the unfair apocalypse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


That is the true perspective.

You can imagine anything. But it’s not reality.

Reality is what we experienced. It was what we lived it.

Until it wasn’t.

The world changed that day.

I remember it. I had just finished a load of laundry. The virus hit us hard and it hit is out of nowhere. No country was ready for it.

Apparently, it leaked out of some medical facility somewhere during an earthquake. There was no cure.

It was like one of those movies I watched growing up. Mindless people without any reason to live. The thing was you never really knew who was infected by it.

For some, it took hours to show signs. Others, it took days. But every infected would show signs within 5 days.

Let me tell you who I was before the catastrophe, I was just fired from my job. I am 27 years old. I used to work in the hospital uptown. Nothing too fancy, I was just a security guard.

I couldn’t even do that right.

Enough about me.

The virus.

It was called MD-6718.Thats all the governments told us.

It was supposed to be some kind of mind control freaky shit, but it never worked the way it was supposed to.

The bio-engineering went haywire and they ended up with a virus that gave people bliss. They lived in their worlds. Their own worlds of imagination. However, they wanted.

Except, it was not reality. None of it was.

The affected were gone.

He had seen them go limp.

It was as though they left the world, they just stopped doing whatever they were doing and it was as though the fell asleep.

They didn’t eat anymore, didn’t drink water, speak or even open their eyes. They just sat and dreamt until they died.

It was really depressing to think humanity would get wiped out in such a manner.

Can’t say I didn’t expect something like this.

Humans have been on this planet way too long and we deserve to get wiped out. Mass extinction.

My biggest dream was to go to college. Get a degree in marketing or whatever it is that people dealing in stocks do.

That’s all I wanted. To make shit loads of money and live comfortably.

But let’s face reality. 

I hadn’t left my apartment for a week. Adhering to government rules.

Waiting to go to a rehabilitation camp.

The government issued a message requesting all unaffected people to not breathe unfiltered air. I immediately switched to my oxy-plus.

(oxy-plus’ were emergency filter packages given by the government for emergencies. Well. We polluted the air so much, we had to expect a disaster sometime.)

No one thought we would have to use it this way.

The world isn’t fair.

But when a global apocalypse is happening you really shouldn’t be picky.

It seems as though everything is a standstill.

Am I the only unaffected here?

Is the government even coming for me?

I can’t take it anymore. I look out of the window from the first floor. I see people dead in car crashes. Someone ran over the water mains and flooded the street corner.

I swear I saw a guy kill another guy over some food.

When I got up last night, I saw a girl staring at me from across the street. I almost shit myself. She was staring at me. I had never seen her before. No oxy-plus. Probably infected.

I felt sorry for her. But nothing I could do.

The world has descended into chaos.

I’ve been eating out of cans to survive. I can’t eat like this. My food supplies are almost over.

I’ll need to go out soon.


I am not sure what is happening around me.

I’m really hungry.  I haven’t eaten anything in two days. All the food in my house got over. I don’t want to look out of the window.

I haven’t spoken to anyone for almost a week.

I’m really scared.

I just want my parents to come back home.

I don’t know where they are.

I can only see a man across the street in an oxy-plus.

I can’t open the front door. My parents locked me in when they went to bring dinner.


Jack decided to risk it.

Leave the apartment and search for food.

Desperate times, desperate measures.

He slowly made his way down the stairs. He didn’t want to lose his life now. Maybe he was going to be rescued. He could only hope.

He slowly crept by pausing every now and then listening for any sounds. He crept around the corner.

His aim was to rummage through the supplies of the department store and get whatever he could.

Someone coughed. Jack stopped.

He heard nothing for a while.

He thought he might have imagined it.

He entered the department store making as quietly as possible.

As he turned around he saw a pair of eyes. Glistening in the dark.

He almost screamed. As his eyes adjusted to the light he saw that a person sat, leaning on the shelves. Barely able to support himself.

He realised it was just another infected. But why were his eyes open? It was really weird and scary. He stealthily checked through some food supplies. There wasn’t much. Just a couple of cans of beans and 2 sodas. He packed it all up in a bag.

Just as he was finished, a couple of hands held it from behind and tried to snatch away his oxy-plus while trying to choke him.

Aggravated and choking, Jack blindly reached out to whatever he could find, he grabbed a fork from the shelf and stabbed whoever was behind him.

The attacker screamed in agony and loosened his grip. Jack took his chance, picking up the bag of food and ran for his life.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

He could feel the oxy-plus failing.

Jack pulled open the door to the lobby and saw two bulky teenagers ransacking the place. He turned back and ran into an aisle and climbed up the fire escape of a building and pulled up the ladder. He waited in silence for them to stop searching for him.

Jack was famished. His whole body ached and he was hungry and felt like he could eat anything. He couldn’t risk removing the oxy-plus out in the open.  

Especially a broken one.

The window behind him opened and the same little girl stared at him.

He was startled.

She asked him “Who are you?”.

He was surprised to see someone without an oxy-plus filter having survived this long.

Jack composed himself and answered “Hi. I’m Jack. What’s your name? Are your parents inside?”.

The little girl replied “Maria, I don’t know where my parents are.. but I am really hungry”.

Jack couldn’t refuse the girl. He felt his heart melt. He genuinely felt sorry for the little girl.

He climbed in through the window.

Jack opened a can of beans and gave it to Maria.

Although he didn’t want to risk the infection, his hunger was insatiable. He really was very hungry and he had to eat.

Jack unstrapped his oxy-plus and opened up a can for himself.

He asked Maria “How long have you been here?”.

She replied “A week.”

“What have you been doing for food?”.

She said “I ate what was in the house, I couldn’t go out.”

He decided not to ask her any more questions.

Jack was truly scared. He crouched up in a corner and dozed off.


“Wake up, Jack. Wake up” screamed Maria as she shook Jack awake. Jack woke us dazed and realised he hadn’t put on his oxy-plus.

He could hear vehicles.

Before he could process any further thought, Maria dragged him to the window.

He saw government vehicles pull up and microphone announcing anyone who wasn’t affected to report down immediately.

Jack felt happy.

He didn’t have to suffer anymore.

He didn’t have to eat out of cans anymore.

He could finally be sa-.

Maria watched Jack fall. He just drooped and hit the floor with a crash. He wasn’t dead. Neither was he alive.

He was gone.

Gone to a place he couldn’t come back from.

He now dreamt of college and a life as a stockbroker.

He dreamt he was making more money than he could spend.

He kept on dreaming that until he died.

MD-6718 had taken another.

Did Jack deserve what happened to him?

This story tells us one thing. The world is unfair. Jack went through a lot. He never was successful as a human according to society standards. All he had was his life. Now even that isn’t his.



-Yashwanth G

Submitted: September 21, 2017

© Copyright 2021 yashwanth g. All rights reserved.

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