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A boy tries to save his friend from committing suicide.

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



I’ve never seen a gun upfront before, I’ve never wanted too, now that I think about it I’ve never really thought about it, not until now at least.

It wasn’t the gun that held my eye nor was it the guy who held it but the dark narrow barrel, the endless swirl of darkness that threatened to take everything away from me in a blink of an eye.

The apartment was devoid of any light apart from the small slither of the sun protruding from the curtained window. I could roughly make out the destroyed furniture that littered the place.

“Why did you come, I told you not too” said the boy sitting across the dimly lit room

“You know perfectly well that I wouldn’t let you do this, not alone at least” I said coolly.

“I’ve had enough, ENOUGH I give in, I give up” He whispered

“Stop lying, if you gave up you wouldn’t be talking to me” I said slowly trying not to make any sudden movements.

He cocked the gun towards his head closing his eyes “try me”

“Listen timothy-”

“I’ve HAD ENOUGH I won’t-”

“I SAID LISTEN DAMIT” my voice reverberating of the apartment walls “We made a promise, we wouldn’t no matter how hard it got, no matter what life threw at us, we would shoulder it me and you together like always, we’ve gone this far, I won’t quit on you now”

The high pitched hysterical laugh made my blood run cold, he shot me a look of pure hatred, a look that made reminded me of my former self.

“You with your fancy car and beautiful girlfriend WILL never understand, no one will ever understand” he screamed pointing the gun in my direction “SO JUST GET THE FUCK OUT and take you bullshit promise with you.”

“Don’t start with that bull shit, don’t you dare tell me I don’t understand, I was there when your mom died, I was there getting beat up right next to you through high school, I was there when we crashed, I was there when you got into the wheel chair, I was there every time you needed me Don’t you dare fucking tell me I don’t understand!” I shouted back trying to force that hard lump in my throat back down.

A cold silence enveloped the room, timothies eyes we’re closed gun still locked to his skull he swayed back and forth and wordlessly whispering to himself, I didn’t move a muscle, couldn’t move a muscle I wouldn’t let him kill himself not after so much we’ve been through, I cannot allow that.

Before I could utter a word to break the unbearable silence, my phone started ringing.

Suddenly timothy snapped his eyes open looking me straight in the eye.

“You should get that it’s probably your girlfriend, go on answer it” timothy sneered

“I don’t understand what your problem with Melisa, you’ve had a problem with her ever since we met?”

“Your so naïve you, you don’t understand anything do you”

“Then explain it to me, for Christ sake let me help you” I shouted.

“It’s not bloody Melisa that pisses me off it’s the simple fact that you we’re there for me before she showed and because everything works for you, your nothing like me, you haven’t experienced the same crap as me, we’re just too different”


“The only reason anything bad happened to you in high school was because of me, you stood up for me, I never asked for your sympathy nor do I need it, this has nothing to do with you anymore, walk away Drake you don’t need me dragging you down, go live your life.”

His words we’re like a cold bucket of water that washed over me creeping through my veins and gripping my core.

But it wasn’t fair, it was just so unfair he wasn’t a jerk, he wasn’t a douche why the fuck won’t anything give him a break, why is life so unfair.

“It’s about time I left, it’s about time I asked god a question” his face held no emotion, no fear, no sadness, no anger he was already gone, he was already dead on the inside

He cocked the gun

“Wait, we made a pact, you and me, if you shoot yourself I’ll pick that gun up and follow you I swear it timothy, if this is the way you want to end then fine, I got a few question of my own for god”

“Drake I ca-”

“You kill yourself, you kill me too”

I closed my eyes, and I waited

A gunshot echoed throughout the building.


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