Demon of Humanity

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A small comment on how humanity has turned into a creature of evil within ourselves.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



The demons in my head,

Keep calling me again.

Let not thoughts of grief grow,

Nor strife stay.

Let not thoughts of blood blossom,

Nor death dance.

For if these do,

The demon will progress.


The morning was dark and damp. A thick fog flowed and rolled across the ground, enveloping all that got in its way.

If you looked closely, you could see shapes moving in the fog. Its eyes were the color of a glowing red hot ember, burning through and staring into you. As it got closer, you could see the shape of claws on the ends of the hands, and horns coming from the top of its head. An aura of darkness and fear emanated from it, a shadow of destruction and death.

Before you know it, the demon is in front of 1you, a grin on its face full of sharpened teeth. It asks with JKGFIOU NKJLK;P[=UYU=Y==Y767 a sweetened, yet musky and deep voice, why you are there. You stand before it, frozen still and wondering what to say.

Knowing that you are going to be quite for a while, it continues to question you.

"Little one, but why do you stay silent? I am only but that which humanity has breed, something only imagination can bring to life. You look at me like a horror, but have you not been a horror yourself? Calling names when you dislike another, a prank that went too far, a lustful thought of someone that is another's? Or maybe it was worse! ABUSE! RAPE! KILLING! HUMANITY!!!"

It stops, seemingly calm, though you shake from the intensity that it had displayed. You try to think of how different humanity and you are from this monster of dreams. But really, is this creature not doing only what it was thought to do, just like you did every day of your life. Peer pressure and bosses. Demons and angels. Religion and science. You do what you do because it is what the world expects you to do.

It smiles again, looking less frightening, and almost more like you. You get chills as you realize this, just as it begins to speak.

"See, we aren't so different, are we?"

It laughs, one you swear you had heard every time you heard a joke you though funny, every time a person got hurt and you did nothing but laugh for no reason but societies cruel creation of humor.

"Nothing is what it seems until you understand it. If you look close enough, you start to notice the similarities that you do not expect to see, a demon in everything."

Your vision goes blurry and you lose sight for a moment. When you open your eyes, you see not a creature or man, but a reflection of yourself in a mirror.  The reflection smiles and refuses to do what you do and copy your stillness.

"This is the truth of all things. Until you accept that there is a monster inside you, and you embrace it, you can never overcome it.

A shadow falls down upon the fog and mirror, a pain striking you in the head. You close your eyes and open them, waking from your dream and finding yourself in a bed with nothing but your pillow and a hot sweat.

© Copyright 2018 Yarzack Cheysnezi. All rights reserved.

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