My Many Feelings

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My Feeling on paper from many years of Life.

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011





A true master is a master of himself. He understands life as it applies to him. He accepts everything and refuses nothing. He always gives of himself thus is always receiving. He holds onto everything that is true to himself. He can absorb physical and mental pain with no harm to himself. He is below everyone thus always above. He can bring himself up to or down to any level without leaving the one he is on. He does not boast because he has no need for fame. He is known by his actions and abilities not by what he says. He has no need for fame or glory yet he is never without it. His life is simple and always tough never seeking an easy way out, but never refusing it. Never looking for pleasure or pain but is always in it. Never needing to win, because he never loses, he never loses because he never fights. He does only what is necessary to survive. He would rather retreat a yard than gain a foot and hurt anything in movement. A true master knows who the real master is.




Seek not that which ventures beyond the mind, for the mind itself is a never ending journey

Seek not that which others have, but find the pride in your own

Seek not why your abilities lack, only do your best

Seek not the courage of a lion, because your courage lays in the soul and mind

Seek not to be better than someone else, but better yourself

Seek not for fame and glory, but seek to find yourself



Two people, two seeds, one love united

The heat, a movement, a breath, a life

This is the beginning!

Total love of total giving

Becoming the other as one complete being forming a whole, acting as one

Giving all to know you

But exhibiting love when united as two

Thoughts are lost desires compelled

The magic of freedom is another world you dwell

Here lies love as you can easily tell

Letting yourself speak from the heart

Your thoughts are one never apart

As the yearning interest rises higher and higher

The body and soul do not tire

Reaching out to explore this degree

Achieving the awareness you’ve grasped the extreme

Lost in a feeling you have dreamed

Silent now you rest inside

Any frustrations have easily died

The mind was freed, the body eased

The lips silent because the heart was pleased

Exhausted now yet in total peace

Love has grown never to cease




Seek that which is peaceful, holding no confusion or doubt

Seek that which frees the mind and loses the man, holding no ties or bonds

Seek that which bids life, for to live is to die because to die with an empty life is not an honor, but a shame

Seek for depth, as the depth contained in one’s innerself…the soul

Seek that which is confident, which is true…then believe in it

Seek that which builds the mind, yet leaves room to search and find

Seek that which is pleasing to the senses, having power to control them when becoming harmful to the body, mind and spirit

Seek that knowledge which others’ refuse, knowing you had the strength to try

Seek that which broadens the mind and understanding, then learn from it

Seek to always learn from your own and others’ mistakes




Confusion is a mind not at ease

A man wanting to understand that which is not for him

He tries too hard to find too much, he is greedy

For a man who only wants what he has, worries not

To worry is confusion

So worry not, change the things you can, let what happens, happen

Then you will have nothing to worry about

And when it happens, question not; only learn from it

Do not dwell on anything that is hard for you to understand

If you do, then you will become confused

When confusion comes pay no attention, do not ponder on it

Then your confusion will be answered by your stillness




Mankind has a mind that acts as a vessel, to be filled and emptied at will. Man learns from birth, maybe sooner, his mind stores knowledge as he grows. It is according to what his mind has stored up through the years that will determine what kind of man he will be. If this vessel is filled with hate, greed, etc, then he is of no use to his fellow man. If he finds all of these things in his cup later in life and seeks a change, he must first empty his cup so he can refill it with good qualities.

A man is like a ship on the rough seas, tossing to and fro. He can lift hi sails and seek calmer seas or stay and be torn apart by the sea. When a man learns to be in full control of his senses,, and knows the difference in what a man would be and what a man is, he then can seek higher ground. When he can seek out himself, and see his good and bad qualities, he can learn to better the good and make good the bad. It is not a shame to be ‘dumb’, but it is a shame to know this and not care.

Be true to yourself, and then you can be true to others. Seek to better yourself. Seek to be more than just a man. Even when there is no understanding or love, try to understand this person and feel love for them and sorrow because they do not understand. This makes you more than a man.




Disrupts the balance of others, but worst of all it destroys the creator of it

The mind becomes so confused

The body fills with revenge, the heart becomes cold

Hate can destroy, kill life and all reality

One who hates has trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy

Hate has no room for love or truth, no compassion, no warmth

One becomes so wrapped in the feeling of hate; there is no time for anything else

No peace of mind

Hate is the master of confusion, hot tempers, lies, unrest, revenge, malice

One who hates sets themselves higher than others, challenging others constantly with schemes

An emotional drawback

Overly powerful, so much that it can affect one blindly

He sees only what is in his mind, and uses it against another

Once it enters, there is no room for good characteristics

The world has lived with hate since the beginning of time…war, poverty, jealousy, etc

Live with hate in your heart and you have no heart

Hate destroys, hate kills, and will no doubt kill the creator of it




Am I asleep or am I dead? I wonder as I lay here in my bed

I am sure I must be dead because I keep having this vision of an Angel in my head.

If I am dead then let it be so, because I never want to let this Angel go

Her beauty is so great it shines like the sun and makes my heart feel as though it were young

But deep inside I am stung, with the feeling that we may never come together as one

There is loneliness and sadness hidden deep inside so there is no use in me trying to lie

Because I know this dream may never come true, the dream of this Angel being you

It seems fate keeps having its way

Making us wait until another day

All I can do is hope and pray

That you will stay in until that day

When we can join together as one

To lose our frustrations and quench our desires

To finally put out these never ending fires and to show fate that it’s a liar.

Until that day I will continue to dream

The dream of that Angel being you




The thought of losing you has made me blind

I think I am going out of my mind

Now it begins, the fear is setting in

The thought of never holding you again goes through my mind all the time

The thought of never looking into your beautiful eyes makes me start to cry

The touch of your lips, the sweetness of your kiss, this forever I will miss

Then amidst my despair you tell me you care and that you will always be there

Now I know that it’s ok to care

And this I do swear:

If the time comes and you want someone to

I will love and cherish you for who you are and respect you

I will always be near, waiting here, because I cannot help but to care

This I swear:

To be patient and true and loyal to you while hoping that someday my dream may come true

That I may be allowed to be with you




Happiness is when I look into your eyes and see the love you have for me there

It is your smile

It is your laughter

It is the feeling of your body against mine when you hold me close

Attempt to comfort my fears and sorrows

Happiness is knowing that you love and need me




Looking Into Your Eyes

I wake and rise to look into your eyes

I am so filled with love I begin to cry

My feelings overcome me every time I see your beautiful face

To touch your lips I cannot wait

So warm, so wet, when we first met

So soft, so sweet, every time our lips meet they make me fall at your feet

To worship you as the Goddess you are, you have been and always will be my morning star

No matter where you are or where you will be, I will always want you next to me

To walk life’s path as long as our love will last, forever and ever through all time

Our love will always shine, for I am yours and you are mine

Forever and ever until the end of time

So no matter where in your life you may be, you will never find another love like me

I will never leave you behind, this I swear you will always be mine

As long as you’ll have me, as long as you care

Forever I will always be there, this I do swear




As I awoke in this place, I rolled over to look into your face

As I looked at your beauty lying there, I could feel the love in the air

My blood pressure rose as I stared into your eyes

I knew you were mine

So I touched your sweet lips with this gentle kiss

If you were to leave, this I would miss

So please don’t go because this you must know, I will love you forever and ever more.




Today I arose from my bed with visions of you in my head

The sun shown bright in the sky above and its warmth made me think of you and our love

Its warmth caressed me and made me whole, and this made me never want to let you go

The sun, this thing that fills us all with life

Is dark in comparison to your light, and to the power you have in my life

Be it day or be it night, your power fills me with love and it makes everything alright

Your power over me is so strong and your love so deep, this forever I want to keep

Please let me love you and let me care, because no matter what I will all ways be there

This I have sworn and this I will keep, even when I lay down for my permanent sleep

When that day comes have no fear, for as I have promised I will always be there

I just pray before that day comes we can unite again together as one

Time is short, because of this I fear that I might miss the chance to show you how much I care

So remember what I have said

Keep our love forever in your head, because you never know when I might be dead

And if you ever need me, just call in your mind, because I will always be walking behind

To take away all your worries and cares, as I have promised I will always be there

And I will be there when you cry, to wipe away the tears from your eyes

This I have promised, I would never lie

This I have promised, even after I die

So now let me make this perfectly clear, Ill love you forever and ever my dear




You question if I love you, you question if I care

I know it is hard to show you when I am never there

I tell you how my heart cries because I am not there with you

You tell me you feel the same way too

These feelings are new and I swear by God they are true

I am madly in love with you

I cannot eat or sleep a wink because my mind is on you and that’s all I can seem to think

I know you are worried and I am too

This is all new and we are not too sure just what to do

All I can do to reassure you is to tell you I love you and I will always be there

I love you this I swear

So believe in me and I will you and then you will see

Some day we will be free

And you will be with me forever and always you will be mine





In the light of the candle I saw your face

And somehow I knew I had seen it in another place

Was it in my dreams?

That’s how it seemed

Oh what can this dream mean?

But now I am awake and you’re gone from this place and I can no longer see your face

I search these places in my mind where I feel I have you but been left behind

I know this might just be in my mind

But I still crave your love and want you forever to be mine

I beg you please don’t leave me behind.

Now that I am awake I seek every place, to find my love and to look into your face

This love is mine, this love is true, and now I know this love can only be you

This love so great this love so fine I know now you’ll never leave me behind

So I hold you close to my heart to let you go: oh never, not

Forever I am yours; forever you are my mine, forever and ever until the end of time




People try and make our love a lie, this makes my heart cry

The fears never clear unless you are near

Where our love will end up is not clear

This makes me tear because I am afraid you might not always be here

Oh the pain that drives me crazy, it’s so great

But this pain I must take because for now I know my place

Forever my love you will be mine

To live my life as your love and to never have another

No more shall it be dreams of things I wish to be

For this I can clearly see, these things may never be

For me loving you and you loving me I can clearly see this is all it will ever be

Always so close yet so far, this I feel is the way we are

Forever your lover forever your friend this is how it will be until the end




Your eyes are like burning embers of gold

Your smile is like the setting sun

Your hair is like the wind

Your heart is like that of a Saint

I am nothing compared to you but I offer my love and my life for you

I have nothing to give except my heart

This I do give with no regrets, no doubts and no second thoughts

All I can promise is to love you and only you

To always be there

I have nothing else to give

But so long as I live I will truly love you

I have: just me




I have this love I thought I would never find

I thought she was only in my mind

I searched the world time after time

Only to find, she must have left me behind

Then one day as I lay in my bed and prayed

I had the feeling I would find her today

As I opened my eyes from prayer I saw her standing there

An angel so beautiful and sweet

She made me jump to my feet

I held her close and kissed her lips

I was so happy I wept

Now I know dreams do come true

Because I love you and you love me too

For now and forever it will be, me loving you and you loving me




When you feel the wind upon your face, that’s me kissing you

When you hear the birds singing, that’s me whispering how much I love you

When you feel your heart on fire with love and desire, that’s me making love to you

When you feel the warmth of the blanket touching your skin and the pillow under your head

That’s me holding you




My heart hurts and my spirit whines

My eyes are losing that loving shine

They know things will not remain the same

That you will never carry my name

I Love you, you’re my life but I see I may never spend another night with thee

To be in your arms as I sing you songs and make love all night long

To smell your sweet smell, this drives me crazier than hell

To feel your soft body on mine causes my heart to whine

I know you’ll leave, this I see, this is how it will be

All that I need will leave with you and from that day on

I’ll never sing another song or make love all night long

I’ll never have the feeling I had with you and my soul won’t know what to do

All it knows is that I am losing you

My heart cries as my sprit dies and my life lays in the bottomless mine.

I have been left behind

You do what you must as I know you will but remember I’ll love you still

Forever yours, forever mine, no matter what you do I’ll never leave you behind

Don’t be scared I’ll always be there

To love you forever this I do swear

If things should change just call out my name and I’ll be there, this I swear

Forever and ever until the end of time I shall wait for you to be mine




In her eyes I see my past, present and future

In her voice I hear the sound of truth

In her heart I feel deep love and devotion

Her ears hear the whispers of the Divine

Her body is that of an angel and in it I feel comfort

In her arms I feel at home

In her soul I sense the eternal powers of the Creator, vast and unending

Her knowledge is that of the eldest sage

In her spirit I feel peace and harmony that lifts me above all my woes

In her life I see simplicity, yet full of action while maintaining control

In this woman I see and feel my wife for all eternity

My companion, my friend, my lover, my eternalness, my alpha, my omega

Because of her I have a life forever bound to her willingly mind, body, soul and spirit

You are truly my love, my life, my only thing

My eternal, Nahiaphawoon

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