The Adventures of the Five Asians and a Mexiguar Book 4: The Undead

The Adventures of the Five Asians and a Mexiguar Book 4: The Undead The Adventures of the Five Asians and a Mexiguar Book 4: The Undead

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



They find Toan and Andy's adoptive mother up and alive! Well... kind of. But the question is. Why? Find out on the next installment on TAFAM!
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They find Toan and Andy's adoptive mother up and alive! Well... kind of. But the question is. Why? Find out on the next installment on TAFAM!

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Adventures of the Five Asians and a Mexiguar Book 4: The Undead

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They find Toan and Andy's adoptive mother up and alive! Well... kind of. But the question is. Why? Find out on the next installment on TAFAM!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 13, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 13, 2014




The Adventures of the Five Asians and a Mexiguar Book 4: The Undead


The Story of Jackie Lee and Origin of Toan and Andy

“That’s mum alright,” said Toan looking in horror as him and Andy's adoptive mother walking. Their mother was still wearing the clothes she had on at the funeral— her favorite red dress. She was one of the first homosapiens. Andy and Toan were mere mortals when she first found them. They were on a bag that said,“Don’t want them,” With no idea what those two were capable of, she took them in and raised them. Her name was Jackie Lee.

One day while their mother was hunting saber-toothed tigers, that’s why they’re extinct today, Toan and Andy were rolling in the mud until they discovered it was volcano ashes combined with water from the Fountain of Youth. They came home all buff and dirty. She cleaned them and got some of the mud on her, but it was watered-down causing her body not to rot, not having the full effect of the immortality. The next day, Toan fell off a cliff and got gnawed on by a saber-toothed tiger named Diego. Toan punched the tiger in the mouth and broke off the tooth. He left with only a couple scratches, but only from climbing up the cliff. Andy got “accidently” pushed into a volcano, and eaten alive by Toan’s pet Saber-toothed squirrel.

When Toan and Andy came home that day, Jackie Lee saw them and had a hunch about what happened. She had to make sure. As fast a speeding bullet, she punched Andy and Toan where it is supposed to hurt most. Toan and Andy felt nothing, and went to get something to eat. The next day, she “accidently” pushed Andy and Toan into a pit of Dire Wolves. Toan and Andy trained them and had a whole family of wolves. Jackie Lee was now sure that they were immortal. She had a talk with them discussing about their immortality, power, and how they were going to affect the whole world.

“With great power, come great responsibility,” said Jackie Lee ending the discussion.

Several years past and they were now 16 years of age. One day, Toan and Andy were just wrestling in the mud, like usual, until they saw that the front door of the house was open. They went to go check on their mother, until they witnessed a brutal murder of their mother by the same Saber-tooth tiger that Toan had punched, years earlier. Toan had felt an excruciating guilt in his gut. Andy and Toan vowed to kill every Saber-toothed tiger alive. That was the extinction of the Saber-toothed tigers.


The Base

Toan and Andy stopped discussing about their past.They had agreed on to make a well fortified base. They had wood, nails and food.

“This apocalypse might be the end of us guys,” said Mark.

“I thought we were immortal,” replied Aaron V.

“Well, a bite from them is not ending our bodies, but will end our minds,” said Mark having a certificate in Zombiology. “So I wouldn’t want to take a bite from them.”

“You study zombies?” said Toan, “Since when?”

“Before I was your mentor, I went to Extreme Smart College of Unneeded Information,” declared Mark. “Who knew this information would come in handy.”

They found two other people in the McDonald’s. They got them to help. They nailed up the windows with boards and gathered up all the food and supplies. They were going to have food for approximately one month and a half, according to Toan’s calculations. Andy, the strategist, planned to add fences around the restaurant, make the Mcdonalds sign into a watch tower.

“Folks, we got ourselves a zombeh apocalypse,” said the guy dropping off McDonald’s supplies. He had a name tag that said Carl Jr.

“No duh, Sherlock,” said a small half Asian half British boy.

“Who in the bloody hell are you?” said Mark feels the urge for the accent.

“My name is Jayden, you simpleton,” said Jayden. “You don’t remember me?”

“Wait, wait, wait it’s Jared!” said Mark.

“I just said my name!” said Jayden. “I used to live in your neighborhood!”

“Yeah, yeah Jared,” relied Mark. “No need to lie, Jared. I already know about this test of friendship.”

“UGH FORGET IT!” yelled Jayden giving up.

“Jayden huh” said Glenn. “Sounds familiar.”

“You must’ve known my father or grandfather,” said Jayden. “They adopted me.”

“What were their names?” asked Aaron N.

“Jayden the Tyrant and Jayden the Tyrant II” replied Jayden. “I consider myself to be the third. Unfortunately, five evil mercenaries by the name of Toan, Andy, Francisco, Glenn, and Aaron N. killed my grandfather in cold blood.”

Memories flooded everyone’s minds except Mark and Aaron V. Horrible, horrible memories.

“Can we have a moment alone?” asked Francisco.

“Sure,” answered Jayden and the League went to the corner to talk.

“Dude, it’s frickin Jayden,” said Francisco

“I know,” said Andy. “Let’s make up names and pretend to be different people.”

They came back and “introduced” themselves.

“So, I’m Tom Ato,” said Toan.

“I’m Dan Druff,” said Andy as he scratched his head.

“I’m Ben Dover,” said Glenn, as he bent over to get a penny.

“I am Yuri Pulsive,” said Francisco.

“I am Thomas T. Train,” said Aaron N.

“I’m Ben,” said Mark. Toan elbowed Mark.

“Your name is Mark though,” said Jayden.

“Umm just kidding, my name is Mark,” scoffed Mark.

Everyone else introduced themselves and went to sleep. They woke up at 5 am to work on a strategy. Andy remembered that there was a hardware store and a gun shop, down the street. They were going on a run to get some poles, fences, and weapons. Andy, Toan, and Glenn decided to go. Mark, having a certificate in Zombiology, decided to find a cure for this infection. He needed privacy, so we gave him the PlayPlace. There was only a couple of zombies on the way. They had found the hardware store right next door to the gun shop. They decided to go to the hardware store first. Upon entering the store, everyone blacked out. Kesean was there sitting on a couch, as everyone woke up.

“What the… why are you here?” asked Glenn.

“You in my ma’s hardware store, homeh,” replied Kesean. Glenn looked around and saw a middle-aged woman in the corner glaring at him.

“Alright mang, we just want some fences for out ‘lil base of ours,” said Toan.

“On one condition,” answered Kesean. “Me and my ma need some of them bullet propelling machines. It’s right next door, but it is too dangerous and I can’t leave my ma alone.”

“Alright,” replied Andy.

“I literally can’t leave her alone,” said Kesean. “Last time, I was connin yous, there’s was a cat stuck in the tree, and fire hydrant missing.”  

“Alright mang, you takes care of hers,” said Glenn. “We’ll get the stuff.”

“Fine,” said Kesean.

Toan, Glenn, and Andy ran outside, killed some zombies, and went into the gun shop. There was nothing there. No guns, no bullets, nothing. Disappointment filled Andy, Glenn, and Toan’s faces as they thought their mission was a failure.

“NO!” said Glenn angrily. “THIS CAN’T BE!”

“They can’t have taken everything,” said Toan logically.

“DANG IT!” screamed Glenn as he punched the wall.

“Hey look, there’s something in the wall,” said Toan.

Glenn was surprised and punched the wall again. They found the motherload. There was Rifles, SMG’s, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Explosives, and Sniper Rifles. They took as much as they can as quickly as they can, and covered the hole in the wall with a File cabinet with a note saying, “Don’t move this. - The Asian Sensations”. They rushed back to Kesean’s Ma’s hardware store hiding their full packs.

“We only got pistols and rifles mang,” lied Toan.

“Aww, well I’m sure you did the best you could,” answered Kesean.

“Wait a minute, there was—” said Glenn interrupted by Andy.

“Nothing there!” said Andy interruptingly.

“Alright, we’ll stay here,” said Kesean.

“We’ll leave now,” said Glenn. “Peace out, cuz.”

“Yeah,” answered Kesean

The League left and went inside. Meanwhile Kesean was aiming his pistol at the zombie. He only heard a click when he pulled the trigger. Anger filled Kesean’s face realizing that they conned a conman.

“This is crap, ma!” said Kesean

“Nah baby, use this one!” said Kesean’s Ma. “I pickpocketed this from that chinese boi.”

“He’s filipino!” exclaimed Kesean.

“Well give it here.” said Kesean as his Ma gave him a machine gun.

Kesean aimed at Glenn’s head as they were leaving. Glenn got shot and fell on the floor.

“WHAT THE FLIP, MANG” yelled Toan.

Glenn came back up and groaned. Kesean shot Glenn again, thinking he was a zombie.

“OW, WHAT THE HECK, MAN” said Glenn holding his wound.

“Oh what the frick just happen!” exclaimed Kesean.

“We’re immortal!” yelled Glenn.

“I guess I’m in trouble now,” said Kesean.

“Yes, you are,” said Andy cracking his knuckles.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the state.” said Andy cuffing him using what he found in Kesean’s ma’s shop,copper wires.

They brought Kesean back to the Mcdonald’s to hold a trial. Toan was the Judge and Kesean’s ma was Kesean’s lawyer. Glenn was the prosecutor, and Mark was the court reporter writing everything that has happened. Andy was in the witness box. Everyone else,which was Francisco, both Aarons, Jayden, and Carl Jr was the Jury.

“Order! Order in the court!” said Toan, even though no one was talking.

“Kesean, put your left hand on the bible and raise your right hand.” said Toan. Kesean did what Toan asked.

Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” said Toan.

“Sure, why not,” answered Kesean.

“According to witnesses, you shot Glenn Paul Orleans II in the head without knowing he was immortal,” said Toan. “ Is this true?”

“Yes, your honor.” said Kesean, as everyone booed at him.

“YOUR INNOCENT!” said Toan.


“Ugh, fine.” said Toan. “Hurry up and decide!”

“He is innocent for being honest!” said Francisco, after deciding with the jury.

"It's decided!" said Toan. "He's innocent!"

“Yeah, my boi has done nothing but underage drinking, underage smoking, carjacking, sales of stolen goods,” said Kesean’s ma.

“Ma, shut up!” said Kesean.

The jury whispered to each other and said, “Nevermind, he’s guilty!”

“Fine!” said Toan. “Kesean, your sentence is no fried chicken for 16 months.

“I can’t even survive a day without fried chicken!”said Kesean.

“You’ll have to learn,” said Toan coldly. “Dismissed!”

“Sorry, mah son,” said Kesean’s ma. “Right when I found this box of fried chicken.”

“Nooooooooooooooooo!” yelled Kesean.

Everyone had left and continued on. Toan and Andy decided to put up the fences. Jayden volunteered to help. As they were setting up the fences, they heard a scream. They went to go check and it was only Mark. Suddenly, Jayden was grabbed from behind and bitten on the leg! Toan grabbed Andy’s spork and chopped it off.

“AHHHHHH,” screamed Jayden as Toan is cutting through his flesh.

“NO!” exclaimed Andy. “My spork!”

“I just need to cut through the bone!” yelled Toan.

“I would’ve done it with one swing!” exclaimed Andy as Toan cut his bone and flesh.

Jayden started to pass out, then Toan and Andy carried him to the Mcdonald’s.

“CLEAR THE TABLE!” yelled Andy as everyone shoved trash off the table.

“Get some bandages!” yelled Toan as Mark entered the room.

“What the bloody hell happened here?!” questioned Mark.

“We’ll tell you later!” said Andy. “Just get some bandages!”

Andy pulled out a bottle of clear liquid, alcohol and said, “This is going to sting man!”

The alcohol woke Jayden up and he screamed in pain. Mark gave Toan the bandages and wrapped it around Jayden’s what used to be leg. He started to pass out again, from the pain.

“Nothing else we could do,” said Toan and he went to the PlayPlace. He was playing in the ball pit when Mark yelled.


Preparing for D.C.

“I DID IT!” yelled Mark.

“What?” asked Toan. Everyone came into Mark’s lab in the PlayPlace.

“I figured out the cure,” Mark statedly proudly.

“How?” asked Andy unconvinced.

“Fine, I found a rat in the kitchen and name it Science,” explained Mark. “It then got my pencil and wrote an equation.”

“This is big,” said Aaron V. “We got to go to D.C., guys.”

“That’s a big trip,” said Glenn. “We’d need a car and supplies.”

“It’s eleven people man. At least three vehicles and a motorcycle if we can find them.” said Andy.

“We got a R/V, a pickup truck, a Lamborghini, and a motorcycle in the parking lot,” said Aaron N.

`“I got my food supply truck,” said Carl Jr.”We could probably fit some supplies in their.”

“You’re right, but getting it will take some time,” said Toan. “We have to hotwire the R/V and the pickup truck.”

“I got this guys.” said Andy as he went outside to hotwire the car. Toan and Glenn killed the approaching zombies.


Heading for D.C.

They all put Jayden in the R/V, on the bed. Mark began working on a prosthetic leg. Everyone then gathered up the food and supplies while Andy hotwired the motorcycle and pickup truck. Andy decided to ride the motorcycle. Glenn drives the pickup truck .Toan drove the Lamborghini and Carl drove his supply truck. The rest would be in the R/V driven by Aaron V, happy to finally have found a home. There’s was only one problem, they had no idea to get there.

They suddenly heard a feminine voice from a box, displaying light. “Turn right, turn right, turn right, I need batteries, turn right,” it said.

“Who’s that sexy lady?” demanded Francisco. “I’ll save you woman inside the box!”

Aaron held back Francisco and explained to him what a GPS was.

“So there’s no sexy lady?” asked Fransisco.

Aaron answered, “No.” Aaron N suddenly got up and turned on the radio.

“All surv… go to” came out of the radio with a loud crshh. “…D.C.”

“That settles that!” said Mark. “We’re going to D.C.”

They all started their cars with Aaron V. leading the way, because of his GPS. They stopped once in a while to syphon gas off other cars, but other than that, it was a nonstop trip. They all got tired and started to rest and Toan slept on the top of the Lamborghini. Andy took the first shift on top of the R/V. He used a sniper rifle with a night optic scope, along with a revolver strapped to his belt. Hours past and morning.

“How come you didn’t wake me up for my shift?” asked Toan, yawning.

“Wait,” said Andy tired.” I was supposed to wake you guys up?”

“Yeah…?” said Toan.

“Oh my flippin-” said Andy as he fell off the roof of the R/V onto the floor on his face. Francisco carried Andy in the R/V and took his motorcycle. Two days later, they decided to loot a house for supplies. Francisco was on watch when he saw something red and human-shaped in the sky with a white line connecting to its wrist to a building. Suddenly, the red object came towards him and turned out to be a man, alive. He was in a blue and red tights with a web-like pattern.

“Who are you?” asked Francisco.

“Spidahman!” he said in an Asian accent.

“Guys, come here!” yelled Francisco to everyone.

“Cool, another Asian,” said Glenn.

“How you know I Asian?” asked “Spidahman”. “Not that I Asian.”


The Adventures of the Five Asians and a Mexiguar Book 4: The Undead Part 2

Coming Soon.

Next time on the walking dead, we find our heroes finding another hero. Can they trust him?! Find out on the next installment of TAFAM!


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