June Baby

One sunny day in the month of June 
Just a little before noon
A cry came from a baby
Cradled in the hands of one very happy lady
Not knowing what the future will hold for her daughter
Begins to caress her like cold river water
“Now baby as your life is at its start
Know that you were conceived by a woman praying for you with all her heart”

Happy is the June baby
Today marks the day she turns a lady
Leaving behind a world of imaginary friends, monsters, dolls and pink dresses
She is now a young lady with dark brown skin and long black tresses
She starts to dream as high as the sky
And is never afraid to give life a try

God is looking down pleased with his June bunny
Who he has made to be smart, beautiful, talented and funny
For he has given her a sweet smile and a dimple
Made her both magnificent yet simple

Yes a beautiful gift from the creator
Our sweet little future doctor
With little hands and feet, not forgetting the ears
Stay sweet June baby for all the coming years

Happy is everyone today, it’s not April or May its June
It’s the birthday of our sweet little angel with the face of a moon
And as we behold the most beautiful star ever seen
God’s June baby is no longer a teen....

Submitted: May 29, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Yashwantie Rampertop. All rights reserved.

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