Anger in Fire

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This is a short story about the feeling of anger. It includes my personal opinion about it, and about others helping you cope with anger.

Submitted: March 22, 2011

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Submitted: March 22, 2011



The Anger; Keep it. There is no better emotion than the feeling of a match sliding against the inside of your skull. Igniting your brain and sending ash down your throat. Your muscles tense up. The trapped smoke from the anger explodes through every opening it can find. It bursts out of your eyes through the tears you cry. These tears are not caused by weakness. They are caused by strength. The strength of silence. These tears are cries from the brain that the body can not, and will not, let escape through the vocal cords. Your face tenses up and your lips quiver.

The fire flows through your veins and down to your hands. Your fingers retract to form a fist. The desire of murder upon your face and the only thing keeping you back is legal terms involving the government, and that small angel inside of your conscience. That angel keeps your hand-weapons from slamming against a face or a wall. The problem with that is that over time this never extinguished fire soaks into the thoughts of the mind. That innocent angel that serves as yourparental reasoning accumulates smoke in its surroundings. The lack of oxygen surpasses the will to live, and thats when youve lost it. Whos there to stop you now?

I recommend not to lose this passion. You cant. The more you vent, the more people you tell, the more the fire spreads. A memory of such power never gets eliminated, it only fades. It fades until the next time a ticking bomb explodes next to your temples. Thats when a flashback of previous moments appear before your eyes. Keep the Anger. It suffocates the brain and prevents it from drifting off into joy or depression.

Dont listen to those who disagree with the benefits of keeping your fire. Those are the Joyous people that dont understand what its like to be in your position. Those are the jubilent faces that were never there to stop that first incident of anger from happening. Why should you believe someone that has never sensed the fire to the degree that you have been burned with all of your life? Its just a coward calling cut, with a crisp calming voice. The heart; it craves those words of soothing. But heres a mental note, the heart does not have a mind of its own.

All of the nonsense we have been told all our lives about "listening to your heart" annoys me. Listen to what, the beating noise my heart makes when it pumps the very blood that keeps me alive? Oh yes, that reasoning process will get me through all of life's problems.

Forget forgetting. You dont have the power to choose what you remember and what you forget. The mental thought process, functioning with harshly 10% of its motherboard, does not need your assistance, or the assistance of others. The consequences of anger only go as far as you push them to.

The "solution" to anger according to others is resorting to a cut to the wrist or a slice of pain to the body. I completely understand, that one additional surface vent you opened up allows the fire and the hate to escape out of your system, yetI completely disagree. What would this lead up to? An addiction to the power source you just encountered. Now during every situation of anger you find yourself opening more and more vents, while others are seeking for more and more scars. More and more reasons to interfear with your fire and attempt to put it at rest.

I for one, refuse to follow this method. I refuse to remove my fire. I am far too contempt with life to put it at risk. I enjoy my anger and I allow its fire to roast my mind. No one shares the consumption of my toasted brain. This greed is a protection. From who? I have not encountered this yet.

The fire itself stays inside. Only it's consequences could escape. You call it anger, I call it excitement.

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