Hachibei Koura repaid a fisherman for his kindness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Once upon a time there was a hard-working fisherman. One day, he met a fox who always fools people... 528 words.

This is a story of about 150 years ago.  There was a very hard working fishermen, whose name was Tarozaemon Tominaga, in Shioda (salt paddy) village.  He went rowing the boat into the sea early in the morning every day to get shellfish such as abalone and turban shell.

In one morning, when Tarozaemon came off Shiroyama (a castle hill where there used to be a samurai castle) as usual, he heard someone calling him in the shore.

 “Tarozaemon, Tarozaemon”

He rowed the boat and approached the shore, but there was no one.  When he tried to pull out the sea again, a voice of someone calling him was heard from the shore again.

 “Tarozaemon, Tarozaemon”

It rang a bell.

“Well, the evil fox that I heard of must be going to fool me playfully. I'll throw him into the sea to punish him.”

By pretending to be cheated, Tarozaemon rowed the boat and headed to the shore.  He picked up the fox disguised as a human being. 

He rowed the ship towards off the coast, and tried to throw the fox into the sea.  But he could not see the fox anywhere. 

 “That evil fox!”

Tarozaemon realized that he was fooled by the fox.  He gave up to find the fox, and tried to focus on the routine maintenance of his ship – removing the water of the ship bottom.  While doing the job, he found the fox hiding in the bottom of the ship.  Chasing the fox running from place to place in the ship, Tarozaemon finally held it down.

And when Tarozaemon was about to throw the fox into the sea, the fox put its hands together and said to Tarozaemon.

 “I'm the god Inari, Hachibei Koura, living in Shiroyama.I am sorry for doing prank on you guys for a long time.  I simply wanted to board a ship once.  Please forgive me.  I will give you my precious treasure.  Please not throw me into the water!”

Because the fox implored him so deadly, Tarozaemon felt pity for the animal.  He rowed the boat to the shore and left the fox.  The fox ran up the way to Shiroyama with great joy.

A few days later, when Tarozaemon were on the sea to get shells as usual, he heard someone calling him, from around a cove of Shiroyama,

"Tarozaemon, Tarozaemon"

When he brought the ship on the bank, the fox came to him. 

The fox was holding a cup, a hanging scroll and a stone, in its mouth.After placing them in front of Tarozaemon, the fox said,

“Since these are very important things, you should not show them to people, except on the first “horse day” in any lunar month.  And you shall not eat the cucumber.  If you keep the promise, I will protect you and your family from any epidemic.” 

Tarozaemon brought back home the important things that he got from the fox.

According to the fact that he examined later, those treasures were said to be the relics of the lord of the Castle.  Tarozaemon, his family and the descendants, keeping his word with fox, have decided not to eat cucumber.

Submitted: May 10, 2014

© Copyright 2021 yayoi2014. All rights reserved.

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Loved reading it. Kept me engaged till the end! There is an ongoing short story contest-http://www.tallenge.com/contest/literaturestorycontest.html would you like to join? It's free to enter. Get global audience and $100 to win!

Mon, May 12th, 2014 10:11am


Hello BrownKat:

I finally submitted a short story to the contest, thanks!

Tue, May 13th, 2014 9:14am

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