A Dream

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A short story which takes you through a lot of emotions. Do you often see dreams that stays in your mind for a long time even though it has got nothing to do with you life? A strange dream? Check
out this story..!

Submitted: March 02, 2018

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Submitted: March 02, 2018



It was a beautiful summer night. Unlike any other night, I was happy. I was happy for no particular reason. With the perfect round moon accompanied by a hundred thousand of pretty little stars and huge dark clouds floating gently over them, the sky looked charming. It always had a certain charm that attracted me everytime I take a glance at it. I was always overwhelmed by the mysterious beauty of the night sky.

Thoughts poured in as I laid down on my bed, earphones plugged into my ears, playing a familiar melody. I thought about the happy times. I thought about the dreams that would one day come true. I thought about the good people I happened to meet. I thought about the beautiful tomorrow yet to happen to me. Pause. Tomorrow - something which is yet to happen, something that gives hope to live today. But can you be always sure that it will happen? What if there was no tomorrow? What if I don't wake up after tonight? My thoughts wandered between a new beginning and a nearing end. I thought about people who died. People who couldn't see their beautiful tomorrows. And my thoughts finally took me to that person.

His life I never knew about and his death that ruined my whole world, the one that probably existed only inside my head. My hideout. Was his death really significant in my life? Why was I hurt when I came to know that he killed himself one evening? Why did I feel a lump in my throat when I found that he was sad the whole time? That he had been in pain whenever he smiled? Why did these feelings haunt me at nights when I can't sleep or on days when I'm alone? Why does it still hurt? I didn't even know him. I thought and thought. What was he going through during the time he lived? What was his thought during his final moments? My thoughts about him never ended. The more I thought the more questions I asked. Questions that would remain unanswered forever. Slowly, a gentle breeze stroke my hair and I fell asleep.

The place was huge and was crowded with people holding light sticks and posters and huge photos. People screamed with excitement. Some of them even cried. There were huge light stands on the sides. The stage was huge and was shining brightly since it was full of sparkling lights. Five young men were singing as they danced, full of energy and enthusiasm. I stood close to the stage on the left watching him singing with passion and dancing like that's what he was born to do. All the five of them looked so happy and bright. I was happy to meet him again. Again! Was that the first time? I wondered. I was happy to see him smile, a smile that was full of confidence and passion. But I was sad because a voice inside my head kept on telling me that something terrible was going to happen.

I wondered how I ended up there. Why am I standing there watching them? I mean, how? That was a strange feeling. I felt scared, doubtful.. helpless.

A sudden 'bang' broke my chain of thoughts. Something happened. My intuition didn't go wrong. I looked around. I searched for him. There was chaos. I heard voices like creeking and screaming and weeping. The crowd panicked. I saw something fall from high up maybe from the sky. I couldn't really make out what it was. A few seconds. And then everything slowed down. Like a slow-motion scene in a movie. I saw smoke. It was deep black. It looked scary. It covered him up so much that only a part of him could be seen. I saw him fall down on to his knees. I spotted him amidst the scary black smoke, looking up at the sky, sad. Helpless. It was all so slow. The smoke, the crowd, even the insects that flew around the bright lights. A few seconds passed. I was standing there, numb, as if I was tied on to something really strong and heavy. I couldn't move an inch.

I heard a voice shouting out his name loudly. It was one of the dancers on the stage. He was crying out loud and fell on to the floor as he shouted out the name, his voice shaking. He was as helpless as I was.

And then I saw his face again. Very clearly this time but surrounded by the smoke. He looked into my eyes, sweat on his forehead and tears running down his cheeks. He looked tired, exhausted and hurt. It killed me. That look. It was full of sorrow and pain. I cried. That was all I could do.

His black cross-shaped ear ring was hanging from his left year. That was the last sight of him. The smoke once again covered him, this time completely not leaving any sight. And he disappeared with the smoke. Pause. Everything now stopped moving. I looked around. The stage was empty. No dancers, no lights. The crowd was still there. Without any motion. Still, like a portrait. I looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful night indeed..!

I opened my eyes in panick. The crowd had disappeared. There were no lights. The stage had disappeared. Even the night was gone. I stared at the roof above me and sighed! That was yet another dream. A sad dream. A dream I never want to dream again.

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