The Waltze

Script by: yazz4youu


This is a short play script about two stubborn dance partners who have to learn how to waltz so they can enter a competition and win if they want to save their dance studio.


Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012




Steve-male dance partner who thinks he is always right

Jillian-femaledance partner who is very stubborn

Alfonzo- dance instructor/owner of thetheatre

Marco- janitor of the theatre

Setting: In the Grande Arts Theatre

FADE IN - It's around 8pm

Alfonzo: 1,2,3 and a 1,2,3. Stop stop! Steve you are doing it wrong. You have to hold her like she is the most fragil thing in this room.

Steve: (mumbles under breath) Yeah if only she was fragil.

Jillian: (aggitated) What was that Steve?

Steve: (smirks)Oh nothing.

Alfonzo: Okay I think that's enough for me tonight. I acrually have a life unlike you two. Plus I have to get home to the kiddos. And the wife said if I don't get a jug a milk I'll be sleeping with the dogs tongiht.

Jillian: Yeah that sounds wise enough. I think we will just stay a little longer to get these last few steps down.

Alfonzo: Okay but don't be too late. Just tell the janitor when you're done.

Alfonzo leaves

Steve: Okay Jill, le-

Jillian: It's Jillian. Only my friends call me Jill.

Steve: (grumbles) Okay whatever. Jillian let's start fro the beginning and whenever one of us messes up we'll stop

Jillian: Seems fair enough

Steve walks over to the CD player and starts the music-- a latin woman starts singing and the music fills the theatre

Jillian and Stever start their waltz

Jillian: Not bad so far

Steve: Yeah, hey I wonder if she is hot.

Jillian: (raises an eyebrow) Who?

Steve: That woman singing.

Jillian: (roles her eyes) Ugh, Steve focus we have to get this right.

Steve: I got it, I got it.

Steve twirls Jillian but stumbles a little

Jillian: Hey watch it!

Steve: My bad.

Jillian: Well maybeif you weren't fantasizing over that chic singer you would get it right.

Steve: I said I was sorry.

Jillian: It doesn't matter let's just start again from the twirl.

Steve twirls her again

Jillian: That was better

Music starts to pick up

Jillian: Watch it Steve just because the music gets faster doesn't mean you have to go into a frenzy.

Steve accidently steps on her foot

Jillian: Steve! Stop dancing like you have to left feet!

Steve: Maybe I wouldn't be dancing so bad if you would stop yelling at me! It stresses me out.

A far off voice-- "So why are you two fighting"

Steve: Did you hear that?

Jillian: Yeah. Hello? Who said that?

Marco comes out of a side curtain

Marco: It was me. I asked why are you two young kids arguing.

Jillian and Steve: We aren't kids

Marco: (Chuckles) Compared to me ya'll are... (slight pause) Well?

Steve: Well what?

Marco: Why are you fighting like cats and dogs. Ya'll sure do dance nice. I just don't see the point in the arguing.

Jillian: Well uhm he's not focusing.

Steve: I am too focusing!

Marco: Now man, let the lady talk. Go on miss.

Jillian: I feel like he doesn't want to listen to me.

Marco: And what's your side lad?

Steve: She constantly yells at me.

Jillian: It's not constantly

Marco: Ah ah. Don't interrupt.

Jillian: Sorry

Marco: Now what is this dance for. Doesn't see like ya would pick each other fora dance like this. Any dance actually.

Steve: Our dance instructor, Alfonzo, says we're the only ones he trusts for this dance.

Jillian: You see this dance is very important because it will save this theatre. We are entering it into the competition tomorrow to win the cash prize.

Marco: Well I don't think ya'll will win.

Jillian and Steve look at each other, puzzled

Steve: Why not, sir?

Marco: Because you two don't connect.

Jillian: Alfonzo put us together because we compliment each other when we dance.

Marco: That may be true but connection can't just be physical.

Jillian: I don't think I understand?

Marco: Do you trust him (points at Steve) when he lifts you?

Jillian: Yes

Marco: Why?

Jillian: I don't know, I just do.

Marco: How about you two start from the beginning, take what I said into consideration, and you'll see that I am right.

Both Steve and Jillian go to the CD player and start the music again

Steve looks over his shoulder

Steve: Mister, I doubt this'll... He's gone. Crazy guy huh?

Jillian: Maybe we should think about what he said.

Steve: (shrugs) Hmm okay.

They start dancing

Steve: Haha! Look at us go. We are doing great!

Jillian: (smiling) Yeah we are! I sure do hope we win tomorrow.

They dance for a while longer

Steve: I am getting tired -- Looks at watch -- Wow it's almost ten!

Jillian: -- Grabs dance bag-- Yeah we better get out of here.

Steve grabs CD player and they both walk out

Jillian sees the janitor on a far wall

Jillian: Hey mister! We followed your advice! It totally worked!

Steve: Totally. I'm confident we'll win tomorrow. Thanks.

Marco: Good, good. Just remember this: A rose sometimes needs its thorns to be beautiful.

Steve: Oh thanks? Well I'll see you tomorrow Jillian.

Jillian: Bye Steve. Bye mister!


FADE IN: The next day

Jillian and Steve are behind stage

Steve: Okay we are next. Ready?

Jillian: Ready

Announcer voice FADES IN-- Ladies and gentlemen the next contestants are from this very theatre


Steve: Hey Jillain. I just realized I don't know the name of our song. I just know it's Track 4.

Jillian: Now that you mention it I don't know either.

FADE BACK IN to announcer-- Our next performance is a duet danced by Steve Wilson and Jillian Falet dancing to the beautiful waltz song The Thorny Rose


Steve: Didn't that janitor say...

Jillian: I think so. Well let's give them a show.

Steve and Jillian go hand in hand on stage


© Copyright 2017 yazz4youu. All rights reserved.

The Waltze The Waltze

Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Status: Finished

Genre: Other



This is a short play script about two stubborn dance partners who have to learn how to waltz so they can enter a competition and win if they want to save their dance studio.
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