Sowa the fox

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Once upon a time, there was a fox called O-sowa. The fox was very playful, and often made mischief. One day, while a young man was walking on his way to a nearby town, he saw a very beautiful young

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



O-suwa the fox - Legends of a seaside town Series vol.3


Until the time of the Meiji Restoration (1867), there was a small shrine on the coastline of Shinkawa in W Village. There was a fox living there. People in the neighborhood called the fox, O-suwa Kitune(Ms. Suwa the fox). O-suwa fox seemed to be good at bewitch people, and people in the area were afraid of her. At the same time, she was popular and often called “Suwa-san”.


(In ancient stories and fairy tales in Japan, foxes and raccoon dogs are said to cheat or mock people. They could turn into human beings and show illusions to people. In particular, when you are alone, or when you are having trouble with something, those animals exploit your weakness and make mischief.)


It was an era when people lived in an old-fashioned way of life before the war (before the Second World War). The pleasure of young people in W Village in this era was to visit nearby T town to play. They came together for 3 or 4 people and played at the town, and then they went home.


One day, as the dusk deepened, a young man came to the end of W village, and saw a young woman being alone. The young woman was standing helplessly as if she was at a loss. The young man was usually very shy and could not do very much to talk to a young woman. But at this time somehow he could feel free to say the words.

"Young lady, what are you doing? Have you got any troubles?"

He said kindly.

The young woman was wearing a reddish-brown kimono and a somewhat lighter color belt. The clothes suited her very well and very beautiful. Her hair was tied high in Momo-ware style (hair style for young girls), very fashionable and trendy. Her face was as fair as can be. She was a very beautiful, good-looking young girl.

The youngster has never seen such a beauty before. He wondered if the expression "She looks as if she had walked out of a painting" if for this girl. Even though it’s in the evening, he could see the beauty of this girl clearly as if it was daytime. The young man forgot to even say a word and was looking at the girl idly.


The young woman opened her mouth and said.
"Dear Young man, where are you going?"
"I am going to visit T town right now."
The young man said it in a murmur.


When the girl heard it, she shyly covered her face with the sleeve, and wriggled her body. Her white profile became red up until the ear. The young man became faint as he saw the appearance of her.

The young woman said.

“I am a shy girl. Please do not look at my face so much. If you don’t mind, could you keep me company?"

He was astounded and delighted to jump. The girl reached out to the man shyly. The young men felt like he was in seventh heaven and was only looking at her hands. His heart rang high, and he was about to collapse.

- Can you hold my hand tightly?

The girl whispered at the ear of the young man. Her hand was as beautiful, warm and soft as white fish. The young man felt like he was already in a dream.


He held the girl’s hand and started to walk. They came all the way to the coast after a while. The girl said.

"Let's rest for a while here."

There was a rug in the place where she indicated by hand. "Oh, why is there a rug in such a place?" The young man wondered, but he sat down. The girl sat next to him. They looked at the sea without saying anything.

On the beachfront near the dusk, the quiet sounds of restless waves were heard. Winds of early summer was gently blowing.

- Ah, I wish I could stay with this beautiful young girl forever.

The young man dreamed.


The young woman said after a while.

"Please wait here for a while"

And she stood up. The young man turned back to her. At that time, he was surprised at what he saw!  He gave a loud voice and pressed his mouth with both hands. The girl did not turn around, as she did not notice the surprise of the young man.


He stood up and ran away as if he kicked the sand. Running and running, he kept running crazy. When he got home he did not quite know which way he came back.


Then the young man fell down on the bed of illness. He was delirious from fever. Every time he awakened, he repeatedly murmured, "It’s not true. No, it’s not true."

It took him months to finally got up and recovered his health. After that, even if people asked "What happened", he only spoke evasively.

What did the young man see for her?


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