Dog Stones

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Once upon a time, there were two countries along the sea. They were always fighting over the border. One day, a person suggested to pick up a dog from each country and let them fight... rural traditional story, 354 words.

Submitted: May 31, 2014

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Submitted: May 31, 2014



Once upon a time, Japan was divided into many countries.  To the north of Kyoto, along the Sea of ??Japan, there were the country of Tango and the country of Wakasa.  They are on bad terms with each other, and had always border dispute.  People of both countries often came together to talk, but was not able to find a solution.


On one occasion, someone said,
“Why don’t we get one dog from each country, and have them fight?  Let’s decide the border by the result of the fight.  If Wakasa dog wins, Wakasa will determine the border, and if Tango dog wins, Tango will do.”
After the end of the talks, the two countries agreed to that opinion.


It was the day of the decisive battle of the dogs.  Both dogs chosen were white, and had tough-looking.
The people of each country believed that their dog was better than the other, and gloated in my mind,
"This game is ours.”

The standoff between two dogs went on for a while.The dogs were growling, and then clashed violently.  People cheered the dog of their own country.  But soon, they found out that the dog of Wakasa was dominant.?

While fighting, the Tango dog, watching for a chance, ran away.  The dog of Wakasa chased the dog of Tango immediately.  Wakasa dog finally wrestled the Tango dog to the ground at around the top of a hill.  In this way, the border was decided as the country of Wakasa said.

Since then, the hill where the dog game was held became to be called "Kichi-saka" – good luck hill.It was said that because there was a good thing for Wakasa, people called the hill Kichi-saka. 


The mountain pass of Kichisaka is right on the border of Wakasa and Tango.  There are a big stone in the shape of a dog on each side of the road.  The stone on the right is called Wakasa-inu (Wakasa dog), and the left is called Tango-inu.  Passing through the hill, and looking at those dog stones, people still remember the story of the border dispute in the past.

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