Tsukiko's Blade

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When love is forbidden in this world, what happens when the two best warriors break the rules? What price will be paid?

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



The rain was beating fiercly against the ground. I could see Yoshiro's eyes behind the material cloth that covered his face. I knew those eyes, because I knew his eyes. One of his many features I have come to memorize.

His body was tense and he held his sword in a different way tonight. I was patiently awaiting his next move which would most likely be Sanshou or Lei Tai a chinese wushu form he has picked up over his years of travel.

I stood there guarded because I couldn't figure out how we ended up here? Why did Yoshiro and I stand here tonight. He didn't believe what was in my heart, partly because I would never confess such a thing. I would not allow anyone to have amonition against me that could and would cloud my choice if ever I had to make one.

I refused to prance around like a shinobi tonight because I stood before him as a woman. I quickly removed the black tatsumura silk cloth that too covered my face. I wanted him to see me. He needed to look into my eyes and then tell me what I felt was a lie. I made it my business to never feel for anyone because that is when your enemy has an upper hand. We all had to learn very hastily the burden that love for anyone caused. How do you complete your mission when the only thing you have ever cared for is staring at the tip of a katana blade?

"You must stop this!" Yoshiro said with force.

I didn't respond to his outburst. I continued to stand there as the rain beat against my skin and my hair now laid soaked against me.

"This is the only proof you will believe." I said threw my teeth.

I needed him to see! He could not force me to ignore my feelings, I wouldn't allow it.

"Tsukiko! Stop this now!" Yoshiro's voice echoed threw the mountain.

"I will not." I answered.

"Just because I feel", I paused because that word was almost banned from our vocabulary, "I, Yoshiro." I was unable to finish my own statement.

"You are already in danger now." Yoshiro said as his stance changed once again.

He was positioned in a way that told me he was considering a lunging thrust strike, but again I was ready for him. He decided that I would not die at the hands of another sword because of my love for him. If either of us were killedit would be by the others sword. Neither of us would experience the pain of being the cause of the others blood spilled.

I was quicker than Yoshiro, in fact I was the one who trained him. I am the one that taught him every curve of every blade he has ever held and now we were on this mountain with our japanese steel ready for war.

"I will not let you do this Tsukiko." He said once again.

I lifted my sword only to see him drop his. He dropped his weapon as he too removed the cloth from his face. I stood there staring into his eyes that glistened slightly from the moon light that reflected in them. The sight alone was enough to cause my heart to skip a beat. The brief moment of vulnerability within both of our eyes was something that would never be seen again in the life we live.

"I do not have it in me Tsukiko." He said as he stepped closer to me.

"Stay where you are." I shouted.

Yoshiro stepped forward again and I could now feel my hand begining to shake slightly.

"You claim your love for me is stronger than mine for you." He continued to speak as he stepped forward.

I stood there paralized because I knew he loved me back. I could feel his love in my soul, the thing I was told I no longer possessed.

"If your love is greater, than my blood should be spilled on your steel Tsukiko!" He shouted as he stood next to me now.

I could see his body shivering from the cold rain that drenched us both. In such a quick moment I knew what had to be done.

I whipped my weapon as I threw it in a maneuver. I grabbed Yoshiro in my arms and placed a kiss upon his lips. Our first kiss that would also be our last because when my sword came back around the blood spilled would be from theboth of us. His kiss was gentle and perfect. Yoshiro then realized that our love was stronger than anything he himself has every felt. It was strong enough to fight for.

He pushed from my lips only to whisper his last words.

"Tsukiko, What have you done?"

I looked into his eyes and smiled. I smiled my last smile as he uttered his last words. My katana came back around only to pierce threw both of our flesh. Dropping to our knees the last thing I managed to say, was the last thing he managed to hear.

"Ai Shiteru"

I Love You

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