The World of Journalism

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This is an essay I kind of wrote to prove a point to my boyfriend. He kind of said something that struck a nerve so I thought I would write how I felt in a professional way :)

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011








Yasmine Feliciano

The World of Journalism








One of my goals in life is to be an editor. In this essay I will express to you my goals, the goals of others and the background of journalism. Journalism has made some what an impact on my life. I feel that through writing I can somehow change the world. Writing is one of the passions I have and something I take very seriously. In this essay I will show you step by step through my mind set and all the way into my conclusion of journalism. This paper will consist of facts and opinions of both mine and of others which their names will stay anonymous. I am going to try to break down every aspect from every point of view of the look on journalism.







Journalism is the occupation of writing, reporting, editing, photographing or broadcasting of any kind of news. Occupation, break down the word occupation and what do you get?  You get the word occupy and you get –tion. Occupy which means to engage or employ the mind, and -tion which really comes from the suffix -ion which means act, result, or state of. Now, I put those three definitions in because without truly knowing their meaning you can’t even begin to think of becoming a journalist or do anything in that field of work. It has come to my attention that not many people know what it is they are signing up for when they go to college to study in journalism. Journalism is nothing you can just jump in to. It takes years of hard, dedicated work before you even go to college. Writing is an art you can both do it well and make it look nice or you just suck at it. Writing comes from the heart. Anyone could look up facts from the internet, write them down and present it as theirs. But the people who are out there on the field and experience it are the ones who right amazing articles and stories of facts that can be felt. With writing you can approach in a whole new way and let your words change the words of others.

Role of Journalism—journalism plays a big role in everyone’s life. Journalism is merely just news. Society has made journalist look somewhat as fools. Society has been fed that all they do is pry on actors or gossip about the government and world-knowing businesses. A journalist’s role is to tell the public (what they are blind to see) what is out there in the world. It is a journalist’s duty to show the public what is out there so they can get away from their every day, too consumed lives.

Elements of Journalism

According to The Elements of Journalism, a book by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel, there are nine elements of journalism.[2] In order for a journalist to fulfill their duty of providing the people with the information, they need to be free and self-governing. They must follow these guidelines:

  1. Journalism's first obligation is to the truth.
  2. Its first loyalty is to the citizens.
  3. Its essence is discipline of verification.
  4. Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover.
  5. It must serve as an independent monitor of power.
  6. It must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise.
  7. It must strive to make the news significant, interesting, and relevant.
  8. It must keep the news comprehensive and proportional.
  9. Its practitioners must be allowed to exercise their personal conscience.

In the April 2007 edition of the book,[3] they added the last element, the rights and responsibilities of citizens to make it a total of ten elements of journalism.

  • Journalism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Genres— there are many genres of journalism some include:  

  • Advocacy journalism - writing to advocate particular viewpoints or influence the opinions of the audience.
  • Broadcast journalism - writing or speaking which is intended to be distributed by radio or television broadcasting, rather than only in written form for readers.
  • Investigative journalism - writing which seeks to add extra information to explain, or better describe the people and events of a particular topic.
  • Tabloid journalism - writing which uses opinionated or wild claims.
  • Yellow journalism (or sensationalism) - writing which emphasizes exaggerated claims or rumors.
    • Main article: Journalism genres


Last year (my freshman year of high school) was when I first realized I wanted to study journalism and be an editor. I think I picked the editorial field because I’m very picky and have somewhat of OCD tendencies. I like things to be perfect. Ever since I was little I have been told I am great and writing and some of my teachers even told me that I should consider publishing my work to online sites for people to read. I’ve always gotten nothing lower than an A on a paper. It just always came naturally to me and I never understood why it took so much of an effort of other people to read and write papers.

Passion— you must have passion when you write or no one will read your work. With passion in your work people will be drawn to hear what you say and be persuaded to feel what you feel. Not only must you have passion in what you write but you have to have passion in the job. Journalism should be your career not your job. A job is something you must do to provide for yourself; a career is something you love and don’t regret going to everyday of your life. One of my passions is to write. It is something I will pursue and hope I can do for the rest of my life.

Hard work—how much you put into it is just as much as you will get out of it. With hard work comes dedication. Without dedication your work will be bland. Hard work starts from the first sentence you start at until the wee hours in the morning when you get finished and are still slaving over it to make your work perfection. Perfection comes a long way in writing. When you write you want to make sure that your work stands out from the rest of the world. You want people to be able to look online for your paper as a reference. For them to click on thousands of sites and your paper is the one that most intrigues them.


Any work of art that can be understood is the product of journalism.”

By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.”

“Journalism: an ability to meet the challenge of filling the space.”



“Literature is the art of writing something that will be read twice; journalism what will be grasped at once.”


“My favorite thing is still journalism. I'm almost 50. This has been my life ever since I was in college.”


“They take journalism really seriously because they know the force that it is and can be.”


The negative aspects people may see are: Too much time you have to put into it, not being able to afford going into college in the first place, not being able to control what you write and how you write (depending on your location and your superior), and not wanting to pursue your career because you are too afraid of what other people may think of your work. These are all things you should take into consideration when investing your life and your goals into this career. Unfortunately this world is full of politics that make you change who you are just to fit in. But we have to step out of that comfort zone and show that we are the ones that hold our lives up on what we say and how we feel not how we are suppose to feel and what we are suppose to feel to please the community.

In conclusion of my paper, I would like to state that all of my information has come straight off of real sites. Journalism is a career that should not be taken lightly or foolish. It’s a career nevertheless like any other and people in the profession should hold it up with great pride and integrity. I am looking forward for the day I finally get to study in journalism and get to head into the right direction of my near future and more so to be able to make an impact on the world. I am ready.

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