A Fox of Shin-kawa

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Once upon a time, there was an old man. One night, he was walking down a way home from a local wedding party. When he came to Shin-kawa (new river), he heard someone call him… – 386 words.

Submitted: April 25, 2014

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Submitted: April 25, 2014



This is a story from sometime ago. 


An elderly man who lived in Wada village was invited to a relative’s wedding party.  Because it was a little while since the last time those relatives met face to face, the party really came alive.  The man had a happy time drinking, singing and talking about good old days. 

On his way back home, he walked on a local road with a delicious dinner package given at the party.  He was a little drunk, humming a tune, walked with tipsy steps.  As he came near Shin-kawa (new river), He heard someone call him. 

“Hello, sir”

The old man stopped and looked around, but he found nobody.  He tilted his head in confusion.  Maybe it’s my imagination.  He thought so, and started walking again.  But again, someone called him.

“Hi, sir, old man.  Come this way.”

When he stared at where the voice came from, he saw vaguely someone beckoning to him.  He thought,

“Maybe, that’s one of my friends who came for me.”

Assuming that the person was someone he knew, the old man followed the person. 

After walking for a while, he found himself standing in front of a railroad crossing.  An alarm sounded, the toll bar went down, and a train came in the crossing.  When the train passed, the bar went up, and he saw that wedding party was there again!  People are laughing, singing, and drinking.  The old man felt so happy that he laid down his food package near him, and jumped into the circle of people. 

After enjoying the party for an hour or so, he was getting tired.  He thought finally it’s time to go home, and tried to pick up his dinner package.  Oddly enough, the package was nowhere to be found.  He tilted his head again.

“I am sure I left it around here..?”

He also noticed something weird. 

“Where’s that person?  The person who led me to this place?”

As he mumbled to himself, the party was gone – the feast, the people, and all were gone.  Only the old man could see was that railroad crossing.  Having lost his delicious dinner package, he lost heart and trudged along his way home. 


It is said that there has been a bad fox who cheats people for food. 

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