The Adventures of The Four Asians and a Mexiguar Book 2: The Immortales

The Adventures of The Four Asians and a Mexiguar Book 2: The Immortales The Adventures of The Four Asians and a Mexiguar Book 2: The Immortales

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



We meet our heroes back together. Dealing with another problem , a group of warlords. New characters. New powers (especially Andy). And a new member.
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We meet our heroes back together. Dealing with another problem , a group of warlords. New characters. New powers (especially Andy). And a new member.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Adventures of The Four Asians and a Mexiguar Book 2: The Immortales

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We meet our heroes back together. Dealing with another problem , a group of warlords. New characters. New powers (especially Andy). And a new member.

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Submitted: April 12, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 12, 2014



The Adventures of The Four Asians and a Mexiguar Book 2: The Immortales


Three years before, a parting of ways had occurred with the legendary five-some of four Asians and a Mexiguar had defeated the Evil Shogun Tyrant Jayden. They knew that the isolation wasn’t permanent and for good reason. Although they didn’t know it, there was an evil presence on the earth. A group of tyrants had come with an army of darkness. The only people powerful enough to destroy this group of warlords was the legendary Quintet, which included Toan, Andy, Francisco Barajas VII, Glenn Paul Orleans II, and Aaron .


Bob the Wizardly Builder

Bob was panting as he had witnessed his vehicles dead, right before his eyes by a group of four dark-dressed figures and some living, moving skeleton soldiers. He had put a spell on the automatons to talk years before. To make it worse, Bob’s love, Wendy, also dies blocking an arrow to the knee for Bob. He had to reform the Legendary Five to avenge his talking automatons and his love. Bob was in a state of so much rage even Francisco Barajas VII’s own rage would’ve been a match. Bob went on a journey in search to reform the Legendary Quintet of Conquest.


Finding Toan

Toan had went out in search for hidden dungeons for the treasure of not just the riches but the adventure. Since the departure of the Quintet, Toan had found many a treasure.He had learned from the legendary treasure hunter, Mark. Toan had became very well-known and ahad earn the nickname, “Toan the Vast”. He had learned to look for booby traps, leap at far distances, and invented a martial art by the name of Toan-Kwon-Do. People debated that Toan had even surpassed Mark. Bob had found Toan asleep on a bed of hand-craft, diamond in-crested frame. Bob woke Toan up, and suddenly Bob was in a hostage position with a blue-flamed stake pointed at his head. “Evil is arising and I need the Quintet back!” Toan was intrigued by his offer and let Bob go.

Toan decided to go with Bob. He then packed his duffel bag with his fifteen perfectly hand-crafted stakes, food, extra clothes, his journal and the Katana blade piece of Jayden. He decided to put on a black assassin outfit and a back hood. He hooked two stake holsters on his back, put a hidden knife in his black leather boots, and strapped a grapple gun by his waist. He went outside to see his master, Mark. Mark had decided to come with them, and together, they went in search for Andy.


Finding Andy

Andy was located on the summit of Mount Everest. Toan, Mark and Bob were watching as Andy slayed 60 dragons with one slash with his spork under 1 minute. After all the dragons died Andy had absorbed all of the dragon’s souls. During the three years,  Andy had mastered the way of the Dragon Breath. The dragon breath included Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Wind Breath. After Andy was done, Andy had spotted Toan and Bob and they were speechless. Toan then threw a stake at Andy for being so OVERPOWERED. Andy then rushed towards them and told them what was happening.

After all the explaining, Andy went to go pack up. He got his spare sword, his five dragon eggs, his armor which had dragon scales and bones, the katana blade piece that belonged to Jayden, he put on his boots which had a hidden dragon bone knife under it, he strapped on a snapple cap, put a bow around him with his spork-shaped arrows, and he brought three diamond, silver, gold coins with him. They were a currency so rare that it can buy anything. It was also a gift from Toan before they left Andy had then went with Toan, Mark, and Bob to the journey to reform the Legendary Quintet.


Finding Glenn

They found Glenn in the shadows of Tokyo with his signature spear on his hand about to throw. They all said,”HI!” and Glenn fell off the roof. Glenn got up and saw his old friends. He was delighted to see them, so delighted that he forgot to finish his job and kill the Mayor of Tokyo. Glenn then looked at Toan’s outfit and found it very similar to his. The outfits were both black and had the same pants design. The only difference was that Glenn wore a mask while Toan wore a hood. Glenn was then debriefed on their mission to reunite the Quintet of Legend and defeat the Group of Warlords and their army of darkness.

Glenn got out his backpack and put his spear waxing kit, his cross guard piece of the Katana of Jayden, and his pink sweater. Once Glenn decided to come with them, there were only two more members to find.


Finding Aaron

They went to gyms in search for Aaron, they found Aaron at Fitness 19. He was just fit, his arms were only bigger than Andys by 2 inches. Toan told him about our mission to reform the Legendary Quintet, he got excited and went to pack up. He got his portable weights, his bone, his duct tape, his energy drinks, and his spoon, fork, and plate. He then comes along on the journey to find the last person of the Quintet. Before he left he picked up the hilt of Jayden, which he had to protect.


Finding Francisco Barajas VII

The group then found Francisco licking his younger cousin in the Amazon Rainforest. Francisco wasn’t the ferocious, cold-hearted Mexiguar he once was. He had gotten soft and put flowers in his hair. He had become a vegetarian even though jaguars eat meat. To make things even harder for us, he gave up his will to kill. “ Life is like a box of chocolate they last very little to a man,” Francisco had told us. His cousin had died of old age and he realized how precious life was and refused to take anyone’s life. Having became a major in philosophy, Toan said,”Those men don’t deserve to live;they are thieves, murderers, and just out-right rude. To take their lives, is to rid the world of evil and make lives peaceful for the rest of the world.”

That speech had gotten through to Francisco. Although he wasn’t happy leaving his family, he had agreed to come with them. He packed a nail clipper, nail trimmer, and some black nail polish. Since he lived his last three years in the wilderness, so he had to pack his stuff in a hobo stick. Finally they settled out, but realized one thing. They had no idea where the warlords were. “I figured one of you guys must’ve known,” Bob defended. Everyone facepalmed, clueless of where their enemies were.


The Warlords

They decided to go to Toan’s mansion in Rome, Italy. They then had a meeting to figure things out. Suddenly the ground shook, and there was screaming among the city. They ran out and met them face-to-face for the first time. Shockingly they had the same style as us. They were five muscular looking guys and one fat guy just like us. They carried the same weapons and same clothes as us. Once they had set their eyes on them, they saw something horrible. Pure evil. They readied our weapons and charged head first without thinking.

Toan combated his copycat with fierce swipes and jabs only to see them all dodged. Andy had used his dragon breath to push them away. Suddenly, Andy had been knocked to the ground. Awaiting to see the copycats, he saw Bob instead. Bob held a strange shard in his hand and then stabbed Andy. Andy  had forgotten everything he knew and only knew about his friends and the Quintet, and the basic things to life. Andy was too late to tell the Quintet that Bob was evil. Bob had grew 7 inches taller and turned stronger manifesting from Andy’s memories. Bob used his shard with the rest of the Quintet and had the same effect as it did on Andy. Bob had then made the sound of thunder out of his butt, making a potent odor of death on the warlords knocking them out cold. He wanted them to suffer, so kept them as slaves for the rest of their miserable lives. Bob had left the Quintet for dead, little did he know they were immortal. Mark was nowhere to be seen, he was MIA.


Andy looked at his bag and found eggs, so he was going to make omelettes for the Quintet. Instead of turning into an omelettes when it was on the frying pan, it had exploded and turned into a baby dragons. The Quintet had taken care of them, in no time they grew to a full-sized dragons. Each one was a different color: blue, green, black, red, and pink. Toan raised the green dragon which he named Andy had raised the blue dragon which he named Ghost. Glenn had taken care of the black dragon which he named Ferdinand in honor of Ferdinand Magellan. Francisco had taken care of the pink dragon and he named it Cupcake. Aaron had taken the red dragon which he named Odahviing.



They had went their separate ways, and  had flown them around, and Andy had noticed a mountain which was the biggest one he ever saw. He looked around and found a cave, there was a doormat saying “Welcome Andy”. Andy had wondered if that was him before he had changed, he read his journal then his memories had started return to him, he remembered about his luxurious cave. Andy had swore to never kill a dragon unless they were attacking him. Toan had found his journey in a secret pocket in his duffel bag and found journal. Toan read it and his memories flooded his mind. Aaron thought  he looked a bit fat, so he went to the gym. While lifting weights, he felt the exhaustion that he felt years before. He remembered the pain of his arms and soreness of his ribs. The memories then exploded in his mind.

Glenn was walking down the street with his pants down. A guy came up to him and told him to pull up his pants or die. Glenn liked the freedom of his legs, he liked the breeze that went to his parts that never saw the sun, so he refused to pull up his pants. The guy suddenly got out a spear then threw it at him, Glenn had dodged it then grabbed the spear and threw the spear with such precision, such strength that it killed the man in one swift second. The memories of becoming an assassin had came back to him. The man Glenn had just killed was his old boss, mad at his betrayal and his hoboness.

Francisco had found a jaguar the same appearance as his. He felt a strange sense of deja vu. Francisco felt a connection to the jaguar, so he decided to free the jaguar. He slashed the trap with his claws breaking the trap in half, and his memories had rushed back into his head. He even remembered that he did this all before, freeing his cousin, his family is very big.  He remembered about his father, grandfather, and ancestors before.


Striking Back

They knew they had to bring justice for Bob’s betrayal. They had to regroup at a certain spot on the peak of the Mount Andes in South America. They had flown our dragons to the peak of the mountain and found a weird vegetable called a “Potato”.

“That traitorous, good-for-nothing dirtbag!” Francisco outraged.

“I’m gonna mess his face up so bad!” Glenn had said angrily.

“NOM NOM NOM” Toan had said eating a bowl of delicious, crispy french fries.

“He’ll never be the man his mom was,” said Andy stealing Toan’s fries

“I’ll eat him alive!” Aaron had said hungrily.

“Eat some potatoes man. You’re not you when you’re hungry,” Toan suggested.

“Alright done with the small talk! So we need a plan to take down Bob. He’s no different than Jayden,” said Andy

Andy had been a master strategist responsible for the downfall of the 6 most powerful empires. He knew how to attack, when to attack, and why to attack. He was also the master of Toan-Kwon-Do, and Glenn-Jitsu taught by Toan and Glenn themselves. Toan was a master combatant skillful in the art of fighting fist-to-face. He knew all the artforms such as Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, his signature martial art Toan-Kwon-Do, and numerous more. Glenn was a stealth machine, he knew how to disappear like a boss and kill without noise. Francisco was just a mad killer with a violent heart. Aaron could bash peoples heads with only the slightest tap and form a prison riot easily. Andy then had told the group his master plan for hours until they all had it memorized.

They had waited till nightfall. They flew up to the sky as high as possible on their dragons, then they fell down doing 360 back and front flips while eating a burrito with smoke grenades in hands. The quintet then put on our gas mask and infrared goggles that are centuries ahead of the technology that day. With a loud boom, everyone had made an impact on the floor, making craters. They then snapped the guards’ neck while they were blinded by the smoke. The Quintet had found a room with an office chair in the center along with a desk. The chair suddenly had spun and they saw Bob petting a cat in his arms.

Bob had dropped his cat and said,”Well, well, well if it isn’t the Legendary Quintet.”

Glenn had threw his spear at Bob, then Bob had caught it and broke it in half. Glenn had burst into tears seeing his second spear breaking. Bob ripped his own shirt and punched Glenn. He then went after Francisco; Francisco dodged the attack, but Bob grabbed Francisco’s legs and threw him against the wall.


Sudden hole in the wall appeared and out came what were thought to be ruthless, barbaric  warlords.

“Yes m’lord,” they said in unison.

He sent his slaves, the warlords from before, to attack us while he sews his shirt back together. Francisco and Glenn had recovered and started to help defeat the warlords. Everyone had to deal with their doppelganger and defeat them. Toan had dodged his doppelganger’s attack and set his clothes on fire with his stake causing him to reduce to ashes. Andy had parried his opponents attack and had struck him, the opponent had blocked the attack, but Andy was too swift, he then stabs him in the heart. Glenn had no spear so he started using his pet rock. He smacked his double’s face knocking him down and able to snap his neck. Glenn’s double deteriorated into ash.

Francisco kept pouncing off the wall, along with his double.  They kept running in circles, so Toan put oil on the floor making them both slip. Andy then pulled Francisco out of the slippery deathtrap, and then Toan setted fire to the oil, burning him alive. There was only Aaron’s double left. Aaron’s double was tricky because his double was leaner and more muscular than Aaron was. Aaron kept getting smacked, but he ripped his shirt and smacked him where it hurts. Bob had put together his shirt again, but when he saw all of his slaves reduced to ashes, he ripped his shirt again.


Bob had then punched the whole Quintet, giving them boo-boos on their legs. Nobody could move without something to hold on to or they would feel an unbearable, piercing pain. Bob then had his wrench out ready to kill us all with a single swing. He swung his wrench, but in the middle of the swing. Something stopped it; Mark had dropped from the ceiling riding Bob’s head in a piggy-back position leading him to the walls. Bob had blood coming down his nose and eye, and then Mark had taken the katana pieces from everyones packs and put them together. Mark then stabbed Bob through the heart and in a flash of light, all that remained was ash.

“About time Mark, you prick. Why’d you wus out? Now our legs frickin broke. This whole thing seems highly unrealistic, as if we were in a story of some kind,” muttered Toan.

“Well, you’re welcome, I just saved your guys’ frickin lives,” said Mark feeling unappreciated.

“I don’t care anymore! Just someone get me a frickin TACO,” said Francisco.

“I want some fried rice now with chinese sausage and soy sauce,” said Andy hungrily.

“Alright guys, I devised a injection to temporarily restore a limb in case this happens,” Toan said helpfully.


The originals asked for their katana piece back, and Mark gave it back. They had found a strange screwdrivers on Bob’s tool belt. Suddenly all the mortals in the room a strange energy enhancing them. Mark tripped and fell on Andy’s twin’s spork. He somehow survived and was announced immortal.



The Rebirth of the Quintet

Toan got his serum out and gave everyone except Mark a dose. The Quintet decided to live on the moon and form a base there. It was decided that the world needed heroes. Heroes that would do what was necessary for the good of mankind. Heroes the world can depend on when it is in crisis. To do that, they can’t be the cruel, ruthless group that killed six civilizations. They needed to become a different group, a group the world can trust. They formed The League of Shadows, an organized group of six, through eight years of self-disciplined training they had mastered they way of Toan-Kwon-Do, Glenn-Jitsu, and Ankido. They could now rid the world of misery in the shadows.


The Cliffhanger

The League was on a job killing a dangerous mercenary responsible for the death of dozens. After they put him down, someone had snuck behind them (which was a pretty hard thing to do). The mysterious person knocked out Francisco and carried his body away into the truck. Andy finally saw the mysterious person and called the others.

“Guys! I saw a shadow go into that truck carrying a body!”, said Andy

They came to the truck but it drove away.

“This is my fault. I should have saw the mysterious person,” said Toan,“I guess we have to find him now,” said Glenn

The Adventures of the Five Asians and a Mexiguar 3: The Search for the Mexiguar

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