inside my own mind

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get a look into how i think and why i do. thats pretty much just me showing what i'm all about..

Submitted: May 06, 2011

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Submitted: May 06, 2011



two fathers, one mother

living alone in my large home.

i get bored i get crazy,

even my thinking starts to get hazey.

there's nothing on tv but soap operas and crap,

nothing in the cubbards for me to snack.

walk in my room and all you will see

is dark gray walls, the others green.

it looks like an alien spaceship,

i kinda hate it.

if i can remember right its the third time ive tried painting it.

it annoys me, the color, the drearyness it holds

i never get any light, i feel like i live in a hole.

in one corner my piano, the other my guitar.

in the middle my art hanging on my wall.

its a bit depressing to see what i see.

its all black and white with a touch of me.

maybe im dreaming or maybe im not,

but i think the eyes on the drawing are looking at me all distraut.

is this what i see darkness and mystery?

am i crazy am i weird, i think so, i dont think im normal.

i have the talent of talents, or so my mother says.

i think its boring being good at so many things.

i dont believe the size of my rings

the hoops that we jump through are too easy for me.

whats the point of living if its for free?

im bored of life, of not having to try so hard.

i know i sound selfish i know i sound crude,

but you are reading this, dont stop to be rude.

you wanted to know so here it is.

im a dits im a genious, i have nothing to fear.

life is useless in these long years.

sometimes i have fun but other than that.

im about as terrible as a garden rat.

i take what i want because nobody complains,

i do what i do no matter how much it pains.

you can say im numb you  can say im dull.

everything happens in my thick little skull.

i have a lot of energy and nothing to do.

too young to do much of the stuff adults do.

people say im mature, but im really not.

i may act paitient but its just a fraud.

im the shortest tempered most immature annoying girl you will ever meet.

hi im cheyenne, now arent i just sweet?

i dont give a rats ass about what people think about me.

i try to help them when they seem to need help,

but they blow my offer right off the shelf.

im not much use i guess to this world.

oh well, too bad, so long stupid people.

i guess im like this cause my parents make so easy.

i have no chores i have no allowance.

i sit around the house doing nothing all day.

will someone please just come over to play?

im a grown teenager but i like hide and seek.

it gives me a thrill when they turn the other cheek.

i like my foolish little child games,

i love alice in wonderland and the carnival games.

if you can keep up i guess you can play,

just beware i can last all day...

but i get bored i get crazy,

even my thinking starts to get hazy.

im all alone in this vast little world.

wanna play with the insane little girl?

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