so I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to them, my best friend, classmate, my uncle, relatives, the old women and many place and people that I met. I lost the contact with them expect my relatives. Even I am going back to china this summer,I am not familiar with the people in china anymore..

December 2005 , I came to a new country which is totally different. The first day in school, I don’t even know how to say I wan to go to bathroom to my teacher. Some kids were laughing at me and trying to mess up with me. Then I transfer to a bilingual class which the teacher speaks Chinese and all the student were Chinese.I start to getting know more people and be used to in this country, but the language is still a big problem surround me.Day pass and fly, I been here almost six year, I am already be accustomed to this environment. I don’t know what I should do when I am back to china this summer, everything is not going to be the same anymore. I felt so depressed and I went back to sleep, maybe that just how life is.

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Memory in China

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