The Dowenfall of man is out of WWH

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Every problem or challenges in life can be traced to principles found in the Bible. Every person, regardless of culture, family or ethnic background, religion, education, complexion, country of origin, position or social status, must either follow these principles or experience the consequences of violating them.
Man is affected by what I called ‘‘the WWH factors’’ which hinders the progress of man’s life. There are so many obstacles in man’s life due to WWH syndrome that leaches in the mind of man.
Choice making is the key of WWH factors that leaches in man’s mind. Choice is part of God’s work with a condition of blessings or curses. But what limits man is the mystery of WWH of God’s work.
Is the downfall of man the woman?
Who is to be blamed for the suffering of man, the creator or man?
Is it good to question the existence of nature?
Why the free will of choice?
What is the first law on earth?
What is the meaning of ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’?
Why evolution rather than natural creator?
This book examines the causes of the downfall of man (man and woman) in three key letters WWH.

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The Dowenfall of man is out of WWH

Submitted: July 10, 2015

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