The Children of the World Need to be Vaccinated

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An essay I wrote on the children of the world.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011




The Children of the Future need to be vaccinated!!!

How can we help?

3 challenges:

  1. Access to immunization services
  1. Child survival intervention through vaccines remains low. 50% of all cases of severe pneumonia can be prevented by Hib and Pneumonic vaccines. It is speculated that such vaccines could more easily administered than community-based management of pneumonia which reaches less than 20% of children. Better immunization coverage particularly in East and Southern Africa, is needed and could be achieved through a mix of interventions such as "nationwide packages."
  1. Access to technology
  1. Ensuring availability of vaccines in developing countries with weak infrastructure.
  1. Ensuring financing
  1.  The cost of immunization is on the increase, and spending has recently doubled, especially to fund campaigning efforts. Certain countries cannot afford these expenditures.

5 decisions:

  1. Vaccinating children early in life
  2. Having a clean home and environment
  3. More effectible house cleaners and utilities
  4. Safer production and shipping of food and animals
  5. Exterminate source of illnesses (insects, molds, chemicals, etc.)


Don’t let us cry anymore. We want to be saved!!!


Let’s get on top of the real situations of the world!!


If we stand together anything can be done!!


We have the world in our hands, why are we squeezing it?

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